Bibi hangs tough on borders, I think.

Apparently Abbas has agreed to delay SC vote for a year in exchange for continuation of financial support. There is no indication in the article that Bibi has caved on borders.

LA timers reports at 8:30 PM PST

Under the plan, the council decision on the application for recognition, which Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas plans to make Friday, would be put off indefinitely. That would buy time for the U.S. to try to restart negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, and would keep $600 million a year in American aid and other international assistance flowing to the Palestinians. Congress had threatened to cut the U.S. aid.

Diplomats said Abbas, who is scheduled to meet Wednesday with President Obama, had signed off on the plan.

The scenario, which Western officials have been trying to engineer behind the scenes for weeks, “is now likely,” a senior European diplomat said.

September 21, 2011 | 3 Comments »

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Obama is really behind a rock and a hard place. In trying to keep both Arab support and American Jewish donors hopefully he’ll antagonize both groups and come out the fraud and hypocrite that he is.

  2. And I was so looking forward to all the theatrics.

    Obama is so desperate not to be forced to issue a veto and thus be perceived as siding with the Jewish state, making him unpopular with all the world’s riffraff.