Bibi wants to support the PA. Abbas rejects him.

The Prime Minister will not allow Itamar Ben-Gvir to join the discussions on concessions to the Palestinian Authority.

  Jul 10, 2023, 9:48 AM

Prime Minister Netanyahu intends to distance Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir from any involvement in the issue of possible concessions for the Palestinians as part of the cabinet’s decision to prevent the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, according to Army Radio.

According to the report, after Ben-Gvir voted against the proposal in yesterday’s cabinet discussion, a limited team of ministers is expected to be formed to continue dealing with concessions to the Palestinian Authority – of which Ben-Gvir will not be a part.

Last night the cabinet approved a proposal that does not include practical steps, but it was stipulated that the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister will bring their proposals for discussion before the Cabinet ministers in a follow-up discussion.

The proposal states that “In the absence of a change in the national assessment, Israel will act to prevent the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, while demanding that it cease its anti-Israel activity in the international legal-diplomatic arena, the incitement in its media and education system, the payments to the families of terrorists and murderers, and the illegal construction in Area C.”

The rest of the Prime Minister’s proposals that came up in the cabinet were unanimously accepted. According to the proposals, the security forces will continue to act resolutely to thwart terrorism, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense will bring before the cabinet measures to stabilize the civilian situation in the Palestinian Authority.

In addition, the cabinet unanimously supported the defense minister’s statement, according to which, “the calls for refusal to serve severely harm the security of Israel and must be condemned, and that the security services must be left out of the political discourse.


Mahmoud Abbas responded to Israel’s offer to stop its disintegration, rejecting Netanyahu’s threshold requirements for receiving aid.

  Jul 10, 2023, 5:54 PM<

Senior officials from the Palestinian Authority met today, with Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh once again rejecting Israel’s demands in return for measures preventing its immediate collapse.

According to Israel Hayom, Israel is insisting that the PA put an end to moves against Israel in the international arena as well as paying terrorists and their families.

Shtayyeh, however, called the move “extortion,” also saying that: “Israel’s condition that we stop our actions in the international arena and in return our funds will be returned to us – will not happen. Regarding cessation of funds for the martyrs and prisoners – that will not happen either.”

In addition, the PA’s Foreign Ministry clarified earlier that it rejects Israeli demands to put an end to illegal construction in Area C.

The Palestinian Authority claimed that these are rights they deserve due to agreements with Israel as well as international law. According to the Palestinian Authority’s Foreign Ministry, “The statements about preventing the collapse of the PA are a continuation of the steps taken by the occupation government to weaken us.”

“This is an attempt to hide the actions of the extreme right-wing government that wants to destroy the PA and harm it through the bloody escalation against the Palestinians and their lands,” it was quoted as saying.

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  1. Bibi wants to put crutches on a sick PA. He was again ignoring the political ramifications of trying to put strings on his package deal. The Arabs aren’t stupid. This results from some bad advice from the Likud elite which Faiglin fought against years ago. Israel has repeatedly offered and often without quid pro quo many goodies to the Arabs on this side of the Jordan. A stonger hand is needed in Israel’s government and now is the time for it to assert itself. Ben-Gvir is a member of the govt. so why is he being kept out of Cabinet meetings?