Does Iran Dictate US Policy?

By Scott Sullivan, Conservative Voice
[Sullivan has many unorthodox opinions]

Why has the US adopted a strong pro-Iran position on so many issues in the past week? Has the Bush administration briefed Congress on this new US support for the Nazi Ahmadinejad?

First, VP Cheney is opening the World Bank to Iran. In a major victory for Germany and Iran, WB President Paul Wolfowitz is being dismissed at their urging. The US gave way to Iranian and German pressure. This means that Iran can count on US support as it takes over Iraq, in cooperation with the Kurds. With Wolfowitz gone, the World Bank will allow Iran to take over Iraq’s oil sector and to participate in WB projects in Iraq.

Second, even though Iran is having great success with its uranium enrichment programs, according to a just-released IAEA report, US policy on Iran’s nukes “will be unchanged,” says Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns (see Michael Rubin AEI).

Third, Burns is being too modest. In reality, US financial support for Iran via the World Bank is growing in Central Asia as well as Iraq. The World Bank this month announced support for a 7 billion dollar energy project for Iran. This project is called the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline. The World Bank is promoting this multi-billion dollar project even as US officials are threatening to impose mew sanctions on Iran – see today’s Washington Times, front page, “US Urges Sanctions Against Iran.” What a joke! This WB announcement will boost investor confidence in Iran’s economy, which is sinking due to government mismanagement as well as the effects of UN sanctions.

Fourth, in Turkey’s 22 July elections, the Bush administration still favors PM Erdogan, who is pro-Iran, over the secular Turkish political parties. Turkey’s secular parties just brought 1.5 million people to anti- Islamist protests that were ignored by the State Department (again, see Michael Rubin, AEI).

Fifth, emboldened by Iranian support, Iraq’s Kurds are determined to annex Kirkuk in a move that could significantly widen Iraq’s civil war — see USA Today, 16 May 07. The US is doing nothing to dissuade the Kurds from taking Kirkuk.

In short, the USS Titanic is heading directly for the Iranian iceberg. Unfortunately, by supporting Iran, especially in Iraq, the US is backing the losing side. The above milestones indicate the US way to failure and disgrace in the Middle East, beginning in Iraq.

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  1. I believe you are close… Can you say Saudi Arabia? and the Arabs collectively? Our government consistently breaks federal law and allows major companies in our country to break federal law by trading with and bringing oil in from countries that boycott Israel… Definitely not a good situation. But, we do know that we can pray to the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and we know that He will fulfill the many, many prophecies He has made concerning Israel. G-d’s Word is still true: ” I will bless those that bless you [Israel], and curse those who curse you.” – Genesis 12:3.

    a servant of Y’shua, Steven

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