Biden Admin To Rely on Hamas-Linked UNRWA As Gaza Pier Effort Ramps Up

E. Rowell:  This is the clearest example of utilizing the organization with the highest concentration of Jew haters in the world (The UN)  to provide aid to Hamas, in order to help Hamas destroy Israel.  There is no famine in Gaza.  It is a cynical PSYOP to make it appear that Israel is the aggressor against the suffering Palestinian “victims.”

‘The entire U.N. family’ will be leveraged in U.S. aid operations

By Adam Kredo, FREE BEACON    20 May 2024

(Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

The Biden administration says it is channeling aid for a pier system built off the coast of the Gaza Strip through the entirety of the United Nations’ humanitarian infrastructure, comments that come after a top U.S. official confirmed the United States is still relying on the Hamas-linked Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for aid distribution. But officials from across the administration will not detail the extent of UNRWA’s involvement in their ongoing humanitarian efforts.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which is leading U.S. aid operations, said last week that “the entire U.N. family should and will be able to benefit from the distribution networks” established through America’s aid pier. “It is definitely a U.N.-wide participation,” Daniel Dieckhaus, USAID’s response director, told reporters during a Wednesday briefing.

Samantha Power, USAID’s top official, said on Friday the pier is part of a joint aid operation led by the United States, Arab nations, the U.N., and international donors. Power, during an April 10 briefing before Congress, said, “UNRWA infrastructure is still being relied upon, including by USAID’s partners” to deliver aid into the Gaza Strip. UNRWA, Power said at the time, is “at the heart of the response” to the humanitarian situation, and is being used by the U.S. government even after Congress froze American funding to the organization as a result of its ties to Hamas and participation by some of its employees in the terror group’s Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

As the pier becomes active and aid begins to be distributed, Biden administration officials from USAID, the State Department, and the Defense Department will not disclose the extent of UNRWA’s involvement in their effort to pump humanitarian goods into the Hamas-controlled territory. America’s ties to UNRWA are driving opposition on Capitol Hill, with Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), telling the Washington Free Beacon that the Biden administration is trying to circumvent congressional prohibitions on U.S. support for the aid group.

“The Biden administration is using the Gaza Pier to do an end-run around Congress and funnel resources through UNRWA, which means they’re funneling resources to Hamas,” Cruz said. “It’s another disgraceful example of just how far they are willing to go as part of their pathological obsession with undermining Israel.”

The Pentagon was asked on Thursday about the United States’ reliance on UNRWA, but would not provide reporters with a clear answer.

“I’m not going to get into sort of specific partners on who we’re working with but the corridor is in support for the entire humanitarian effort and the U.N. family,” Sonali Korde, assistant to the administrator of USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance, said in response to questions about the Defense Department’s aid operation.

A Pentagon spokesman told the Free Beacon that it is not “coordinating with UNRWA on the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza,” but would not answer specific questions about whether this aid is ultimately funneled through UNRWA’s infrastructure once it arrives in Gaza.

A USAID spokesman confirmed that “multiple humanitarian organizations” will be used by the agency as it distributes supplies in Gaza, but also would not answer specific questions about whether those groups include UNRWA.

“Aid must reach people in Gaza through all available avenues to address the dire humanitarian crisis,” the USAID spokesman said. “The primary U.N. partner that will be managing the reception and dispatch of the aid coming into the offloading area of the maritime pier will be the Logistics Cluster, but the Humanitarian Maritime Corridor is intended to be used by multiple humanitarian organizations.”

Congressional sources working on the issue said that it is nearly impossible for the Biden administration to distribute aid from the pier without enlisting UNRWA’s humanitarian channels in Gaza.

The State Department declined to comment, citing USAID’s chief role in aid distribution.

Around 10 percent of UNRWA’s workforce is believed to be affiliated with Hamas. Congress froze U.S. aid to the organization earlier this year as it became increasingly clear that Hamas is using U.N. facilities as operations centers to conduct attacks on Israel.

Republican critics say the Biden administration is using the pier to bolster UNRWA at a time when its alleged links to Hamas forced many international donors to freeze their funding. While U.S. funding remains frozen, the State Department told the Free Beacon in March that it continues to work with the group and coordinate activities with international partners.

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  1. Felix, I don’t think you have the slightest idea what a “color revolution” is. They were popular uprisings against Russian-dominated governments by people seeking the independence of their countries from foreign domination. You and other don’t understand that Russia, like the United States, Britain and France,is an imperialist power, and has been for generations.. Peoples subject to Russian rule have as much right to belbel against Russian domination as the peopoe of guatamala had a right to rebel against American-dominated governments.

  2. Truly outrageous conduct from this administration. But what do you expect when the deputy director of intelligence at the NSC is a longtime supporter of the Palestinian terrorist organizations, a longtime anti=Israel activist. and a former legal council to Palestinian terrorist leaders?

  3. Is there one single Israeli who is still attached in the slightest way to America? I would really like to know? It would be valuable info.

    I now recognise Ireland, Spain and Norway as active members of this colour revolution

    As also waved against Russia and China