DeSantis: US should ‘butt out of Israel’s affairs’ -GREAT SPEECH

‘The Arabs tried to slay the Jewish State in its infancy,’

Speaking at the Jerusalem Post conference Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the State of Israel was 75 years young but the Jewish people more than 3,000 years old.

“The Arabs tried to slay the Jewish State in its infancy,” said DeSantis, comparing the War for Independence to David slaying Goliath.

Governor Ron DeSantis praised Israel’s ability to maintain the only democracy in the Middle East despite the threat of a nuclear Iran, Palestinian Arab terror, and other threats from within and abroad.

He added that since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran has viewed the US as its “number one enemy” and Israel “is just behind.”

“Soon there will come a day when there are no longer any Holocaust survivors alive,” said DeSantis. “We must remember the horrors of the Holocaust because those who forget history are bound to repeat its mistakes,” he added.

Vowing that the US embassy would “remain in Jerusalem no matter where the political winds of change will blow,” he added, “The US must defend Israel against disfavored treatment by the UN and agenda-driven international bodies…and we must reject those who reject Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State.”

DeSantis also urged the US government to “butt out of Israel’s affairs.”

“You’re a smart country. You can figure it out. We shouldn’t butt in to these important issues,” DeSantis told a cheering audience at the Jerusalem Post conference, in an apparent reference to the Biden administration’s strong opposition to the proposed judicial reforms spearheaded by the Netanyahu government.

Praising the Jewish people’s initiative in rebuilding their national homeland after a 2,000 year exile, he said, “I’m reminded of a quote by David Ben-Gurion. In Israel, in order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles.”

“Before the Jews got here, this was not exactly the land of opportunity…And yet against all odds, the people of Israel have taken a barren desert and transformed it into an oasis of freedom and innovation – a vibrant society in one of the world’s toughest neighborhoods,” he pointed out.<

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  1. An important revelation from Pres. Trump:

    I couldn’t care less if Ron DeSanctus runs, but the problem is the Bill he is about to sign, which allows him to run without resigning from being Governor, totally weakens Election Integrity in Florida. Instead of getting tough, and doing what the people want (same day voting, Voter ID, proof of Citizenship, paper ballots, hand count, etc.) this Bill guts everything….

    ….It will allow dirty Voter rolls to get dirtier, weakens transparency, and is a total mess. It’s simple, all we want is a Free and Fair Election, and an honest count.

    This has been verified by a local FL political non-profit, Polk County Citizens Defending Freedom:

    This is Robert Goodman, director of Polk County Citizens Defending Freedom. Everything Donald Trump is saying here is exactly right. Florida Senate Bill 7050 absolutely GUTS Election Integrity in Florida. Look at the examples in the thread below. Do you think DeSantis will actually sign this?

    1. SB 7050 removes Florida’s long-time requirement of using a State ID to vote, it allows people to use a neighborhood association ID, student ID, bank statement, or even a utility bill.

    Not only does Florida SB 7050 remove voter ID requirements for vote by mail, it gets much worse.

    2. SB 7050 removes the ability for citizens and Election Integrity groups to see transparent information that is currently being used to audit Florida’s Elections and look at Florida’s voter rolls. Only “OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT ENTITIES” can submit a request to remove ineligible registered voters.

    Florida SB 7050 COMPLETLY ignores the election reforms the citizens have been DEMANDING! This bill also outlaws hand counts and mandates machines and tabulators by not addressing the glaring problems with Florida Statute 101.5604. Citizens asked for ‘must’ to be changed to ‘may’. Even though this was submitted as an amendment, it was not allowed to be read.

    Will Ron Desantis actually sign this bill that makes Florida’s elections LESS secure and transparent than they were in 2020? If so, why?

    Florida SB 7050 strips out the ability to obtain key data from electronic voting machines. It also strips out the ability to look at key data on a precinct level, which would be needed for an audit. This bill undoes most of the good changes that were passed just last year.

    The key question to ask is, WHY? Will DeSantis actually sign a bill that will make Florida’s elections LESS open, fair, & transparent?

    Contact him directly! Make your voices heard!

    H/T Brian Cates

    So will Desantis sign this? We will see. If he doesn’t he can’t run without resigning as governor. A bigger question is why would the Florida State Legislature pass a bill which so clearly serves to expand election fraud rather than further strengthen the election process or investigate the election fraud in past elections. Is the answer related to the Florida Republican landslide in the recent state elections, where Florida alone in the nation appeared to have had the Red tsunami expected by nearly the entire country?

    Just some fun facts to share with others: It should be noted that the Reps have exactly 70% control in both the FL State House and State Senate, quite a curious coincidence. So they could easily override Desantis’ veto which only requires 66.6%, even if Desantis chose to exercise his veto.

    The Swamp is real and it appears to be really in control in Florida in both the Executive and the Legislature…

  2. If DeSantis is on the take with the big money people, then he is to be feared because he will bring and produce the same thing that every president has done since Jimmy Carter. However, if he secretly is working as the “other” against or with Trump then he might be O.K. Wouldn’t it be grand if Trump and Desantis were playing the rope-a-dope on the swamp sum.

