Peres fails to correct damaging misstatement

Aug ’07: Peace Index poll finds Israeli Jewish public opposes withdrawal, prisoner release, ,

Dr. Aaron Lerner – IMRA
Absolutely amazing. The media can support withdrawal and the politicians/academics/White House etc. can continue with their mantra that the street supports marching Israel down the Roadmap gangplank and yet despite all this when the pollsters call a random sample of people on the phone and give them an opportunity to say what they think – oops.

And it isn’t just on the Israeli side. Ms. Rice can repeat a thousand times how she is absolutely positive that the Palestinian street is “moderate” etc. but when the pollsters ask Palestinians the proper questions (rather than questions engineered to produce a headline for poll sponsors who want to promote a given policy) – oops. CONTINUE

As a result MATTOT ARIM wrote the following letter which is self explanatory,

Dear Mr. President, (Shimon Peres)


In an interview with The Associated Press prior to your inauguration, you said that “We have to get rid of the territories,” insisting that this is the majority view in Israel today.

However, the most recent Peace Index, just published by Prof. Ephraim Yaar and Prof. Tamar Hermann from Tel Aviv University, on the basis of a fresh poll (July 30- August 1st , 2007) reveals that

    ” Although a considerable Israeli Jewish minority currently supports an extensive Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank (except for the large settlement blocs), the majority does not support such a move even if it occurs in the framework of a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

Please note that there was no majority for withdrawal even from less than “the territories” (i.e. the question excluded the large settlement blocs).

In summary, your inaugural interview with AP included a substantial inaccuracy.

Can you please publish an immediate acknowledgement of this error to the Israeli and foreign press. We also feel that an apology, for misleading political leaders worldwide as to the true state of public opinion here in Israel, and for (unintentionally, we assume) demeaning the credibility of Israel’s presidency, would be in order. We would be pleased to receive a copy of the acknowledgement and apology for our records.

Thank you so much for your kind and prompt attention to this urgent matter; you appreciate that this is of considerable immediate concern to many Israelis, Jews and other friends of Israel abroad who do not want to see rockets raining down on Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion airport any time soon.


Susie Dym, spokesperson for Mattot Arim an Israeli grassroots group working toward peace for peace since 1992

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Needless to say the correction wasn’t forthcoming.

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  1. Shalom Ted,

    The clarification request masks the “problem”.

    The real problem is contained in “your inaugural interview”. How did President Shimon Peres (“Without a doubt, Israel’s next goal is to join the Arab League” Haaretz 21 Dec 94) obtain this high office ?

    The critical matter is not territorial adjustments. With YESHA or without, there will be no peace with the barbarians.

    The critical matter is to field a government that can provide physical protection to its citizens and others within its jurisdiction and venue.

    President Peres is only an indicator of the problem still being avoided.

    In re Professors Yaar and Herman’s “the prevailing view…involvement of…Saudi Arabia”; they are discussing public opinion and not back channel diplomacy. How in Sheul/Hades can a citizen of sound mind consider dealing with a nation having no diplomatic relations with Israel ?! This is a win-win for the oil barons and more fatigue to Israel. Saudi Arabia NEEDS Israel to keep Iran in check. With a modern Israeli government in place, the citizenry might leave the ghetto mentality.

    “regional peace accord” is oxymoronic. Even unstable Jordan is more stable than Egypt – and the volatility does not involve Israel or Jews re both Arab countries.

    Kol tuv,

    Foot note:

    Let’s not forget in October, 2002, Libya even withdrew from the Arab League!

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