CAIR likens Israel to Nazi Germany again

Hussam Ayloush: Poison Discourse Dispelled

By Rachel Neuwirth, The American Thinker

Hussam Ayloush, the director of the California branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is fond of comparing Israelis to Nazis and Israel to Nazi Germany. For example, he appeared on a TV talk show during the Hezb’allah-Israel war of 2006 and compared Israel’s acts of self-defense following Hezb’allah’s attack to Nazi atrocities during World War II. He did not criticize Hezb’allah at all for bombing Israeli territory, killing three Israeli soldiers and capturing two others, even though it was an entirely unprovoked attack. Nor did Ayloush have a word of criticism for the rockets that Hezb’allah rained down indiscriminately on Israeli communities, killing 43 Israeli civilians, some of them Arabs. But Israel’s military response to the attack on its territory and citizens he considered Nazi-like. Ayloush is also fond of labeling anyone who expresses sympathy with Israel a “Zio-Nazi.” One of the individuals that he so labeled was myself, in an e-mail to me.

Of course, Ayloush is not unusual in this regard among anti-Israel propagandists. The comparison between Israel and Nazi Germany, and between Zionism (meaning Jewish nationalism) and Nazism has been repeated so often by so many “opinion-makers” that millions of people around the world must by now accept it as undisputed fact. But since the Israel-Nazi comparison has become so accepted in Middle East discourse, it is time that we examine it against the facts, in order to dispel this myth. When we do this, the following facts will draw our attention: CONTINUE

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