Confirmed: Trump Hates McMaster

May 16, 2017 | 2 Comments » | 84 views

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  1. Hi, Ted.

    I got bored, around 45% of the way through this presentation: It is simply too disjointed. Concerning Spicer, Proebus, Comey, McMaster and the whole Trump Swamp, I was tired of hearing about it before even starting the video. There is a war about to break out in Korea, and there are some serious issues happening in the Middle East; and all these palace intrigues are nothing but distractions.

    McMaster, whether “qualified to lead” or not, is anti-Israel. End of story. He should be persona non grata in Israel; and if Trump doesn’t get rid of him, TRUMP should be persona non grata.

    Concerning Trump, he appears to be naive about the Middle East, and about Muslims in general. He also seems to have a soft spot for his daughter Ivanka, and for her no-good husband, Jared Kushner. He appears to be leaning on the likes of Kushner, because he is family; and outside his family, Trump can’t trust anyone.

    Welcome to the Presidency, Mr. Trump. Stalin couldn’t trust anyone, so he killed any potential rival and deported innocent populations. Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats, and struck terror in anyone who would dare oppose him. Nixon was so paranoid, he spied on all his advisors and was obsessed with secrecy. He was a lot like Trump, in his dealings with the press, and V.P. Agnew spent his time ridiculing young people. Trump has been more polite than Agnew, and the press today seems worse than it was then; although it was terrible then. Kennedy was like Trump, in that he trusted only his brothers. His wife, meanwhile, had to share him with other women a la Hillary.

    The difference between all these and Trump, is that under Trump, everyone’s dirty laundry is being aired every day; and it’s being called dirty, even when it’s clean. I’m sick of it. Definitely, heads need to roll; and McMaster’s should be one of them.

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