Brazilian Conservative Prodigy Ignites UN Stage with Dire Alert

:Unmasking the Communist Plot Threatening America’s Foundation

RAIR FOUNDATION        19 November 2023


Nikolas Ferreira, a rising star in Brazilian politics, wields a massive social media presence as a vocal conservative Christian, gun enthusiast, and family defender, rendering him a formidable force and the primary adversary of the communist-controlled government and Supreme Court in Brazil.

In a gripping address to the United Nations on Friday, November 17, Nikolas Ferreira de Oliveira, a prominent Brazilian politician associated with the Liberal Party (PL), showcased his passion and conviction as he dissected the left’s radical agenda. Born in 1996 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Ferreira has risen to political prominence, amassing an impressive online following with over 300,000 subscribers on Telegram, 3.6 million on TikTok, and 6 million on Instagram.

Ferreira’s influence extends beyond his social media presence; currently serving as a Member of the Chamber of Deputies in Brazil, he achieved a historic milestone in the 2022 Brazilian general election by garnering an unprecedented 1.5 million votes in the state of Minas Gerais. However, his outspoken conservative views have not gone without controversy, facing suppression attempts from Brazil’s far-left controversial government, which has pressured social media platforms to ban him.

The Brazilian left-wing-controlled Supreme Court’s recent decision to fine Telegram, a platform where Ferreira is active, highlights the ongoing battle between the politician and the radical government. Telegram responded by emphasizing Ferreira’s elected status and contesting the lack of specific criminal content identified in the court order.

Ferreira provided a personal backdrop in his UN speech, stating, “I was born in a poor neighborhood in my city, below the zone to Brazil. I’m married, I’m Christian. And we are expecting our daughter, who will be born in three months.” This intimate revelation set the stage for a speech that delved into the heart of Ferreira’s concerns about the left’s influence in Brazil.

In a striking metaphor, Ferreira likened a nation, in this case, America, to a body, where the health of the body relies on a tripod of patriotism, morality, and spirituality. He warned that the nation would collapse from within if any of these elements were undermined. Drawing directly from Ferreira’s words, “America is like a body, and its health is like a tripod: patriotism, morality, in spirituality. If someone undermines these three areas, America will collapse from within – Stalin said this they have known the secret for a long time and use all possible means to achieve their goal, the destruction of the family,” he emphasized that the left has long recognized the strategic importance of wielding influence over these critical aspects of society. Ferreira accused them of employing all possible means to achieve their ultimate goal: the destruction of the family.

The Brazilian politician outlined a two-stage process employed by the left, starting with the destruction of the sense of reality and followed by the destruction of identity. He passionately criticized the left for promoting a relativistic view of morality, leading to confusion about fundamental concepts such as gender and identity.

A notable aspect of Ferreira’s speech was his vigorous defense of traditional values, exemplified by his critique of the left’s abuse of symbols. He asserted, “The rainbow is not yours, but ours. Read the Bible, and you’ll find out.” This statement underscored his commitment to conservative principles and his opposition to the appropriation of symbols by the radical LGBTQI+ movement.

Further, Ferreira addressed issues such as the devaluation of life, the promotion of abortion, and the distortion of gender identity. He challenged the left’s narrative, advocating for the protection of life, both before and after birth, and emphasizing the sacredness of life as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Closing his speech with a stirring call to action, Ferreira urged individuals to become catalysts for change in their communities. He called for the development of new educators, judges, and cultural influencers who would uphold traditional values and contribute to a more balanced and meaningful society.

In a poignant conclusion, Ferreira declared, “I hope this speech resonates across generations. The present is theirs, but the future is ours. Thank you very much.” His words encapsulate a passionate commitment to preserving conservative values in the face of the encroachment of the left’s radical agenda, making his UN address a pivotal moment in the ongoing discourse on Brazilian politics.

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  1. His point of view is slowly catching on. I believe that the same sentiments are strong in Hungary, and, (dare I say), even in Russia. Leftist ideology is the biggest threat, by far, to civilization.