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By Ted Belman

From now on comments on every post must relate to the content of the post.

Comments that don’t relate to the post must go here.

Any person who contravenes this demand will be put on moderation. Also their offending comment will be trashed.

The reason for this demand is so that people who want to read comments which pertain to the post, don’t have to wade through the chatter.

Everyone will be happier.

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  1. It is because you did show your hand already. I presented a YouTube video of over an hour in length.

    It was by Eddie Holmes

    This video was not taken up by you at all, completely ignored

    He was certainly exposing the lab leak theory, basically arguing the virus had an animal or nature origin, evolution at work.

    So there’s material out there to be studied. But there has to be a willingness to do so, and discuss.

    So you showed yourself to be ideologically driven.

    But I do not know why.

    Another who needs consideration is Peter Daszak and his WHOLE experience which is going to the source of the virus to study the virus.

  2. @Felix
    No one has “shot [you] down” and in fact you continue to make your views, though I have to confess that I am not sure what you are speaking about at times. Notably, you ask that people with contrary views to your own be censured while demanding that your own contrary views should be promoted. Well, if you see no irony in this, as you probably do not, I would suggest that you are missing a good laugh. In any event, feel free to express your views as you have been, but those whose views differ from your own on the topic of Russia will be no more censored than your own views on the unscientific frauds which you find to be factually based. I am not sure why we keep having this conversation.

  3. Peloni
    The site of you and Belman

    Global Warming of the planet

    The filth of lableak etc

    And all on site follow you like lemmings

    Explain that phenomenon

  4. @Edgar

    “Nice to hear a positive unzany post from you.”

    Sorry, I must be slipping. I’ll do better. 😀

  5. @Edgar When I think of Genoa, I think of Salami, I think of Salami tactics, I think of that Iranian terrorist who looked like Sean Connery as the Soviet submarine Commander in “The Hunt for Red October” (1990) – you notice, I put the full name of the movie but I don’t bother with this psychotic schmuck – trying to look like as much like a movie-villain as possible in photos as these Islamo-Nazi lunatics* love to do. Boy, must he have had a hard time in school with that name No wonder he had a Napoleon complex! 😀

    * They are veritable poster boys (and girls) for getting rid of the insanity defence in murder trials. Like the joke about Lizzie Borden begging the court to show mercy to a poor lil’ orphan girl. 😀

  6. @Felix
    You have a bizarre obsession with me for some reason. Your complaining post is rather obscure, but if you care to clarify your claim about being “shot down” it might help. In any event, hopefully you will have a better rest of your day.

  7. Mikey-

    I forgot to ask you if you have flat feet??….Or jug handle ears. The Bertillon System has very interesting comments on these conditions, especially if a person possesses both.

    Also for a “short-leg” condition (not quite Toulouse Lautrec). This may interest your “medical” wife.(I think a former nurse or nurse-aide)
    By coincidence I also am a “medical” person, having gone through med school into the mid year of the anatomy room, before I bailed out.
    I still have my old Grey’s Anatomy somewhere.

    By the way , just being curious, how often do you de-worm yourselves???

  8. SEB-

    Nice to hear a positive unzany post from you.

    There are thousands of portraits of napoleon available, and one can see that he had a normal, slightly aquiline proboscis. Your pal was kidding you.

    Also, as well as 2 wives, he had a number o ,mistresses, and at least 2-3 historically known illegitimate kids, one at least who became a prominent diplomat under his half-brother Napoleon 3, and Count Leon Denouelle, who was a very well known, staunch, life-long Bonapartist
    This was Count Walewski, the son of Napoleon and Polish Countess Walewska his mistress of several years..

    As for what Pandora got up to, I wasn’t around at that particular time, although you might think otherwise. So anything you read about here is, strictly, “hearsay”. Although, you may be right, but the news outlets were not very reliable then, just like today..

    P.S. What the dickens has “the average height for Corsica” to do with Boney (as Betsy Balcombe called him) Just a short time before Boney was born, Corsica was a centuries long possession of Genoa. So actually he was an Italian changed into a Frenchman by a document As a YOUNG teen he got into the French Military Academy, he was jeered at for his foreign accent. .

