Trump 45 WIN – 5D CHESS for the WIN

E. Rowell:  I once thought medicine was based upon the best scientific evidence.  I thought the scientific method was the basis for every scientific study and experiment.  I thought scientific data could help us discern fact from fiction.  Then doctors were made to carry out death protocols on patients who would not have been dying had their doctors been allowed to treat them early using their best decision making.  That made doctors and hospitals co-conspirators in the greatest crime ever committed on earth.  Major science publishing companies are deleting thousands of studies that they have found were fake.  It feels like I used to see reality, but now the world is upside down.  I feel like those of us who are awakened remember when the world was right side up, but those accepting propaganda do not see any problems and think Joe Biden is the best option for president.  Those of us who are awake to the facts are potentially threatened with being seen as domestic terrorists just for disagreeing with government policy.  I used to treat psychotic patients and try to see the world the way they did.  Now I feel I am living in a world that is semi-psychotic and I’m trying to relate to people who don’t even realize how insane our government manufactured reality is.  That is why I posted this article.

Look at it like a UFC CAGE MATCH!!

By Jim Torma, TORMA TIME   8 June 2024

OK people, time for the harsh reality. Trump isn’t perfect. Who is? Ya, Jesus Christ was, but Trump ain’t no Jesus Christ. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s move on to the tacs and nails.

You don’t leave the cage standing if you don’t WIN! The losers are removed by stretcher with a DNR TAG











Now that we have our damn facts straight, let’s talk about BRASS TACS!! Trump made it clear to Fauci and every scumbag OWS actor that Americans must NOT BE HARMED!!

Many cannot see the forest from the trees.

Here is a popular statement and video these days. – Catherine Austin Fitts even made a video about Trump’s atrocious behavior. She made this statement: “I would have taken a bullet in the head before I would implement a culling of the American population.”

FACT) Catherine was a Bushyte, just like William Barr and Amy Coney Barrett.

Remember the actors.

It was clear from the very beginning that Trump was focused on keeping America open for business, keeping America protected, from what was apparently identified as the China virus. Trump was focused on doing no harm and expected his myriad of experts from Fauci et al to every single person in his administration to do what was in the best interest of every American. Trump like every Patriotic president, relied on his cabinet, relied on all of the people that were recommended by the seemingly exceptional individuals surrounding him, to be the best of the best, because he thought, that like him, everyone wanted America great again.

He thought that everyone in his inner circle was there to MAGA, to make America great again.

Little did Trump know that all or most of who surrounded him in his inner circle were traitors, usurpers, the den of thieves, using him sucking his teat to benefit themselves, benefit their overlords, benefit those that wanted America dead, that wanted the Constitution shredded, that wanted the Republic wiped from the face of the earth and did so because they sold their souls, they sold out for money, power and short-term gain off the backs of the hundreds of millions of little people that kept them fed that fueled their kink, that drove their desire to enslave the public.

Trump was surrounded by the vile, by the evil by Satan himself in the likes of the scarf lady Birx, Fauci, Milly, Roberts, Pence the evangelical Satan, AG Barr the Bushyte and the list of traitors is longer than I can write.

I hope you catch my meaning and understand that Trump is in the catch 22 of his life,  just like the American public and America is in the same catch 22 because you’re damned if you do and your damned if you don’t and there’s only a single sliver of opportunity to WIN.

That sliver is dependent on you, the public to see through the fog of war to see the many traitors, the many actors that pretend to be on the right side that pretend to deliver the great message the truth like Malone like Catherine Austin Fitts who most people forget who and what she was in the previous administration and working for the moneychangers.

Don’t think for a minute that Trump doesn’t carry the weight of the knowledge that 70% of the population got an injection of which 33% were given a placebo so the rest of the population had their DNA altered because during World War II Nuremberg did shit fuck diddly except fool the people to believe that justice was done.

Nuremberg 2.0 must be very different if it is to have any meaning.

During WWII, Mengele and his crew were given safe passage to South America, to continue the horrific Frankenscience to alter the human DNA to practice eugenics to make more “Boys from Brazil” as they try to create the master race…. the human they design. THE REST OF THE CREW CAME TO AMERICA AND CANADA. Make no MISTAKE!

Don’t think for a moment that Wolfe(not Naomi Wolf), Malone, Mengele confidant Korprowski, mentor of Mikovits, Kirsch, McKernan, Kory, Hotez, Fauci, Jeffrey Sachs the Vatican darling, Pope Francis, G Sörös, Azar, Engells, Hahn, Kudlow, Redfield, Mnuchin, Jonas Salk, Prusiner are not part of the greater picture and actors in a scheme to destroy the beacon of freedom of the whole world.

I don’t say these things lightly but the picture is huge and if you think it’s just about Trump and not about America and the absolute freedom she represents you are all fools to believe that this is not about the world being enslaved in a complete totalitarianism.

Now is the time to deliver the deathblow to the evil to the dominators that want to enslave us but it won’t happen if we are as fractured as they are designing us to be. Your mission is to SAVE THE WORLD!

COVID was created as the greatest tool of domination through fear, global shock therapy to put the world into a massive psychosis, driven by FEAR.

Let’s get the facts straight- There was no pandemic, there is no pandemic, there has never been a global pandemic, except the global PANDEMIC OF FEAR.

The group of scientists and doctors that I have listed above all know that the shots the mRNA technology is not about killing, as much as it is about designing a new humanity, a subservient humanity, designed humanity, based on their criteria on their wants on their needs! The sheer number of deaths from the shots was not to kill, but the unfortunate consequence of an experiment that is not complete and in its infancy of design.

They knew they would kill, just like the MASS MURDER that they executed to create DEATH DATA that they could attribute to COVID.

This is far more SINISTER than anyone could imagine,  but imagine you must to have a fighting chance to get out of the hell that they are creating for us.

I believe Trump knows all of this and he also knows that 70% of the population took a shot because they believed and he can’t shake their belief before the election, because the believers don’t want to believe that THEIR TRUST WAS DECEIVED and to reveal that it would play into the hands of humanity’s enemy.

I will quote a sentence out of a poem that I wrote in 2003.

The dark of the times freed the light of our minds, on black Thursday the people shined.


God bless warriors – we just began the fight.


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  3. Ted, please publish my comment about vaccines in general, not the MnRA so-called vaccines, in this space.

  4. I agree with E. Rowell. Jim Torma is right that the MnRA vaccines are very sinister. But some of what he says, attacking all sorts of people who are unlikely to have been involved in the creation of these vaccines or implicated in any sinister activities, seems over the top to me. I don’t think all vaccines are evil. The famous
    eighteenth-century Massachusetts pre acher Jonathan Edwards, for example, advocated for the smallpox vaccine (even though an early “experimental ” version of the vaccine caused his death. Edwards was certainly a humane, caring person and not a sinister conspirator. Other, later vaccines, such as the anti-polio vaccines, were also developed by humane, responsible people and have done some good.