Bush is leading the World

By Ted Belman

In February ’03, a couple of months before the invasion of Iraq, I wrote The Greatness of George W. Bush which ended as follows,

When you realize the change in world affairs that Bush has undertaken, in the face of enormous pressure from the EU, all the Arab states, Russia, China, the State Department, the media, academia and big business, you see in stark relief, the greatness of George W. Bush. 9/11 changed everything.

With his decision to add more troops and to go on the offensive with respect to Iran, Bush is once again showing his greatness. Sure there have been zig zags and mistakes along the way, but in the end Bush is no quitter. He is flying in the face of Baker and the ISG Report. He is devoid of political capital and has lost support from his own party but he soldiers on. He is carrying the world on his shoulders. He is the world leader.

January 14, 2007 | 1 Comment »

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  1. Wombat5000,
    I fear you are correct. The stakes in the game keep escalating and the only chips on the table seem to have Israel’s name on them. I am distressed by the prospects. Iraq is not negotiable. We must win. Iran with nuclear weapons is not acceptable. With few options left, help from Saudi and other gulf states seems the path of least resistance for the US but the price to Israel is deadly. As Bush continues to be boxed into a corner, the treat to Israel escalates. The fact that Rice and soon to follow Solana are pressuring Israel this week the chips are being thrown on the table as we speak.

  2. Bush the great leader is still showing every sign of using Israeli land and blood as the currency by which he will buy Sunni Arab cooperation to attempt to pacify Iraq and to confront Iran. Even now Proconsul Condius Ricius is doing his bidding in dictating where Jews can and cannot live in their own land as shown by the dictat to not place Jews expelled from Gaza in the Jordan Valley.

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