  9. @Felix “red flag situations” “black propaganda” – is this why they call them “color revolutions?.” If so, why don’t they employ more colors?. Or more creative, artistic propagandists, like painters, cartoonists, advertising execs, you know, people of color? : “So many questions, so many reports.” – “Questions from a worker who reads.” Bert Brecht (BB) 😀

  10. Creating red flag situations with no answer

    The news this morning has sprung up around the preparation for all out war against Russia and Putin on the one hand, against Israel and Netanyahu on the other.

    It is all a kind of black propaganda.

    The both forms of propaganda are very extreme. Meaning they now have the WHOLE Media as a division in the real war

    When I see Israpundit now I see it swimming in Peloni, who is that guy, and what’s his role? He’s here there and everywhere. Nothing can move without his sanction

    I know it was he and Belman who shot me down back then

    It was he and Belman who insisted that these people stay attacking in the most scurrilous fashion against Russia.

    Literally now any kind of attack can come upon Russia.

    What is going on?

    The Russia leadership of Putin has never attacked hospitals much less children

    And thanks to Peloni and Belman you have the resident attackers inside of Israpundit hard at it

    And not a thing to stop them

  11. @Edgar I had a French-American friend in the ’80s, himself something of a Baron Munchausen/Hary Janos type who acted
    like he knew everything so I dunno, but who claimed that actually Napoleon didn’t have a height complex since he was average height for Corsica, but rather one about having a small nose which was unusual there and associated with, well, you know. 😀

  12. @Edgar Doesn’t Pandora cause the curses to be loosed upon the world by opening the box?

    I forgot that little detail in the Kong original which I last saw on tv as a kid. It’s been remade 12 times since the first one in 1933. I don’t think many people remember much besides the ending. Did it quote “Beauty and the Beast?” (the ending.) Though the Jean Renoir film came out in 1946. Thought it was earlier. It was black and white and so grainy and hard to understand and read the subs. Maybe I just had bad reception. 😀 I’m not sure if I am misremembering, none of
    these were among my favorites. but I also have a Lon Chaney Sr. as silent film Quasimodo association. You know, “T’was beauty killed the beast.” 😀

    No internet. Couldn’t look anything up. I didn’t know what a rerun was in the 60s and 70s. I thought most of what I was watching was contemporaneous. 😀 How’d you figure it out?

    I remember confusing and conflating, Bela Lugosi in Dracula, Greta Garbo in Grand Hotel and a tallit, which I misremembered as being called a tahvel, when I was little and at the beach, I swept the towel over the lower half of my face like a scarf, like Lugosi and looking magnetically over it.
    also like Rudy Valentino snd Houdini, I said
    in as low a voice as I could manage – satirically – “I vant to be alone.” 😀

  13. A note to MIKKELE-SHMEKELE

    You have shown yourself to be exceedingly devious, and your lies against Russia qualify as legendary. I am of the firm opinion that anyone who cannot oppose the Banderaite people who were marching through Kiev a short time ago carrying the pictures of that Jew killer…

    What can I say? Why you here?

    And insulting an Irish Jew is just part of the same rotting ideology. I draw the line there


    Short Man’s Syndrome is known as the “Napoleonic Complex” he being Le petit caporal:.

    In true fact as I’ve read many times and as recently as last week, He was above average French height, of 5’4″ then , being about 5’7″ > He looked short because his OLD GUARD were all 6 footers plus tall Beaver fur hats.
    Besides confusion as caused by his being measured in “French inches” which are longer than English.

    Looking at his Coronation Painting, one can see that he is a little taller than many of the attendees. And we know from historical accounts that my comments here are based on FACT.

    I’ve always known of your multilateral ignorance, but why must you insist on showing it so constantly. And not only against me….!!

    Poor old Nap’s body and later skeleton were measured at death on St Helena, and later on transfer to Les Invalides.
    Petit Caporal was an affectionate nickname due originally to his extreme youth in his early commands, as a skinny undeveloped 18 year old officer.

    As for the rest of your offensive diatribe, perhaps your post was deleted because of it’s crude “smelling” rather than “spelling” I suppose you must have a worm in your brain since you treat yourself with a med famous for it’s deworming abilities. But as I see, you need MORE…LOTS MORE,

    I see that my sincere sympathy was totally misplaced in that you are not only sick of body but also of mind, and malicious to an extreme.

