Benny Elon is against a Palestinian state

But he still sees Jordan and Egypt as the solution

by Rabbi Benny Elon

Israelis must learn from the mistakes of their leaders. Superficial solutions do not resolve our problems. Just as aspirin temporarily masks the pain of an infected tooth, the propagation of the false hope of a Palestinian state only prolongs the bloodshed and violence in our region. Israel has taken enough aspirin. We need a root canal to cure the infection that is causing us so much pain.

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Our attention must be focused on solving the problem of the Palestinians, not the “Palestinian Problem”. Arab states do not want a resolution, which is why they refuse citizenship to Palestinians and why they pressure UNRWA to preserve the refugee problem. The only way to save the Palestinians, as well as the region, is to understand that the illusion of an independent Palestinian state will continue to fuel this conflict.

In order to have regional peace, Israel cannot enter into negotiations with Palestinian terrorists. Israel as a sovereign state must cooperate with other sovereign states such as Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria. Israel deserves to have sovereign states as neighbors. We definitely prefer Lebanon as our neighbor to the north over Hizbullah and we would rather Egypt share our southern boarder than a radical Hamas state. Israel desires peace with all of our neighboring states, as long as they recognize the sovereignty of the State of Israel.

As a good neighbor, Israel should respect all of her neighbors as long as they are sovereign recognized states, despite the fact that they are only semi-democratic. It is important to understand that democracy is a tool and if it is not used properly it can cause destruction. The Hamas elections and the illusion of a democracy in Iraq only reflect that the region, with the exception of Israel, is not ready for the same democracy that the West takes for granted. When Hamas took over Gaza; Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon suddenly realized that the threat of radical Islam is directed towards their countries as well. That is why the Arab League has graced us with a visit this week, to quell the nerves of the countries surrounding this facade of Palestinian democracy.

There are many dismal characters masquerading as potential peace partners and we cannot allow our leaders to choose the wrong ones again. The fact that Hamas in Gaza overthrew the PLO militia, does not make Abbas or Dachlan possible partners with Israel. They are gangsters, and terrorists. We cannot negotiate with them. We have to correct the tragic mistake that we made by offering Yasser Arafat and his terrorist disciples an independent state. We must remind everyone that until the year 1988, all of the Arabs in Judea and Samaria were Jordanian citizens. Jordan has been and continues to be our neighbor and our partner on the eastern border. So do not despair, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Israel has a real a chance for peace with our neighbors, and we have a partner, the Kingdom of Jordan.

It is disheartening to see the leaders of Israel bow to the wrong partners. First they rolled out the red carpet in preparation for the Arab League visit by releasing 250 terrorist prisoners for no exchange of any kind. Then the Likud’s own Binyamin Netanyahu proposed to strengthen the fiction of a Palestinian identity by using Palestinian/ Jordanian troops in Judea and Samaria. Our leaders must be wearing blindfolds to block out the horrors of our recent past. Two years ago we watched as our brothers were evicted from their homes in Gush Katif, only to have those houses used to launch rockets into the heart of Israel. While, only a few years before that, weapons that we supplied to the Palestinian Authority were turned against us and used to murder our own soldiers. These tragedies cannot be forgotten. We cannot allow our leadership to make the same mistakes over and over again.

The mistake of propagating the lie of a Palestinian state that has never and will never exist, must cease. We must dismiss these lofty illusions and deal with the situation in the most logical way possible. The answer is to work with the sovereign nations surrounding us to create a permanent and lasting regional solution for the Palestinians. Then and only then, will Israel have any hope of living in peace and security in the Middle East.

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  1. Benny is a nice guy but is trying to sound both right wing and moderate at the same time. He was a good number2 to Ghandi but as a number 1 in Molledet he is a total disaster.

    Here is my Hypothetical: Jordan is Palistine plan is more dangerous than present status quo. Jordan with the little king or without the little King has a small but modern army that borders Iraq and Syria and saudi Arabia and touchs even the Sinai of Egypt. This small efficient army and air force in the hands and control of Palis and not Bedeuin under Hashamites could be as or more dangerous down the road than having them disorganized without a formal army and command as they are today. As a little politician of a little party. Benny is fighting for his political life as Eldad his number 2 has out shined and is indicating he will go his own way in next elections. The right has always criticized the left and the left has always challenged the criticizism by demanding the right come up with alternatives to the left.

    This is Bennys response and partly to show he is still around politics.

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