    If Trump picks him as his running mate, then we all know who will follow Trump as the Next President. IF DeSantis is working for big money, then he is a plant to control / hinder Trump the same as Pence. Big money working to minimize the damage during Trump’s last time in the white house and continue on with their plan. I know these are big “if’s”, but from where I sit, Desantis is a politician, he will never betray the money that controls him. He is the male version, of the has been, done for, Liz Chaney. I want to believe in him to be the Trump V.P. but he smells like Obama and I figured that one out before I went to the ballot box. Although, when HE FIRST CAME ON THE STAGE I WAS FOR HIM.

    I am too old to be wishing my life away, but from now to November 2024 is going to be interesting.

  3. @leonkushner

    There are of course many other differences but they are not significant.

    I beg to differ. Trump’s support overwhelmingly comes from small doners while Desantis’ come almost exclusively from a few fat cats tied to the Anyone-But-Trump-Anti-MAGA wing of the Rep party. The significance of donations from such political elites is that it comes with a price tag, and the control of the Forever-war, Open-borders, China-China-China wing of the Rep party over the party is why Trump faced so much difficulties in executing his policies. This is why he signed that pork filled, Ukraine sponsoring, Abortion funding Omnibus bill in 2018. Desantis’ funding comes from the likes of the CEO of Citadel hedge fund, the Koch family, among many other billionaires. The checks come in with seven figures, and donations such as this never come without strings, particularly when such large donations comprise the bulk of his fundraising. The funding is what keeps the same policy in place, no matter who runs for president, with the notable exception of Trump.

    In fact, Desantis has been a good governor for Florida, but we must recall the very important fact that, as governor of Florida, he refuses to address the election fraud within his own state. A canvass of central Florida revealed “nearly 3,000 addresses listed on voter rolls with serious issues“. These results indicate that as much as a million phantom votes could have been included in the 11 million votes cast in the Florida 2020 election. Despite this, the only thing that Desantis has done is form a new commission to investigate voter fraud, which is not the same as election fraud which is indicated by the canvass results. Indeed, Desantis made a big issue of having found and arrested twenty people who had voted more than once in previous elections. He also arrested a teenage prom queen who rigged her own crowning vote, but he refused to investigate the 2020 election fraud and also refused to sign the lawsuit drawn up by Mike Lindell. Florida is a Republican state, and Desantis could easily have pressed for both of these tasks to be fulfilled, and instead he incarcerated a couple dozen individuals which will not change the inpact of the orchestrated fraud which exists in his state and is likely related to that occuring in other states. Even more telling than this, is that the fact that the fraud which was indicated by the canvass pointed to it benefiting the Dems, which leads us to speculate as to what the motivation might be for Desantis to keep the pin in this election fraud grenade when it might have easily disrupted his own re-election this past Fall. Of course, Desantis and his Florida allies seem to be the only group of Republic ‘MAGA’ candidates which easily coasted to victory this past fall, while all the other candidates faced significant challenges from the fraud still plaguing the elections which no one, including Desantis, has addressed.

    Of course, I appreciate the good that has been achieved by the hiring of Dr. Lapado as his Surgeon General, but even on this topic questions arise whic can not be easily excused. Desantis and Lapado formed a state-wide Grand Jury to investigate the fraud associated with the vaccines and, of course, made a great show of things while forming his discussion panel last year. Still, isn’t it interesting that he failed to include, in both the discussion panel and the Grand Jury proceedings, either the only whistleblower who could testify first hand regarding the vaccine fraud or even her attorney in place of her. No, there was no invitation for Brooke Jacksons’ input into the Florida vaccine fraud extravaganza, which might further demonstrate the lack of sincere interest Desantis has in doing more than making himself look like he is doing something, enough so that he gains the support of the voters, but not so much that it scares the donors away from signing those seven digit checks.

    I would suggest that we look quite closely at Desantis as he is not all that he appears to be. Or so I have come to be convinced.

    Most candidates have no real opportunity to perform on the national stage prior to entering the primary season, but Desantis had plenty of opportunities, and the most significant was related to returning transparency and certainty to the elections in his state, which would have impacted the entire nation as a whole. It is a great pity that he failed to do this, and an even greater pity that he chose to investigate the teenage antics of a prom queen while ignoring the canvass results which were far more damning than anyone had suspected would be the case in Florida.

  4. The big difference between De Santis and Trump is that De Santis is a very well spoken historian. Trump is neither. There are of course many other differences but they are not significant.

    If Trump was speaking here, he would no doubt brag about what he did for Israel (ie. move the US embassy to Jerusalem, etc.). Of course he would have every right to make such boasts but after a while it becomes old news and to be honest, boring.

    I’m not thrilled that Trump has been attacking De Santis lately but that is Trump’s style and there is nothing we can do about it. If Trump does become the next US president I have every expectation that these 2 men will become best friends and support each other, much like Trump and Cruz (and others who Trump attacked while campaigning).