    I brush it off down the toilet where a squirt like you might easily follow.

    Let it be so…..!!!

  15. SEB

    I don’t see that any Hollywood depiction of anything should influence facts. THE KING may be your “good old Pal” but recall he was disposing of a young beautiful female YEARLY for untold years. And he slaughtered nearly everyone in the native well populated village.
    Fay Wray was only different because she was white, also railed at him in her terror. Her ultra sudden change of mind was a fine demonstration of “The Stockholm Syndrome” after having been saved from various threats, a la Patty Hearst.
    “THAT”…..( you should have heard the snap of my thumb and middle finger here) for your depiction of Poor Old Kongie with whom you could imagine doing a “pub crawl” and being the life of the party.

    And Pandora’s Box “released the ills of the world”., so as you point out might be replaced, it suffices in the circumstances.

    Just imagine (impossible to) being chased “sympathetically”, by King Kong….I suppose for him just to pat you on the shoulder and then zoom off into the sky—- like Superman…..?????

  16. @Michael @Edgar I looked it up. I stand corrected. So, I am changing “cornucopea” which refers to a horn containing a plentiful harvest to “plethora.” which just means a lot of things and usually has a negative connation.

    Thank you for clarifying that, Edgar.

    However, the Pandora’s box metaphor
    doesn’t fit Michael since his family tragedies were unavoidable and not his doing.. The being chased by King Kong metaphor could be
    improved upon because
    King Kong is a sympathetic, tragic
    figure in the original movie. In the latest one – Godzilla x Kong, the New Empire (2024) which just came out, he’s a hero. In this one Godzilla is the villain, though Godzilla is sometimes the hero and sometimes the villain, exchanging places with switching places with other nuclear super-charged pre-historic creatures in the cinematic tradition. Spoiler alert: Mothra plays a deus ex machina role in this one, too. It’s American, I believe. There was a terrific Japanese one last year, too – Godzilla minus one (2023) in which Godzilla was a villain.

    Seems the only good
    movies we
    make anymore are science

    “Movies Matter.” 😀

    Real life sucks much of
    the time. Welcome
    to Samsara, the land of Dukha.

    Not to be confused with “Welcome to Samdalri” (2023) 😀 which is
    just fun.

  17. Edgar,

    I don’t think you know shat’s going on here. I posted yesterday, that I thought I smelled a “f-rt”, and asked whether you were in the area. It was deleted, apparently for some spelling reason.

    Your problem has nothing to do with your poliltical or religious positions. It is that you consistently think yourself a “gentleman”, in its worst connotation, believing yourself to be a notch above the rest of humanity and venting your spleen on those you consider your “inferiors”. These include those who do honest work for a living (“chicken pluckers”), people with various health problems, etc.

    Your “sense of humor” is that of a churl. Your intellectual accomplishments are at best, mediocre, yet you fancy yourself as an authority because of your many unfounded opinions. In other words, you are a complete bore.

    I hope this has filled in some gaps in your understanding. My wife, a medical person, has described this sort of condition as “short man’s syndrome”.

    The description of the motive behind Chit-Chat, and your after explanation are contradictory.
    It is supposed to be precisely for the “chatter” you excoriate..

    CHIT-CHAT as a name is self explanatory.

  19. SEB-

    Miley’s unending litany of family disasters-for which I am TRULY sorry can hardly be described as a cornucopia.
    A Cornucopia is a term which indicates a never ending flow of GOOD things.
    Mike’s issue is more like a cross between Pandora’s Box and being chased by King Kong.

    Poor Mike , I sincerely feel MUCH sympathy towards you.

  20. @Sebastien
    There are dozens, probably hundreds of symbols which use the more complicated code, but the SMILE is just a colon followed by an ending parenthesis, and the wink is just a semicolon followed by an ending parenthesis. You can also have a LAUGHING WINK with a semicolon followed by a ‘D’

    I agree with you about the more complicated ones. It’s a lot of work to remember so much for a simple emoji. Coding is like that.

  21. @Peloni OK. I just know the one for laughter which you taught us – and thanks – colon D . Are the other two as complicated as the other emojis you provided then? Thanks for looking into it, Ted.

