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    The grotesqueness of Islamic arrogance of the 9/11 mosque must be a wake up call for America. Hopefully the Florida Pastor will not blink under pressure of various governmental authorities (as though “separated” from Church), nor will America. Our right to burn and shred korans (as the enemy’s symbol) is unnegotiable!

    So let us solemnly establish the date of 9/11 to be a koran burning/shredding day – a part of commemoration of the most vicious Islamic attack and its 3000 victims (many burnt alive).

    That day America must burn korans, shred korans, display the Muhammed cartoons, pig heads and whichever else – to show our disgust with the “religion of peace”.

    Let us hope that the initiative of burning korans spread over the world, becoming an international koran burning/shredding day.

    And when it happens, it would be the first sign that our civilization recovers from shameful dhimmitude.

    For some folks an act of burning (shredding) korans may seem a bit archaic (or even barbaric): something akin to burning books. Yet koran is an enemy symbol, rather than a source of knowledge or art. Moreover: a symbol specifically exploited for blackmail. So fear not! Shred it. It is exactly what we need now in “discussion” with our 9th century opponents. This is exactly the language they understand the best.

    Indeed, burning of “The Capital” would not impress Marx, nor would burning of “Mein Kampf” impress Hitler. However Mohammed cartoons or koran burning do send the right message: both to our Islamic enemies and to our governmental collaborators with the enemy!

    All those hypocrites in the media (including Gen. Betraous) had nothing to say when American flag is burnt, the image of Jesus and virgin Mary are placed in urine, when our military themselves burn Bibles, or when Moslems burn churches and synagogues.

    Yes, we are much better than that, but not up to bending back before “sensitivities” of our enemies. The enemy has sensitivities, so we must exploit them rather than excuse – if we are ever to win.

    Alexander Gofen