‘Devastating response’ if Iran nukes attacked

Terrorists say Tehran providing instructions in case U.S., Israel strike atomic facilities

By Aaron Klein
© 2007 WorldNetDaily.com

JERUSALEM – Iran is anticipating a U.S. or Israeli military strike on its nuclear facilities and has been providing Palestinian terrorists and other regional allies with contingency plans for attacks against the Jewish state and American regional interests in the event of war, according to Palestinian terrorist leaders.

A senior leader of the Islamic Jihad terror group, which Israel says is backed by Iran, told WND Tehran is expecting to be attacked, but he didn’t provide a time frame in which Iran anticipates a strike.

He claimed during any attack his organization has been directed by Iran to “wreak havoc” on Israel with suicide bombings, rocket attacks and “special surprises.” He said rocket attacks would be launched from both the Gaza Strip and from the West Bank, which borders Jerusalem.

He threatened his terror group will target American interests in the Middle East whether any purported strike against Tehran is carried out by Israel or the U.S.

“The Zionists and the Americans are coordinated 100 percent. It doesn’t matter who attacks Iran, we are planning to hit them both,” said the Islamic Jihad leader, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he said the topic was “very sensitive.” CONTINUE

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. “one giant court of law” nails it, keelie. That’s the goal of the UN and the International Court. Nations are now just “criminals” or “victims” as defined by human rights laws and international laws.

  2. Keelie,

    I was all for going after Syria last summer. So I agree a little. With a timid guys like Old Fart and his side kick Putz they need cover. Could some one explain why they are still in office? In any case an all out attack by Gazans would give even Old Fart cover.

    #6 gemcleod,

    A.Q. Kahn, Iraq, Libya – do a search. You might learn something.

  3. Perhaps the tragedy is that it will take a WMD attack on an American city to take the gloves off.
    In that unfortunate case I look forward to the bright side. Like for instance that will take care all the captured terrorists in Guantanamo and everywhere else. American commanders will not stay their hand if they have lost loved ones or a city back home.
    And many at home will remember the names of the Neo-leftist Islamofascist supporters and enablers. Hopefully there will be enough lampposts for all of them.
    And no more Dearborn or Mosques of Hatred in Canada and USA. It will be small blessings.

    Who cares about Iran’s’ foolish idea of a “devastating response”, Once the fire starts there will be nothing let of Islam and Mecca but ashes, not even memories.

    Bring it on! The sooner the better and then the sooner we can finish it and the less of OUR lives will be lost. And they WILL bring it on, because they are too stupid to understand any other way of existing.

  4. I don’t know if McLeod is still around, but it seems to me that all he has that’s Scottish is his name. I grew up in Glasgow, where irony is an art. Mr. McLeod (or Ms McLeod) obviously did not, or at least manifest none of the scepticism and irony in the blood of (most of) my fellow Scots – at least the Glasgow variety.

    Did it ever occur to you McLeod, that the reason the Iranians signed the NPT willingly is that IT MEANT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO THEM. Same goes for all treaties signed with Infidels (that’s you and me). And don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Taqiyya – where lying to Infidels (I don’t know why I capitalize it) to further your Muslim cause is not just ok, but encouraged.

    One thing you are completely right about is that Iran is indeed trying hard (and succeeding) in being transparent about the “nuclear issue.” They have openly proclaimed that they want nukes so that they can kill all the Jews in Israel… for a start. That’s some level of transparency to admire.

    Folks like you, McLeod, seem to believe that the world – perhaps the universe in all its vastness – is one giant court of law. I have news for you: It isn’t. It’s a tooth-and-nail world, and if you for one moment believe that the Jews won’t use tooth and nail to survive (that’s called Nature), as you youself would (unless you’re exceptionally stupid), you really are in a fantasy world.

    Frankly, despite being the spiritual giant I am (sarc), I see no reason why I ought to die in favour of a bunch of lying savages.

    Nor should you.

  5. 1) Remember that Iran signed the NPT willingly. They would not have done so if they actually had nukes.

    2) Teheran has called for the establishment of a nuclear-free zone throughout West Asia where all countries, including Israel, would give up their nuclear weapons and open up for international inspection. This is already working in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Iran was joined in this plea by Egypt, Syria and Jordan.

    4) This call was brought to the UN as a draft resolution for the Security Council in December 2003, which was then withdrawn because the U.S. threatened to veto it.

    Iran seems to be trying very hard to be transparent about the nuclear issue. Remember that the US government and the media lied to the public about Iraq’s weapons. History seems to be repeating itself with Iran — none of the important developments I have listed here have made it to the newspapers. Why?? Why cant these issues even be debated in the mainstream press?

  6. gemcleod,

    If the West could be absolutely assured that Iran’s Grand Ayatollah is the sole power in Iran, that notwithstanding his anti-Israel stance, he is 100% against Iran attacking Israel, America and other Western nations by Iran’s funded proxy terrorists and that Ahmadinejad is just a foul mouth front man with no power whatsoever, then maybe, just maybe the West would have less to be concerned about when it comes to Iran.

    There are no such assurances. Indeed the West has every reason to believe that the Iranian grand ayatollah is as dangerous as Ahmadinejad. The West, America and Israel have every reason be be alarmed with Iran. As distasteful as it is, every Western nation must consider a war option to defang Iran and put themselves on a war footing so that when it comes time to pull the trigger as it were, there will be no hesitation.

    People on this website however have not advocated the invasion of Iran.

    Rather, many on this website have advocated for America bombing the shit out of Iranian strategic targets that will put Iranian radical leadership in a deep dark hole and set Iran’s nuclear, leading power and anti-Western terrorist sponsoring ambitions in the Middle East back so far that Iran will be one less radical Islamic threat any Westerner will have to worry about again.

  7. Yeah — I agree with your comment:
    “Trying to stabilize any area around that part of the world using essentially sociological techniques is like trying to stabilize the Titanic.”
    So, why did so many people on this website advocate the invasion in the first place?

    Its also worth remembering that Ahmadinejad’s firebrand rhetoric has not been matched by the grand ayatollah — his boss, and the guy who controls Iranian foreign policy. The grand ayatollah has repeatedly said he supports the Arab League’s position on Israel (of course, the US media never reports this).

  8. M. Simon,

    I think the gloves are WELDED on. I remarked to someone today that if the gloves had come off right at the start of all this, we wouldn’t be having all this.

    In order to make a point, the Americans and the Israelis, not to mention any other country willing to make a point, have to “go Roman” on their enemies. Problem is that they haven’t really yet openly defined their enemies (I mean that would offend the chattering classes); the US is still trying to “stablilize” the “fledgling Iraqi democracy” as if it were an innocent one-day-old chick. It must be extremely frustrating for the US military.

    Trying to stablize any area around that part of the world using essentially sociological techniques, is like trying to stabilize the Titanic.

  9. Wouldn’t such an all out attack on America and Israel take the gloves off?

    How hard would it be under such circumstances to push the population of Gaza into Egypt? The West bank would be harder. However, it might be left for round II.

    Gaza is now almost totally dependent on Israel for electrical power which has already been reduced 50% by the destruction of the Gaza power plant.

    There would be a spasm of violence. Muslims would be in worse shape in the aftermath.

    A lot of hanging issues would get resolved.

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