Bachman makes a great speech against the Two State Solution


May 15, 2014 | 7 Comments »

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  1. @ Bert:

    I was not embarrassed by people passing by the camera. It happened at the beginning of the presentation and they may not have been aware of their interference. But your comment speaks volumes about the cultural differences that sometimes amounts to a yawning abyss between Americans and Israeli Jews.

    Let me generalize here and say that many orthodox Jews are less mannerly than their Gentile counterparts. It comes from living within an extended family much of their waking time where people are in close proximity without self-consciousness. While I am an American and would give you at least four feet for your comfort zone, Israelis, especially orthodox Israelis, are used to about 2.5-3 feet. I have seen even that limited distance violated when people know each other well or want to make a point. There is no oriental bowing to cement which individual holds the higher social rank among the Jews. There is no aversion of gaze to prevent eyes meeting. There is no ‘holding of one’s tongue’ but then speaking one’s mind after the ‘offending’ individual has left the room as with the British. Sarcasm as a means of creating distance, as seen in the British and French (perhaps others) is not as common among Jewish Jews.

    What I have described is not universal. Ethiopian Jews of the older generation were exquisitely sensitive to social slight and status, as were traditional Yemenite Jews, but these characteristics are getting lost in the chaos of daily interaction in Israel.

    Freedom of expression is most effective when it does not overflow into violence or the threat of violence or character assassination. Short of violence, everything goes among my generation of Israeli Jews. No fear, because there is no reason to be afraid, but no room for the thin-skinned either.

    Just as Americans have gotten used to rap lyrics, they can also get used to upfront expression of disagreement and the extended familiarity of Israeli Jews.

  2. @ Bert:
    Michele Bachman has the integrity to follow her conscience. It is a rare quality nowadays to say what one’s believes. She has a clarity of mind and her speech is delivered with simplicity, clarity and elegance.
    Contrary to BB who badly necessitates an injection or more of testosterone.
    The Jews in the US Congress are only interested in getting reelected. I’m keeping score and, comes election time all the information about their cowardly actions will be disseminated. They are good for ?

  3. Michele Bachman is a true friend and a woman of valor. Not one of the 40 or so Jews in Congress is remotely capable of delivering this kind of speech. I was embarrassed by the bad manners of the audience which showed disrespect to Congresswoman Bachman by their constant milling around while she was speaking. For a religious audience they seem ignorant of the Judaic teaching that relates to good manners.

  4. @ Salomon Benzimra:At a Manigut Yahudi annual meeting in New York.

    By the way Jeff Daube has been extremely influential in educating her. Whenever she comes to Israel, he is her go to guy. And whenever he goes to Washington he gets together with her.