  22. @Sebastien

    I think Israpundit really needs a laugh button. No?

    Ted looked into it. We are limited by what is available for the software, which only allows for the thumbs up and down. But we can still SMILE 🙂 and LAUGH 😀 and WINK 😉

  23. @Peloni That was great. Kudos to your cousin. I think Israpundit really needs a laugh button. No?

  24. MICHAEL_

    So…after showing your “snob” level, you admit that you are a “chicken plucker” with hearing problems

    I could have guessed all that without a confession.

  25. Iran’s most advanced warship just capsized while at port. My cousin amusingly suggests they may have been looking for their airforce.

  26. Hi, Michael

    Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens
    Article Talk
    “Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens” is a jump blues song, written by Alex Kramer and Joan Whitney.[1] Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five recorded the song on June 26, 1946, and Decca Records released it on a 78 rpm record.[1] It was added to the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2013.[2]
    “Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens”

    Single by Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five
    “Let the Good Times Roll”
    June 26, 1946[1]
    Jump blues
    Joan Whitney Kramer, Alex Kramer
    The single debuted on Billboard magazine’s Rhythm and Blues Records Chart on December 14, 1946.[3] It reached number one and remained at the top position for seventeen weeks, longer than any other Jordan single.[3] It also reached number six on the broader Billboard Best-Selling Popular Retail Records chart.[3] The flip side, “Let the Good Times Roll”, peaked at number two on the R&B chart.[3]
    Jordan’s hit song popularized the expression “Nobody here but us chickens”, but the phrase is older.[4] Its first known appearance was a joke published as a reader-submitted anecdote in Everybody’s Magazine in 1908 regarding a chicken thief, formulated as, “‘Deed, sah, dey ain’t nobody hyah ‘ceptin’ us chickens.”[5] From there, it was picked up by newspapers and reprinted far and wide. Wikipedia

    But, I recall reading or hearing it came from Jazz musicians because chickens are night owls, too! supposedly. Never dated one, 😀 cheers

  27. Hi, Sebastien

    @Michael My personal favorite:
    Viktor Tretyakov (violin); Yuri Bashmet (viola) play Bruch Double Concerto – video 1985

    I’m afraid I never inherited my father’s talent with musical instruments; and years of working with power tools has made a mess of my hearing. The closest I’ve come to real appreciation of the art, is my fondness for George Handel’s “Messiah”. He seemed to be a master at “powering up” the choir, as needed, with kettle drums, etc. Tshaikovsky was also fabulous in this regard, in “1812 Overture”. I also love anything from John Phillip Souza, and Dvorak’s “New World Symphony”.

    About 25 years ago, I was transporting some chickens for a friend in the back of my station wagon. The were all agitated, and sweating up a storm, when I played a cassette tape of Handel’s Messiah. Then they cooed and clucked calmly. Those were chickens after my own heart.

  28. @MIchael Your cornucopia of family tragedy reminds me of the old joke that goes:

    Q: Did you know that a woman is assaulted every 8 minutes in the United States?

    A: OMG! That poor woman.

    picture of fire is pretty mindboggling. As well as pretty. I’ve always hated fire works except for the really distant professional ones that have no sound. Feels like I’m in a war zone.

  29. @Felix What do you meam? I just covered it..

    The most important reason this damn war must come to an end is so that he can come back to Carnegie Hall. 😀

  30. I see that there is no coverage at all on Israpundit of the massive issue of Ukraine. Why is this? Addressed to those three editors.

  31. From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China is a 1979 Academy Award winning documentary film about Western culture breaking into China produced and directed by Murray Lerner. It portrays the famous violinist and music teacher Isaac Stern as the first American musician to collaborate with the China Central Symphony Society (now China National Symphony Orchestra).

    Search for: Did Isaac Stern save Carnegie Hall?
    What musician helped save Carnegie Hall?
    It seems inconceivable now that Carnegie Hall, having fallen into disrepair in the late 1950s, was once slated for demolition. The building was saved only when bought in 1960 by the City of New York after a major campaign led by renowned violinist Isaac Stern and key civic leaders.

