Bygones Be Bygones – Very Interesting Day Amid Republicans on Capitol Hill as Magnanimous Trump Visits

E. Rowell:  Trump’s remarks may have been more aspirational than realistic.  However, there isn’t much he could do in the situation but focus on the positive and speak in a generous and gracious way towards the Republican conference.  In reality there are only about 8 or so Republicans who are truly interested in representing their constituents and pursuing MAGA goals.  The Republican lineup seems mostly populated by people who are willing to give up power to the democrats for personal monetary gain, as Sundance has repeatedly pointed out.  I am sure Trump knows this. Time will tell how supportive of Trump’s policies the GOP intends to be.

By Sundance, CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE BLOG    13 June 2024

A very interesting day is described by everyone in Washington DC, as President Trump strategically attends both House and Senate Republican conferences.   Magnanimous Trump arrived to heal wounds, appeal for unity and build a larger support network ahead of the Republican National Convention.

It would appear the Dr. Phil approach was attempted as promised.  According to media reports, in the upper chamber President Trump even spoke warmly with Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and the 16 Wall Street DeceptiCons who are insistent upon his permanent removal from politics.


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  1. The empty words shared by Trump for his enemies in his own camp should not mislead us into believing either that the great war within the Rep party has ended. In fact, it has not. The RINOs want some concessions from Trump and there is a great question in the air as to whether Trump will oblige them, as he did in 2016. Not the least of these choices is Trump’s VP and McConnell’s replacement as leader of the Senate. It will be informative as to how both the election and the next four years will go based on these and other demands being raised against Trump as he tries to bring the party together to defeat the Dems in November.

  2. Trump was being gracious and magnanimous. But then again, he has always been gracious and magnanimous even to his worst enemies.