Dayton’s army

By: Yoni Ben – Menachem – Israel Radio

Israeli security forces show great suspicion toward the Palestinian security apparatus in the West Bank despite the fact that they battle Hamas and were trained by the U.S. General Dayton. Israel assesses that a scenario of another armed intifada in the West Bank is possible and that the Palestinian security apparatus might act against the settlers and IDF soldiers On May 17 this year Central Commander Avi Mizrahi said at a regimental exercise conducted at the national training…


JINSA has long expressed concern about military skills being transmitted by the U.S. to a Palestinian Authority military force while the Palestinian government remains openly hostile to Jewish sovereignty in the Middle East. The Israelis tell us, “The more they do against Hamas, the less we have to do.” The Americans tell us, “Everything we do is coordinated with our friends in Israel.” We believe them both, while remaining enormously skeptical about the ultimate…

By: Barak Ravid . Correspondent, HaAretz

A report by a U.S. government watchdog has found that the Israeli government’s conduct in recent years – including delaying the transfer to Palestinian security forces of AK-47 rifles, radios, vehicles and uniforms – hampers U.S. efforts to train those forces in the West Bank. “The implementation of the U.S. security assistance programs faces a number of logistical constraints that are largely outside of U.S. control, and these security assistance programs outpace efforts to develop the…

By: David Bedein

22.9.09 To: Mr. Dov Schwartz, Spokesman for General Dayton From: David Bedein, Center for Near East Policy Research and Israel Resource News Agency Our agency is preparing a study of the current American military aid to the PA armed forces. This study will be offered to American and Israeli media outlets. Here are some questions that we would like to present to General Dayton. IF it would be possible to meet with him, that would be optimal. 1. One of the premises of the…

By: David Bedein

“israel Resource Review” Investigative Study: US Military Aid to Fatah Defense News CONTINUED U.S. TRAINING OF PA SECURITY FORCES: A DANGEROUS VENTURE

By: David Bedein

REPUBLISHED IN MEMORY OF DANIEL SCHORR, WHO DIED THIS WEEK AT THE AGE OF 93 Oct. 21, 1976 WYNNEWOOD, PA (Interview followed Schorr’s revelation of confidential CIA files to the US Congress) I entered the Rabbi’s study at the Main Line Reform Temple in Wynnewood, PA to find a relaxed, suntanned and pensive man, awaiting his lecture at the forum. Daniel Schorr’s calm and gentle manner that evening sharply contrasted the aggressive, vindictive Daniel Schorr I had seen on…

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  1. Shebrew eagerly anticipates Dayton’s Palestinian military attacking Israel. It’s the one thing that can bring a resolution to this matter. The Peace Process that will work is Palestinians discovering what happens when Israel doesn’t pull its punches. I’m hopeful that the Palis will push Israel so hard that whoever is pm will be politically required to say, “Fuck world opinion. It’s asskicking time!” Israel can start by killing the moderate Fatah terrorists, and the coup de gras (definition from Martel pending) will be the deliverance of Hamas to the heavenly virgins, all of whom I understand are almost as comely as Helen Thomas.