David Horowitz Exposes the Past Hoax and Future Threat of BLM

“I Can’t Breathe” courageously confronts the big racist lie that is terrorizing a nation.

By Daniel Greenfield, FPM

In the spring of last year, a nation already staggering under the burden of lockdowns and shutdowns suddenly faced a shocking wave of violence as Black Lives Matter riots destroyed businesses, brutalized law enforcement and random bystanders. The violence was swiftly backed by corporate endorsements of the racist movement and its big lie about “systemic racism”. Those who spoke out lost their jobs, those who protested the protests were locked up.

The physical violence unleashed cultural violence with critical race theory and revisionist history like the 1619 Project swiftly moving from the media and into schools for rapid indoctrination.

Most Americans were taken by surprise to see their workplaces politicised, social media lynch mobs claiming people’s jobs left and right, and the rise of woke political terror everywhere.

Yet none of what happened was a coincidence. And one man was not surprised.

David Horowitz’s latest book, I Can’t Breathe: How a Racial Hoax is Killing America, goes where few conservative authors dare. Anyone who has seen the scalps claimed by social media mobs knows how dangerous this material is, and yet Horowitz, who had not flinched from exposing the Black Panthers over the murder of Betty Van Patter, the bookkeeper he had recommended to them during his Ramparts days, and who fearlessly challenged slavery reparations on college campuses, is once again fighting the good fight against an even more gargantuan racist crime.

“This delusional racial fantasy, so remote from the facts, remains a principal incitement for the Black Lives Matter movement. The fact that it is believed by so many people—and so many violent people—is a threat to the cohesion of America’s communities, and to the people caught in the crosshairs of the hate,” Horowitz writes in I Can’t Breathe when describing the Michael Brown case, but it could just as easily apply to any of the many hoax cases covered in the book.

I Can’t Breathe delves into the backstories of the violent criminal martyrs who became the Horst Wessels of the racist BLM movement, from George Floyd to earlier prototypes, and breaks down the process by which the movement turned them into iconic symbols, and enlisted the support of corporations, academic institutions, and governments to manufacture the big lie of systemic racism. A lie, which Horowitz’s book demonstrates, is based on zero actual evidence.

As I Can’t Breathe points out, “The false charge of ‘systemic racism’ is a convenient cover for the Left’s inability to identify actual racists directly responsible for inequalities in American life.”

Police shootings allow leftists to point to specific black victims of specific white individuals, something they are otherwise unable to do, but only after having lied about and distorted the original context of the confrontations between vicious criminals and police officers.

These racial conspiracy theories are based on lies that allow them to perpetrate, what Horowitz calls, “an indispensable slander against a nation that has actually outlawed racial and gender discrimination and provided generous subsidies to those who have fallen behind” by portraying the death of a Michael Brown or George Floyd as a model of how America treats black people.

As Stalin once reportedly said, “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic”.

The Left constructs its big lie of systemic racism out of statistics, the vast majority of which are distorted and misleading, but it understands that a single death is more compelling than countless statistics. Unable to show that the police officers it’s lynching for defending themselves and protecting the public from violent criminals are actually racist (I Can’t Breathe notes that Attorney General Keith Ellison did not even try to bring hate crimes charges in the George Floyd case), they falsely claimed that the entire justice system is systemically racist.

Nikole Hannah Jones, the racist New York Times historical revisionist behind the 1619 Project, falsely claimed that, “modern policing has direct lineage to the slave patrols”. Similar smears that tie everything about the country from the Constitution to highways to racism is a massive propaganda effort aimed at delegitimizing America and justifying the radical reinvention of its institutions in the name of “anti-racism”. That has always been the true leftist objective.

A leftist quote that David Horowitz is often fond of repeating states that, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” It’s not about racism, it’s about revolution.

The Left exploits misery where it exists, creates it where it doesn’t, and weaponizes it as a revolutionary instrument of social destruction. The massive Black Lives Matter riots were no different than the 19th century leftist “worker” riots, but backed by a new brand. Corporations, the ultimate targets of the anti-capitalist movements, poured millions into “racial justice” organizations even while ordinary black people wondered where all the money went.

“So far, there have been no Black Lives Matter community projects to benefit disadvantaged black communities. Where are the hundreds of millions of dollars Black Lives Matter has collected being spent?” David Horowitz asks. A vast “anti-racist” industry blurring the lines between academia, the media, entertainment, corporations, and politics has arisen. Where is all the money being generated by the equity pimps going? It’s not going into black communities.

The hoaxes chronicled by Horowitz in I Can’t Breathe were used to extract vast amounts of money and power, directly through corporate and government funding, and indirectly through looting and robbery. And yet Michael Brown’s father asked BLM to fund projects in Ferguson, stating that despite the millions that were raised by exploiting his son’s death, he only received $500 from BLM. This story is typical of the BLM ATM. Black nationalist leaders have attacked each other and figures like Shaun King over where the money went and how it was used.

But the vast sums of money were never actually meant to fix black communities. The goal of the radical race-baiting movements is to keep up the pressure by making matters even worse. The escalating crime rates in black communities in the wake of the BLM riots and the assorted criminal justice “reforms” that they demanded, such as defunding the police and freeing criminals, are not an unfortunate side effect, but the entire objective of the radical project.

BLM subscribes to Lenin’s familiar revolutionary tenet, “The worse, the better.”

In I Can’t Breathe, David Horowitz correctly points out that, “America’s black citizens have more rights, more privileges and more opportunities than blacks anywhere else in the world, including all of black Africa and the black West Indies, where countries like Haiti have been independent and run by blacks for over two hundred years.” But just as Obama restarted racial animus even as polls were showing that most people thought that race relations were good, the racist movements he worked to mainstream set out to destroy black upward mobility. Just as the Communist groups that originally organized the black race riots had been doing for a century.

I Can’t Breathe exposes the grievances of Black Lives Matter as a series of lies and distortions, fueled by social media, aimed at a revolutionary program of radicalizing even young children through critical race theory curriculums, breaking down the black community, and using the subsequent chaos to continue the familiar program of setting off violence and seizing power.

When Biden, as Horowitz writes, “on the very day he took possession of the presidency” issued “the first of his executive orders, targeting America as a ‘systemically racist’ society and proclaiming ‘equity’—the redistribution of wealth and privilege according to race—as America’s new guiding principle and moral compass,” he made “the racial hoax that incited the summer of violence and destruction in two hundred twenty American cities” into “the official policy of the United States”.

The ultimate objective of that assault, Horowitz warns in I Can’t Breathe is the destruction of the Constitution, of freedom of speech and of all individual freedoms which require that people be judged by their actions, not their race or the unconscious biases wrongly attributed to them.

That is why I Can’t Breathe: How a Racial Hoax is Killing America has arrived now, not right after the riots, but at its most timely point as an administration stacked with racist radicals turns the BLM hoax into policy and whose response to any election, whether it’s the gubernatorial election in Virginia, or any future elections to come, is their familiar brand of racist poison.

Americans were relieved to see the end of the violent year of BLM riots that devastated entire communities, but as the Democrats prepare for difficult elections in 2022 and 2024, there is every reason to believe that a desperate party facing defeat will turn to race riots once again.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

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