Blue and White’s political hara-kiri

The Israeli public understands that there is no way to justify linking up with terror supporters  Blue and White will pay a high political price for their move. Remember – the Jewish majority chose Netanyahu, 58 to 46.

By Boaz Haetzni, INN 15/03/20 18:12 | updated: 00:45

“The Shaheed is the highest form of glory. There is nothing loftier than martyrdom in the name of Allah. The Shaheed opens the way and outlines the route, to liberty and freedom with his blood…blessings to the thousands of Shaheeds in the homeland and abroad, blessings to our Shaheeds and yours within the Green Line, those whom  the occupier wanted to term ‘terrorists’,” .

The above ode to murderous terrorists was recited in none other than Ahmed Tibi, Member of Israel’s Knesset . This is not the speech of a political opponent – it is the inciteful rhetoric of an avowed enemy, and that, by the way, is just fine, because beyond the hypocritical words declaimed by the politically correct, everyone knows exactly who is against whom.

And Tibi is not alone, Joint List head Aymen Odeh. filled with admiration and praise for master “Hassan Nasrallah” because his “resistance” forces won a victory over Israel and forced the IDF to leave Lebanon, places himself in an identical position. These are only two examples of the iniquities of the “moderate” faction of The Joint Arab List, known by that unsuitable adjective only because the Balad faction has included MKs who were arrested and imprisoned for actual terrorist acts.

The tendency to separate Balad from the rest of The Joint List (although they recommended Gantz today for PM, ed.) is a media spin that is meant to clear the rest of the list so that they can be accepted as legitimate members of a coalition government.  However, even if we put aside the “extremists” from the Balad faction and turn only to the “moderate” and “legitimate” members of the Joint Arab List, it is clear that we are dealing with an avowed enemy.

This is the reason that during the election campaign, the heads of the Blue and White Party promised over and over that they would not cooperate in any way or by any means with the the Joint Arab List, because they knew that without that promise they would have been defeated in the ballot box. They well know that It goes without saying that the people of Israel is fully aware of the chasm dividing an enemy from a political rival.

Now that Gantz, Ya’alon, Ashkenazi, and Lapid really do have to “Choose between Bibi and Tibi (as the Likud election slogan claimed voters did)”, they have decided, against the wishes of many of their voters, to choose Tibi.

Now, it has become clear that the Party of the Generals, which came to save us from “corruption” and what they called the “culture of lies and fraud,” those who raised the banner of integrity, purity and clean hands, not only joined up with the enemy party, but also deceived their voters in the manner of the lowest of the low. The elections were barely over when they began joining up with the enemy in a way that made it clear that the whole thing was planned beforehand. There was no pretense of deliberations, negotiations, not even a showcase attempt to create a government with legitimate partners. But in addition to deceit and complicity with the enemy, there is political stupidity of the first order.

How not smart are they? If in negotiations with Netanyahu after the prior elections, five months ago, they would have accepted the president’s plan which had Netanyahu leaving after half a year, Benny Gantz would have become prime minister a month from now. Now, if they choose cooperation with the enemy, their government will not last and the next elections will see them in tatters. They will have nothing left to sell to the Israeli electorate. If they declare that they are not going to join the Arab List, they will become a laughingstock. If they admit their intention to join the Arabs, they will lose a significant number of voters.

Blue and White has burned the bridge leading to the next elections and not only has the party sentenced itself to oblivion, it has brought about the collapse of the entire leftist camp.

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. “Blue and White has burned the bridge leading to the next elections and not only has the party sentenced itself to oblivion, it has brought about the collapse of the entire leftist camp.” One can hope HaShem has done this to save the Jewish people…

  2. It’s the right wing that has committed “political hara-kiri. The Right needs to be very active at present, including mass demonstrations all over the country, round -the-clock politicking by Right MKs, cabinet members, and of course Bibi. Instead, the public, Right politicians, and the Netanyahu government are all completely obsessed with COVID-19 and the national shutdown. That creates ideal conditions for Gantz&Co. to conspire in secret with the Joint List while no one is paying attention.

    Gantz, Lapid, Leiberman, Tibi, Odeh–they are not shutting down because of the novel coronavirus.

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