Biden Regime Offers $400,000,000 More to Jihad Terrorists in Israel

E. Rowell:  The masks have come off.  The Israel haters are openly paying terrorists to destroy innocent civilians in Israel.  There should be a special place in hell reserved for those who use all their power to destroy human beings.

The only thing protecting Hamas is the Biden administration.

By Daniel Greenfield, JIHAD WATCH    13 June 2024

In a poll from last year, the Muslim occupiers in West Bank and Gaza gave Hamas a 76% rating. Islamic Jihad was at 84%. The UN was at only 9%. And America was at 0%.

Maybe the latest $400 million check will turn things around.

“US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken announced an additional $404 million in new aid to Palestinians, while attending the “Call for Action: Urgent Humanitarian Response for Gaza” Conference in Jordan on Tuesday.

This is in addition to “the more than $1.8 billion in development, economic, and humanitarian aid that the United States has provided since 2021”, as “the largest single country provider of assistance for Palestinians,” Blinken noted.

In this speech, Blinken said that the only thing that stands in the way of the hostage release and ceasefire deal happening is Hamas.

And the only thing that stands in the way of Hamas being defeated and the hostages released is the Biden administration.

Apart from a $400 million check, Blinken doubled down on the proposal to save Hamas.

“In its first six weeks, the proposal would provide for a full ceasefire; the pull-back of Israeli forces from all the populated areas of Gaza; the release of a number of hostages – including women, the elderly, and wounded; a dramatic surge in aid deliveries; the return of civilians to their homes or neighborhoods in all parts of Gaza. And it would also initiate negotiations toward a permanent ceasefire.”

So Israel withdraws and allows Hamas to reclaim control over Gaza in exchange for a few hostages.

And Hamas should not require much convincing. After all, the proposal is nearly identical to the one Hamas itself proposed on May the 6th.

Apart from $400 million, Blinken is, by his own admission, peddling Hamas’ own proposal.

The only thing protecting Hamas is the Biden administration.

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  1. @dreuveni I agree with your first sentence but as to the second and third my thought on reading it was, “now you’re just being silly.” 😀

  2. I hate to repeat myself but you guys are the choir: with friends like these you can do without enemies.
    There was always the big question why America is not mentioned in the Bible. Now we know. They will play no relevant part…

  3. In my humble opinion, Anthony Blinken is the most evil diplomat in history, at least as far back as I I have been able to find out from my limited knowledge of history, after Joakim von Ribbentrop and maybe Veacheslav Molotov.
    Ribbentrop was convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity becuae he and the diplomats he appointed put pressure on puppet governments of Germany’s allies to deliver their Jewish populations to the SS. How is Blinken’s efforts to keep Hamas and Fatah in power and give them so-called :humanitarian aid” with which to wage war on Israel any different? Blinken, like Ribbentrop, is working to deliver Jews into the hands of the murders of Jews.