Btselem are traitors

Btselem will publish this report tomorrow,

    Chapter 1: Data on the settlements
    Chapter 2: Israeli policy
    Chapter 3: Mechanisms for taking control of West Bank land and illegal
    construction in settlements
    Chapter 4: Benefits and economic incentives to settlers and settlements
    Chapter 5: The settlements in international law and violations of Palestinian
    human rights in the West Bank

The establishment of the settlements is illegal. In spite of this, as of mid?2010, more than 42 percent of West Bank land has been allocated to the establishment of over 200 settlements as well as the neighborhoods in the areas annexed to the Jerusalem municipal borders. At the same time, Israel offered a long list of generous benefits and incentives to encourage some half a million Israelis to relocate to these settlements. This process has led to broad and significant changes in the landscape of the West Bank.

Throughout the years of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, regardless of changes of governments, the settlement enterprise has been promoted. Its main objective has been, and still is, to take control of as much land as possible in the West Bank for the purpose of establishing and expanding settlements. The settlement enterprise has divided and separated the areas under Palestinian control, turning them into disconnected enclaves and blurring the border between Israel and the West Bank.

While developing the settlement enterprise, Israel also established and institutionalized two separate legal systems in the West Bank: one for settlers, which de facto annexes the settlements and grants their residents all the rights accorded to citizens of a democratic country; and the other, a military judicial system that systematically violates the rights of Palestinians and denies them any real power in shaping the policies that influence their lives and rights. These separate legal systems entrench a regime in which a person’s rights are granted based on his or her national identity.

The development and strengthening of the settlement enterprise during the last four decades has created a new spatial?geographical, economic and legal reality throughout the West Bank. This, in turn, generates a continuous breach of Palestinian human rights, first and foremost the right of property, which is manifested in the seizure of hundreds of thousands of dunam of land from Palestinians and the usurping of personal property of Palestinian communities and individuals, all on various pretexts and by diverse means. The existence of the settlements also infringes the Palestinians’ rights to an adequate standard of living, freedom of movement, equality, and selfdetermination.

The settlement enterprise has been characterized, since its inception, by an instrumental, cynical, and even criminal attitude toward international law, local legislation, Israeli military orders,

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  1. posted at RealClearWorld on July 4, much bigger circulation than Btselem will ever get:

    “Unsettled: Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu may manage to paper over their differences next week, but deep disagreements remain — Israel’s settlements foremost among them.
    Just days before a scheduled fence-mending visit to Washington by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I received an email from the Jerusalem Post that invited me to move to territory that most of the world considers occupied Arab land.

    The email, titled “Enhanced financial assistance for Aliyah to Israel’s North in 2010,” promised up to $14,000 in cash and numerous other benefits (“aliyah” is the term for when Diaspora Jews move to Israel). The email showed a smiling young mother and daughter looking out over a vista of red tile-roofed houses, rolling green hills, and a large lake.

    A few clicks revealed that the Golan Heights — which Israel captured from Syria in the 1967 war — is among the “northern” communities seeking prospective immigrants.

    Elsewhere on the site of Nefesh B’Nefesh — which means “Soul-to-Soul” and is the Israeli organization promoting the initiative …”

  2. The Israeli leftists are loyal “Israelis”

    By what definition of loyalty are leftist Israelis loyal? Here in America, liberals are openly hostile to our country and root for our enemies. How is it different in Israel?

  3. how stupid: only months before the final Redemption of Israel those people are sending themselves to hell

  4. A loss for the Jews, a victory for the Israelis:

    It’s amazing that the battle lines have already been drawn, but few still realize it.

    In Israel, you can either be Jewish, or you can be a Hebrew-speaking goy. The Israeli leftists are loyal “Israelis”, but they have abandoned the Jewish people and become Jews in name only. And they retain that name only to give their betrayal of the Jewish people legitimacy in the eyes of the world’s Jew-hating goyim.

    We see that everywhere that liberalism has taken power. In America, Barack Obama has little in common with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln other than they have all been elected President.

    Obama’s vision of America is wholly liberal. It is actually post-American. It wants to destroy what is left of traditional America (and has largely done so) and replace it with a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic mish-mash which prefers the sovereignty of the United Nations to that of the American people.

    Leftist Israel is similar. They are now post-Zionist: they feel Jews who believe in HaShem are the real enemy, and muslims are the innocent suffering victims of Jewish aggression. They would like to outlaw the practice of Judaism in Israel, encourage the muslims to massacre the settlers, apologize to the muslims, and surrender to them, and plead for muslim mercy for the international war crimes committed by the Jewish Israelis against the muslims.

    The situation in Israel is becoming more amd more like that in America before the Civil War. The two sides have drawn irreversibly apart, and the status quo is unsustainable in the long term.

    Sooner or later, something will give. Either the real Jews in Israel will attain a sufficient democratic majority to silence the leftists, or the religious and nationalist members of the Israeli military will have to stage a coup to keep the leftists from destroying Jewish Israel from within.