Campaign Promises: Legalization of Amona in Coalition Deal

After High Court orders destruction of Samaria town, Jewish Home MKs promise residents action following Likud calls on Netanyahu.
Amona2Jewish Home MKs Ayelet Shaked and Orit Struk arrived at Amona in Samaria on Thursday, where they met with residents and promised to take action against the High Court ruling last Thursday ordering the destruction of the entire town within two years.

In the meeting the legal circumstances were discussed – there is no evidence behind the Arab land claims against the town and not even an Arab claimant; further, large parts of the community have been legally purchased. The MKs then spoke about political actions they are hoping to take for the town.

“The Jewish Home legal crew will prepare in a future coalition agreement clauses arranging the legal status of settlement in Judea and Samaria,” said Shaked, possibly referring to an adoption of the 2012 Levy report which proved Israel’s presence in the region is legal under international law.

The call for action echoes those made by Shevah Stern, head of the Likud’s “National Headquarters” faction, who called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to commit to legalizing Amona ahead of the elections.

It also echoes calls by Rabbi Yair Frank, the rabbi of Amona, for Likud and Jewish Home candidates to obligate themselves to defending Amona.

Attorney Avichai Boaron, a resident of the town who is a candidate in Jewish Home primaries, told the MKs about the legal complexities of the town’s status and the danger of the precedent-setting High Court ruling.

“The court didn’t accept the position of the state, both regarding the land which doesn’t have a concrete claimant on it, and also allowed an unspecific claimant that has no connection to the land to sue the residents and be paid by them,” said Boaron.

The attorney continued “these two points in which the position of the state wasn’t accepted in effect pave the way legally for the evacuation of thousands of homes, built dozens and more years ago and located on private property that has no concrete claimant against it. This ruling essentially invites the submission of numerous petitions by leftist organizations against old building on private property.”

Struk on Thursday condemned the High Court ruling, particularly by comparing it to the court’s decision on Wednesday to suspend the demolition order on the home of Mu’taz Hijazi, the Islamic Jihad terrorist who tried to murder Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick.


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