Ben Gvir threatens to bolt coalition if war against Hamas doesn’t ‘continue at full strength’

T. Belman.  It is enough that Ben Gvir takes this position but he should stay in the government. As a government Minister, his voice is much louder. He shouldn’t put Gantz in the position to decide when to end this coalition by leaving it. Mind you, if Gantz leaves the coalition, Ben Gvir could rejoin it if Bibi invites him.  The last thing Bibi wants is an early election.

By SAM SOKOL, TOI    Today, 5:01 pm

Far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir leads a faction meeting of his Otzma Yehudit party at the Knesset, in Jerusalem, on December 4, 2023. (Oren Ben Hakoon/Flash90)

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir criticizes the government’s handling of the war against Hamas, reiterating his demand that terrorists be executed and declaring he will not remain in the coalition if the military offensive doesn’t “continue at full strength.”

Asserting that Hamas is still undeterred after 73 days of war, Ben Gvir objects to the government’s decision to let aid into the Gaza Strip, telling reporters at a Knesset faction meeting of his far-right Otzma Yehudit party that “you don’t bring in 200 fuel trucks, you don’t transfer money to any official.”

“You don’t make pauses and don’t allow our enemies to set shocking conditions for the release the hostages,” he declares, calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “go the way of Ben Gvir and not [National Unity Party leader Benny] Gantz.”

“They shoot rockets from the humanitarian evacuation areas, they shoot at our soldiers, and we continue with humanitarian measures and humanitarian gestures. The time for a decision has come.”

Ben Gvir previously threatened to bring down the government during last month’s temporary ceasefire, declaring that “Stopping the war = breaking apart the government.”

Despite Ben Gvir’s threat, Netanyahu’s ruling coalition would survive the  defection of Otzma Yehudit, assuming the continued support of Minister Benny Gantz’s National Unity party, which joined the government amid the war in Gaza.

Ben Gvir has repeatedly advocated for Israel to execute Hamas terrorists, a policy opposed by families of the hostages, who warn that doing so would endanger their loved ones held in Gaza.

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  1. @leonkushner I think that is being done. The problem is

    ““you don’t bring in 200 fuel trucks, you don’t transfer money to any official.”

    “You don’t make pauses and don’t allow our enemies to set shocking conditions for the release the hostages,”

    He’s right. I can’t remember a time he has been wrong, frankly. If I were in Israel, I would vote for Otzma Yehudit, every time.

  2. Instead of threatening to quit or at least alongside of threatening, as minister of security he should knocking on India’s door and make some deals to purchase military equipment from them and/or get the many talented Israeli weapons manufacturers to build their own Iron Dome rockets or whatever munitions they need. The sooner Israel stops relying on the US for anything, the better.
    I want to scream from the rooftop that thanks to the current Biden administration and the Obama one, Iran has become a very powerful threat. The billions of dollars of aid and sanctions relief make this case crystal clear. So thanks to the US (and other players) we have the pogrom known as Oct 7 etched in our minds forever.
    We need people like Ben Gvir who is not ‘far Right’ but just plain Right. Ie. his ideology is 100% correct. We need him to balance the ‘far Left’ players in the Israeli government who are weak and easy pushovers. Bibi is somewhere in the middle so without people like Gvir, Bibi could and would easily be influenced by the far left. And then we’d be really screwed. We need many more like Gvir.

  3. I actually think Ben Gvir’s point of view is important. He can clearly differentiate right from wrong, good from evil.

    This website posted one or more articles discussing international law and laws of war concerning genocide.

    I am paraphrasing here, but as I recall, the country that is the victim of a genocidal attack has not only the right but the DUTY to destroy those who have committed genocide. In addition, other countries must come to the aid of that country which has been the victim of genocide or they will be guilty of aiding in genocide.

    Ben G’vir is basically only repeating what is fact under international genocide conventions: Israel must destroy Hamas. Aiding Hamas by re-supply IS AGAINST INTERNATIONAL GENOCIDE CONVENTIONS.

    The way the US gets around this is calling for HUMANITARIAN supply. But the reality is (and everyone knows it) that the supplies go to Hamas.

    Israel is well within her rights to tell the international community, Biden, Blinken, Austin, and whomever they send over here to scold Israel into stopping the war, that aiding a genocidal army is against international law. The aid is not going to the civilians who are shot if found attempting to access the aid. This has been caught on video.

    So no need to pretend anymore. STOP PRETENDING Israel is helping civilians with the aid!

    The only reason Israel is in this bind is because they want to keep receiving military aid from the US. The US government has been betraying Israel 6 ways from Sunday since Obama came into office (with the exception of the Trump Administration).

    Israel needs to win this war: defeat Hamas. If it comes down to it, Israel must liberate herself from the shackles of US weapons and ammunition, and purchase them elsewhere.

    And aiding Hamas, a serial war criminal is a war crime!

    Now about Ben G’vir being “far right.” If his position is “far right” I’m the Queen of Sheba. He simply has the courage to differentiate good from evil and demand that Israel stand for good against evil.