    A Short History | Carnegie Hall

    “…In his capacity not only as the president of Carnegie Hall, but also as an adviser to the powerful ICM Artists management agency, the chairman of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation and chairman and music adviser of the Jerusalem Music Center, he was able to encourage and open doors for young musicians he considered exceptionally talented. Mr. Ma, Mr. Ax, the violinists Itzhak Perlman, Pinchas Zukerman, Shlomo Mintz, Sergiu Luca, Joseph Swenson and Cho-Liang Lin and the pianist Yefim Bronfman were all given a crucial push by Mr. Stern early in their careers…”

    “Violinist Isaac Stern Dies at 81; Led Efforts to Save Carnegie Hall
    Share full article

    By Allan Kozinn
    Sept. 23, 2001”

  32. @Michael My personal favorite:

    Viktor Tretyakov (violin); Yuri Bashmet (viola) play Bruch Double Concerto – video 1985

    Rewind to beginning. I don’t know why it starts later in. Yes, the same Max Bruch who wrote Kol Nidre though he wasn’t himself Jewish. Bashmet is, though. “Yuri Bashmet was born in 1953 in Rostov-on-Don in Russia and spent his childhood in Lvov, Ukraine. He began his studies at the Moscow Conservatory when he was 18, first with Vadim Borisovsky, the violist of the Beethoven Quartet, and later with Feodor Druzhinin.” He also conducts the orchestra he founded, ‘Moscow Soloists.” The most important reason this damn war must come to an end is so that he can come back to Carnegie Hall. 😀

  33. PELONI-

    It may be bad for Israel-UK relations, but I think Business dealings will continue.

    Also A MAJOR good. Huge increase in Aliya from the U.K is likely. not certain but likely.

  34. Hello again, Sebastien.

    That’s intense. How? In the same catacylsmic event?


    1. premature heart attack
    2. old age, kidney failure
    3. old age, heart attack
    4. premature heart attack
    5. overdose


    1. old age
    2. premature heart attack
    3. fall, broken neck

    Those are just the close family members. Some close friends of long standing died during the same time period. This is just what it means, to be in your seventies. It’s a little like being in combat. You get “used to it”, but not really. Then you keep on going: You’re still in a war. My eldest brother-in-law lost his brother; he followed him, and my sister buried him. We went to the memorial service, and came back a couple of months later, when his brother-in-law died. We went to the memorial service. After we got back home, my widowed sister lost her son, then her grandson. The rest of the family got their affairs in order, during the next three years; then my sister died. We went to the memorial service and returned home. After getting here, we got the call that my niece’s husband died (We had just talked with him, two days before). A few months later, another brother-in-law broke his neck. Job had it much worse, long ago. That’s why those stories are in the Bible.

    You’re a violist? Wow! When I was still getting about, we went to a small church that had a drummer, two violinists, a bass guitar, a keyboard, a lead guitar, a singer — and a cellist, who actually made his living playing for the local philharmonic. The cello’s a beautiful instrument. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a viola in action. My father used to make his own violins, during the Depression. He used to play in the tavern, along with the man who would become the conductor of the Milwaukee Symphony. I didn’t get to know my father much, but I inherited two of his violins.

    “Violin” is “kinnor” in Hebrew, but it looks like a lyre. The word for “harp” seems, ironically, to be “kittarh” (like “guitar”). There seems to be no end of variations.

  35. England falls to Labor in landslide election. This is going to be bad, very bad I would argue.

  36. I finally got around to asking Google if irrelevant and immaterial was redundant and this was the funniest of the answers on Quora, and the first that came up:

    Rosemary E Williams
    Author of the Williams on Bankruptcy series and many others
    I spent most of my litigation life in federal courts, and federal judges are certainly willing to exert their authority to control what goes on in their courtrooms. If I had ever tried to slide by something like the Perry Mason line, I probably would have been judicially instructed to specifically describe each basis for objection seperately, including the applicable Rule number, to put me in my place. Never, ever waste a federal judge’s time, or assume she/he isn’t listening.

    It’s just a television thing in my years of experience, and one that risks looking like an idiot.

    😀 Google had rephrased the question:

    Is “incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial” a real objection used in today’s criminal court, or is it just a Perry Mason line?


    Who knew? 😀

  37. “Oh Crap, it’s due tomorrow?” – Thomas Jefferson July 3, 1776 😀

    – FB Meme from classical sarcasm and something group