Burnt offerings on the altar of multiculturalism

By Diana West, TownHall

Only one faith on Earth may be more messianic than Islam: multiculturalism. Without it — without its fanatics who believe all civilizations are the same — the engine that projects Islam into the unprotected heart of Western civilization would stall and fail. It’s as simple as that. To live among the believers — the multiculturalists — is to watch the assault, the jihad, take place un-repulsed by our suicidal societies. These societies are not doomed to submit; rather, they are eager to do so in the name of a masochistic brand of tolerance that, short of drastic measures, is surely terminal.

It is a strange, tentative civilization we have become, with leaders who strut their promises of “no surrender” even as they flinch at identifying the foe. Four years past 9/11, we continue to shadow-box “terror,” even as we go on about “an ideology of hate.”

[..] we also prevent ourselves from looking full-face at the danger to our way of life posed by Islam.

Notice I didn’t say “Islamists.” Or “Islamofascists.” Or “fundamentalist extremists.” I’ve tried out such terms in the past, but I’ve come to find them artificial and confusing, and maybe purposefully so, because in their imprecision I think they allow us all to give a wide berth to a great problem: the gross incompatibility of Islam — the religious force that shrinks freedom even as it “moderately” enables or “extremistly” advances jihad — with the West. Am I right? Who’s to say? The very topic of Islamization — for that is what is at hand, and very soon in Europe — is verboten.

A leaked British report prepared for Prime Minister Tony Blair last year warned even against “expressions of concern about Islamic fundamentalism” (another one of those amorphous terms) because “many perfectly moderate Muslims follow strict adherence to traditional Islamic teachings and are likely to perceive such expressions as a negative comment on their own approach to their faith.” Much better to watch subterranean tunnels fill with charred body parts in silence. As the London Times’ Simon Jenkins wrote, “The sane response to urban terrorism is to regard it as an avoidable accident.”

In not discussing the roots of terror in Islam itself, in not learning about them, the multicultural clergy that shepherds our elites prevents us from having to do anything about them. This is key, because any serious action — stopping immigration from jihad-sponsoring nations, shutting down mosques that preach violence and expelling their imams, just for starters — means to renounce the multicultural creed. In the West, that’s the greatest apostasy. And while the penalty is not death — as it is for leaving Islam under Islamic law — the existential crisis is to be avoided at all costs. Including extinction.

The BBC has retroactively purged its online bombing coverage of the word “terrorist”; the spokesman for the London police commissioner has declared that “Islam and terrorism simply don’t go together”; and within sight of a forensics team sifting through rubble, an Anglican priest urged his flock, as The Guardian reported, to “rejoice in the capital’s rich diversity of cultures, traditions, ethnic groups and faiths.” Just don’t, he said, “name them as Muslims.” Their faith renewed, Londoners soldier on.

March 10, 2007 | 8 Comments »

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. God Article on Kanwar!

    Dr. Mahfooz Kanwar recently attended Calgary’s largest mosque for a funeral.

    At one point in the proceedings, a man Kanwar has known for more than three decades led the prayers.

    “He was saying in Urdu (the official language of Pakistan): ‘Oh, God, protect us from the infidels, who pollute us with their vile ways,'” recalls Kanwar, a professor of sociology at Mount Royal College in Calgary.

    The Muslim congregants will follow their leadership. That is the big problem with Islamic culture, it is one of repression. Congregants can’t escape the pressure of their community. Dr. Kanwar is an exception. If you follow any of these stories, you see the background in which they operate and you can see they are small individuals struggling against major forces that overwhelm them.

    Every “moderate” suffers this same fate in Canada. It’s not enough to be a simple moderate in the face of extremism. It is doubtful that even a Martin Luther King could stand against these extremists, and their culture doesn’t produce any MLK’s.

    Because of Kanwar’s open and published opposition to Ontario’s proposal last year to consider allowing sharia law for arbitration purposes in that province, Kanwar says he has been issued with fatwahs — not the death-threat versions made famous by the one issued against Salman Rushdie for writing the novel The Satanic Verses — but more like a shunning.

    Come on! Why is the government and the media doing NOTHING! Not only nothing but still promoting these SOBS. We have little Hezbollas in every city. These fatwahs have got to be a breach of our constitution, our civil rights bill and our cultural heritage.

    The average Canadian still believes Islam is a religion of Love and Peace, the media tells them so both in news and entertainment.That article is an exception.

  2. Max, appropos your reference to Calgary Mosques, readers would be interested in reading an article by Licia Corbella, “Divided loyalties Sociology prof warns multiculturalism ‘creates nations within a nation'” published June 18th, 2006 in the Calgary Sun. The article appears at:


    It is a story about Dr. Mahfooz Kanwar, a devout Muslim, who claimed he was essentially excommunicated by Calgary’s mosques because he is too tolerant of others.

    Assuming the accuracy of the report and the fairness of the indictment by Dr. Mahfooz Kanwar of Calgary’s mosques, it would appear that the majority of imams in Calgary disseminate and incite anti-Western views.

    How many Muslim congregants buy into such thinking and how many see things the way Dr. Kanwar sees them is not known.

