As antisemitism eats away at the left, leftist Wikipedia bans the leftist, Jewish ADL

Wikipedia is such a hard-left organization that its founder disavowed it. Under the leadership of former Obama administration official Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL, once established purely to fight antisemitism, is also a hard-left organization. However, October 7 scared it, and it began to remember its Jewish roots—so Wikipedia’s editors have banned it as a source for events in the Israel-Hamas war and its fallout at home. We are witnessing the American equivalent of the Bolshevik purge of the Mensheviks, which was the true prelude to the Russian Revolution.

I’ve written at length about the ADL’s leftism, which has seen it partnering with Al Sharpton, an unrepentant antisemite, and attacking Elon Musk. Additionally,

The ADL’s “Center on Extremism” is as preoccupied with LGBTQ+ issues and Biden’s open border as it is with antisemitism. Chaya Raichik (aka Libs of TikTok), an Orthodox Jew, is on the extremism hit list for exposing hospitals that give minors toxic hormones and mutilating surgery. However, if you search for Marc Lamont Hill, an openly antisemitic academic, or Jew-hating members of the Squad, they’re not on the extremist hit list (although the latter show up in the occasional policy press release). If you’re a Democrat, you get a pass.

As I write this, the ADL’s home page, rather than being dedicated to antisemitism, is celebrating Juneteenth:

The same home page also supports LGBTQ+ Pride month (of course).

One would think that the ADL has proved its leftist chops. However, since October 7, some of the solons at the ADL have realized that Hamas is not a nice organization and that it really wants to kill Jews. In the same way, watching events at home, the ADL has begun to understand that antisemitism is real and that it makes its home in America among the same intersectional groups that the ADL has been reomancing for the last many years. Thus, the ADL has been daring enough to—gasp!—support Israel:


This was too much for the people at Wikipedia:


Wikipedia’s editors have voted to declare the Anti-Defamation League “generally unreliable” on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, adding it to a list of banned and partially banned sources.

An overwhelming majority of editors involved in the debate about the ADL also voted to deem the organization unreliable on the topic of antisemitism, its core focus. A formal declaration on that count is expected next.

The decision about Israel-related citations, made last week, means that one of the most prominent and longstanding Jewish advocacy groups in the United States — and one historically seen as the leading US authority on antisemitism — is now grouped together with the National Inquirer, Newsmax, and Occupy Democrats as a source of propaganda or misinformation in the eyes of the online encyclopedia.

Moreover, in a near consensus, dozens of Wikipedia editors involved in the discussion said they believe the ADL should not be cited for factual information on antisemitism as well because it acts primarily as a pro-Israel organization and tends to label what they consider legitimate criticism of Israel as antisemitism.

You really must read the whole Times of Israel article to understand what just happened. The core problem is that the ADL looked at the pro-Hamas protests sweeping across America, the ones that demanded the death of Jews or that shouted, “From the River to the Sea” (a shorthand for exterminating the Jewish population between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean) and concluded that this was antisemitic stuff.

All I could think of when reading this was the internecine warfare in Russia between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks 120 years ago, both of which were vying for power to lead the Russian communist party. The Bolsheviks won and, flush with their victory, went on to take advantage of WWI and the general weakening of the corrupt Russian monarchy to impose 73 years of communist terror on the Russian people.

Whenever there are purges within communist organizations and battles between factions, it’s time for everyone else to start worrying. Democrat Jews, especially, had better worry because the ones who have allied themselves with the values of Hitler (a stone-cold socialist) and the Islamists are winning.


Image: ADL logo (edited). Public domain.

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