Dems brought us to this point

By Grant Swank, CFP Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If B. Hussein Obama is elected, we will have more and more of what the US simply cannot tolerate.

It will be more and more of Nancy Pelosi.. Can America withstand another assault from this brainless “leader” who knows not how to bring together those who bow before her throne?

She is worn and tattered. She promised the USA within the first 100 days of her governing that she would remake this country. We are still waiting as she instead turns the nation inside out.

If B. Hussein is elected we will have more of Barney Frank. Has this man not by now exposed himself sufficiently for all logical citizens to want him jettisoned into the Atlantic?

He is a disgrace to reason, let alone patriotism. He is a first class blowhard who must be sliced off the charts. He should have been sliced long ago; but now that the mug shots of this frump have made daily news, surely the grassroots has had enough.

Can America withstand another day with Chris Dodd and Harry Reid, two arch-liars who have stood before TV cameras to recite outright deceit during this bailout mess? They claimed the Reps shunned a sealed bailout bill when no such component existed. Yet they sternly rebuked the Reps. All the while their consciences boiled over.

Yet if B. Hussein sits in the Big Office, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Harry Reid will be canonized as saints of the Congress.

Add to this crooks roster Jim Johnson, Daniel Mudd and ACORN’s gangsters. With such “friends,” America will be turned upside down for the underworld.

Why is the US in this present debacle?

It is because of a lazy Congress that has no idea why it sits in the seats of power. It is because of inept officials who do not deserve the title. It is because of a sleepy Dem majority in DC who have kissed up to the greed clique in Manhattan.

Yet if B. Hussein makes it to PA Avenue in January, such lowlife characters will swamp the place. It we think we are in dire plight now, just wait until Michelle rules from the White House.

Add to that the B. Hussein Muslim ties and you have an America that in no way will be representative of what we have taken for granted under the red, white and blue.

Those of us loyal to the Republic will be overcome with the enemy bent on destroying our values, the Judeo-Christian heritage, and biblical ethics.

And to think that all this could happen within just a few days.

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  1. I watched the video and the usual “they tried to censor” one censored YouTube, right?
    In fact, blame Dodd but the fact is this: my wife is highly placed at a big bnank that is known for its conservative lending.Theuy do not have problems because they gave mortgages only to those in a position to pay back…blame not this or that Democrat but the banks themselves! Who undid the regulations over and over? GOP? who stood for e]dereglaution over and over: John McCain. So stop the crap because both parties have taken awayh the firwewall that FDR put in place and this sort of partisan nonsense in not going to work.