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  1. I’ll listen to this time permitting. Of course they are trying to keep Trump from the presidency. This is nothing new. Perhaps this analysis will offer something new.

    I will forever believe had Trump been in the presidency as he should have been had it not been stolen from him the Russia/Ukraine war would have been prevented and never would have happened.

    Assuming Zelensky really is representing his people, when Trump asked him to investigate the corrupt Biden dealings with his Ukrainian partners he was acting in the best interests of both countries and acting as an American patriot within his duties as POTUS. Furthermore it would be expected for a faithful POTUS to use whatever means he had as leverage to get this done. Protection of the Bidens and other well protected members of the American leadership class and probably other western Europeans appears to be the primary driving force for why we are in Ukraine up past our necks. When Zelensky essentially turned his back on Trump his one true friend, I pretty much lost all respect for him and hold him generally in contempt.