Big Tech is carrying out a false flag operation against Jews

By Leo Goldstein, AM THINKER    21 May 2024

The Internet has been the most powerful force of our time (artificial intelligence is becoming even more powerful). The Big Tech corporations that received control of the Internet from the Democrat party wield enormous power and have abused it badly. The abuse has likely gone far beyond the intent and comprehension of most of their executives. Their power includes the ability to hide their misconduct from its victims. Nevertheless, every deceit is eventually uncovered.

Crying Wolf Falsely

Before October 7, 2023, Big Tech and the broad speech control coalition justified their actions by “fighting” antisemitism and Holocaust denial. Take, for example, the testimonies of their executives in NetChoice v. Paxton. Yes, they removed antisemitic and sometimes anti-Israeli content, but it was only a small part of what they were doing under this cover. The primary goal of their actions is to eliminate speech and speakers detrimental to their business model, the Democrat party, their agenda, and their accomplices. Furthermore, antisemitism among intersectional (DEI) and anti-Israeli groups is frequently ignored and excused, but this is a nuance that the public cannot easily detect.

Thus, when Hamas invaded Israel on October 7 and exterminated Jews, it could be found on the territory held for a few hours, even reasonable persons could ignore or distrust this information. This also contributed to widespread acceptance of the bizarre accusations that Israel was committing genocide in Gaza. This said, the media component of the Hamas hybrid warfare was carefully orchestrated, likely from abroad. Its presence on the Google, Facebook, and Microsoft platforms may be interpreted as an endorsement by these major corporations.

Creating a Modern Judenrat

The once-respected Anti-Defamation League (ADL) took a sharp left turn under Jonathan Greenblatt, an Obama lackey, and became yet another ethnic Democrat group fighting President Trump. Thankfully, the ADL dropped the word ‘Jewish’ from its name.

Big Tech and its Democrat handlers suppressed or sidelined respected Jewish organizations and elevated the ADL, effectively turning it into a modern Judenrat. During WWII, Nazi Germany forced Jews in occupied territories to form Judenrats. Each Judenrat acted as the sole representative of all Jews in its territory. Later, the Nazis used Judenrats to carry out the Final Solution. Big Tech does not regard its users as individuals with rights but as wallets, forced labor, and donors of private data, over whom they have complete control under Obama-era regulations and purported Terms of Service. The experience of predecessors with the same attitude proved very useful (or they re-invented it; similar requirements in similar situations bring about similar solutions).  Over the last decade, Big Tech and its Democrat handlers have silenced or marginalized respected Jews and Jewish organizations and elevated the ADL, effectively transforming it into a modern Judenrat.

For the last six years, the ADL-Judenrat has been active in pressuring tech companies to suppress dissenting views, though frequently, it is a front for multiple leftist groups. In 2020, Dr. Darren Beattie said: “The ADL pretends to be an organization that protects Jews, but it really exists to protect Democrats.” Check out the ADL’s website for its other priorities: “Anti-Muslim Hate Surfaces Nationwide as Israel-Hamas War Continues”.

Big Tech has also elevated fringe Jewish organizations. For example, the fringe of the fringe Jewish Voice for Peace (“Jews organizing towards Palestinian liberation…”) has 328k X (formerly Twitter) followers, the close second among all Jewish organizations (the American Jewish Committee has 440k). In comparison, the Orthodox Union has less than 10k, though it probably doesn’t care. Members of the public, who reasonably estimate the weight of organizations based on their social media followings, are likely to believe that the JVP represents Jews. Dorsey’s Twitter suspended the Canary Mission account, allegedly due to complaints from the JVP, at least in part. This is an example of Big Tech’s war on Jewish organizations that do not fit into the procrustean bed of intersectionality, or can expose this false flag operation.

Elon Musk was one of the few tech leaders to take a moral stance against Hamas immediately following October 7. This is despite the ADL launching a new campaign against Elon Musk and a related fundraising drive on September 6, 2023, a month before the Hamas attack on Israel.

The World in U.S. Politics

Another factor is that Big Tech brings the whole world into U.S. politics, not limited to elections. The ratio of foreign-to-American users on social media is about 10:1, and Liking, Reposts, and Following give them equal voting rights. Most political forces outside of the United States that deal with issues important to American Jews are hostile to us, and they influence the internal debate accordingly.

The anti-Jewish Democrat left and the Big Tech behemoths have worked in lockstep, but it’s time we expose them all.

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