CAIR vastly inflates the Muslin population in the US

Investors Business Daily notes in an editorial that

‘There are 8 million Muslims in America now,” boasted a spokeswoman for something called the Muslim Advancement Society.

It seems the size of the Muslim population in America jumps by an additional million every other year or so. Just a couple of years ago the consensus number bandied about in the media was 7 million. Before 9/11 it was 6 million.

and complains that

But it’s a wildly inflated estimate manufactured by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, something that the media could easily refute if they dared — simply by deconstructing CAIR’s unscientific methodology.

While the number of Muslims is growing thanks to higher birthrates and immigration, it’s nowhere near CAIR’s claim. Even the most generous independent estimate puts it at half that size, or 4 million.

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