    What is known however is that in Calgary, like elsewhere in Canada and in other Western democratic nations, too few Muslims like Dr. Kanwar speak out for mutual respect, understanding, tolerance, peace and harmony between Muslims and non-Muslims and against such anti-western Muslim views.

  3. There are already very draconian laws in Canada that basically strip you of your civil rights if you are so much as suspected of being an Islamic militant.

    Comment by gemcleod

    What an idiot you are!

    One just has to sign on to the Internet forums for the Calgary mosques to see the screaming hatred of Islamofascism in Canada.

    See the documentary “Me and the Mosque” to know that Islamofascism is institutionalized in Canada.
    And the troubles with them in Ontario and Quebec as they try to institutionalize Sharia law and other insanity is endless.

    “Suspect”? There is no supect, it is open advocation.

    You are a blind idiot gemcleod

  4. Multi-CULT-ural-ism reminds me of the non-violent aspects communism and fascism: all of these –ism’s require elite groups of efficient bureaucrats to enforce what people say, think and how they live their lives.

    The concept soon becomes de rigueur and then people stop questioning its origin and purpose. The original concept might have been harmless but then it transforms itself into a belief system that is sacrosanct and of unquestionable merit. Soon young people are writing about it in their essays without understanding the consequences, reasons for its existence or the exceptions to the rule.

    One day we will find ourselves arresting people for speaking out against multiculturalism. In Canada one can rip up the flag but do not dare remind people that Islamic fanaticism is derived from, glorified within and an essential part of the Koran. Don’t tell people that in the eyes of many Muslims we are infidels who they scorn in their Mosques and one day want to replace. If we are all the same (not only born equal but also grow up equal without regard to the impact of religion, upbringing, culture, education, environment, etc.) then they are like us and we are good – ipso facto – they are all good too.

  5. Gemcleod, whose views on Canada are you spouting or did you make them up all on your own?

    You reject Diana West’s article explaining your reasons in one word, “ridiculous”.

    Ridiculous is a perfect single word that sums up your entire comment in post #5.

  6. Her article is ridiculous.

    There are already very draconian laws in Canada that basically strip you of your civil rights if you are so much as suspected of being an Islamic militant.

    These laws were enacted with no debate whatsoever, let alone discussions of multiculturalism.

    Multiculturalism is not even an issue — the controvercy is with civil rights. Canada’s draconian ‘terrorism’ laws pose more of a threat to Canada’s First Nations Peoples’ (Indians) nationalists, and Quebec radicals than to its Muslim peoples.

    It is also worth noting that Canada’s radical terrorism laws have earned it embarassing condemnation in the international press, and among human rights organisations.

  7. In Britain and Canada, multiculturalism is not just a matter of the policy of the government of the day. It is a legislated value which other enacted laws must respect and have due regard for. If the multi-cultural value in other Western nations is not specifically legislated in an omnibus statute, it is being incorporated into the rationale behind many laws and certainly due regard is being paid to that ideology by Western state policies.

    Diana West typifies a growing number of recognized and respected Western journalists who are beginning to question the benefit of and point out the failings of multi-culturalism. They make a good case.

    When however will the Diana Wests begin to call for the dismantling of the multicultural standard so many Western nations have made a part of their fundamental values, advise Western nations and their people on just how that can be done and provide insight into what policy will be needed to fill that void, if that void needs to be filled at all?

  8. Multi-Cultural Imperialism, this is the term I am using for the strange ‘religion’ the author is referring to.

    For whereas in times past empires were based upon kingdoms and nations, this new imperial beast arising in the world today is supranational.

    Ever since the League of Nations there has been an ongoing effort to form a global society, but diverse ideologies have hindered the synthesis of nations — Multi-Culturalism is an attempt to overcome some of the barriers.

    One of the ironic aspects to this is the clash between totalitarianism and democracy. What is ironic about the clash is that the wealthy elitists who wish to create a controlled society with Marxist underpinnings, only seem to be able to do so by using free market capitalism to weaken closed societies while gaining control in open ones.

    For it is not that any of the powerful nations such as Russia, China, the USA or the EU oppose a new world order, for they all aspire to it. The conflict is over the composition of it, for they all wish it to be patterned after their ideologies, and they all want to be a controlling force behind it.

    However, there is currently a global shift of power taking place by the shift of money from open capitalistic societies to formally closed societies such as Russia and China. The idea is to eventually come to a middle ground between closed and open societies where synthesis can take place. This middle area between Eastern and Western ideologies is identical in many ways was to what Mussolini called fascism. Free societies are becoming more controlled as power is being shifted from the middle class to the corporate class by the creation of monopolies.

    The dream of the Multi-Culturalists is to rid the world of national allegiances by recognition of all cultures as equal parts of a supreme global society. Thus, Zionism is seen as being divisive as well as American patriotism. “We are the world” is the song, “We are all equal” is the mantra.

    This is a dream that can only turn into a nightmare when a true clash of civilizations inevitably takes place – For not all ideas, nor are all beliefs, religions, or cultures equal – And the carnivores will devour the weaker beast.

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