    I love both men for their courage, for standing for the truth and of course for standing for us Jews and Israel!

  5. @Frank Adams
    The problem with the American-Israeli alliance is that Israel finds itself in a bear-hug with America, unable to establish and pursue its own interests when they do not align with those of their ‘ally’. Indeed, the American control over Israel goes well beyond the American corruption or control over Israeli internal affairs, as it has broadened to include the forced acceptance of a US created nuclear Iran, the repeated forced implementation of the TSS against Israel’s consent, and now even the unilateral gifting of state gas assets to a foreign terrorist organization whose policy goal is the destruction of Israel. For all of this, AND the interference in internal domestic affairs as well, Israel must disentangle herself from her overly close association with the US. When US policy creates daylight between the US and Israel, Israel needs to hold firm to her own interests and not let that daylight change Israel’s positions. When Israel develops new military technology, it is Israel who needs to market and produce that technology, domestically, rather than offshoring it to America where the deliveries might be manipulated to prevent Israel crossing the line of victory in some future conflict, as has repeatedly been done in the past.

    Israel does have a deep and meaningful tie to the culture and history of America. America was founded upon the Judeo-Christian heritage, which Russia and China have nothing to make similar boasts. Nearly half the world’s Jews live in Israel, while Russia and China have relatively no Jewish population by comparison. The Christian Evangelicals of the US are among Israel’s greatest allies in all the world, and again, Russia and China have no such allies for Israel within their borders. For all of these reasons and more, Israel is tied to America, in many ways.

    Yet, for Israel to survive, she must have the dexterity and independence to find ways to counter the toxic relationship which exists within American foreign policy towards Israel or I fear she will suffer the fate of all proxies who are tied to undeserving allies, such as is playing out in Ukraine today. America is, and has been, harboring and expanding existential threats against Israel, while holding her captive by the ties and alliance which are formidably important. The question remains, however, if these factors are as significant as Israel’s own survival? The answer to this complex question must be a simple NO.

    Israel should seek out what associations she can with Russia and China to counter the control which the US holds over her. It should be recognized that such an undertaking should not be designed to dismiss the ties between Israel and the US. Rather, it should be designed to recognize that the the actions by the US stand as a glaring threat to Israel’s continued existence. By Israel moving more closely to Russia and China, it will provide the American political establishment with the motivation to end their current support for the existential threats against Israel, while also establishing a more healthy relationship with the only American ally in the Middle East which can boast of all the common interests, history and culture as we have all cited above. Or so I would suggest.

  6. Raphael,

    but the best choice, unpalatable though it may be, still seems to be the US.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts toward me and my people 😉 This may be the nicest thing I’ve read all day, other than the Bible.

  7. It would certainly be in Israel’s best interests if the US would cease meddling in Israel’s affairs, particularly since the US’ official policy is the “two-state solution”. Being clients of a superpower is always a complex and messy business. In Israel’s case, the biggest question is, whether or not Israel can survive without the $3.3 B/yr that Israel gets from US in the form of foreign aid. It’s really not that much, given that Afghanistan got a windfall donation of $81B and Ukraine has already received $130B. But once you’re on the US teat, it hard to wean yourself off. Given that Israel’s collective enemies have vast funds at their disposal, Israel may think that it needs America’s money so badly that it has no choice but to accept a certain amount of American meddling. Unfortunately, that meddling almost always works to Israel’s detriment. The question posed by this article…”Should America butt out of Israeli affairs?”… is a fair question, and I believe that it should. But a better question is…”Should Israel tell the US to butt out of its affairs?”. The correct thing to do, would seem to be for the US, the UN, and the EU, among others, to butt out. Unfortunately, small countries, particularly those with vicious enemies need a “big brother” to intimidate the bullies. Who would Israel turn to? Russia? China? Perhaps… but the best choice, unpalatable though it may be, still seems to be the US. Israel needs to cover its bases, however, because the US has shown itself to be an unreliable and problematic friend. Is Israel better off with or without the US? That question is a real toss up. Perhaps it’s time for the US/Israeli relationship to be re-defined.

  8. The fly in the ointment is that miracles do NOT always turn up on timetable.
    Further small countries – which includes even big ones that are NOT top of the tree have to be careful to defer to those which are. In this small World globalised by aircraft and satellite phones – and bombs – even the big powers have to be at least a little cautious. It is cheaper to contain than to fight and to pay others to do the fighting if any needs doing. That was US policy to Britain and USSR in 1939 – ’45 inclusive.
    The other side of the coin was Israel depended on US food and arms or French and German arms under a US blind eye – however reluctantly supplied 1949 – 73 and in 1949 on Soviet via CZ arms – actually surrendered German materiel. Since 1973 US arms to Israel are as much about keeping the Israeli “bomb in the basement,” in the basement.
    Both Israel and US should be wary of dropping their de facto alliance: for the US because the Arab states vote against the US often enough in the UN. For Israel because the Russians and Chinese do not have the cultural connection and sympathy and because at least in the working democracy of the US Israel can pull some strings which it does NOT have in China nor Moscow.