Does Obama prefer Stealth Jihad to violent Jihad

Explain, Mr President: Obama Pulls References to Islam from Terror Training Materials, But Orders Killing of Awlaki

Atlas Shrugs

    “The Obama administration was pulling back all training materials used for the law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups have claimed are offensive.”

How can Obama impose, enforce the blasphemy laws of the sharia (do not criticize, offend of speak truthfully about Islam) and order the killing of Imam Awlaki? Think about that.

Awlaki did not kill anyone. Awlaki was a devout imam who preached the word of the quran.

Banning religious motivation, Islam and jihad has been a cornerstone of this national security policy (i.e. Obama Bans Islam, Jihad From National Security Strategy Document, April 2010) ?but Obama orders the executions of those proselytizing and advancing pure Islam, authentic Islam.

What is this policy? Perhaps he prefers the stealth jihad, and the violent jihad only calls attention to the true nature of Islamic law. Incoherent is a best case scenario explanation on this, but I do not believe that.

On foreign policy, he has aided and abetted the overthrow of secular governments. Libya, like Tunisia and Egypt, is heading toward becoming an Islamic state. His anti-Israel policies have led to the increased isolation of the tiny Jewish state, making it a ripe target for Islamic imperialists and devout Muslims.


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  1. I’m pretty sick of leaders — such as B. Obama AND G. W. Bush — portraying Judeo-Christian America as “religiously neutral”, and portraying our Arab enemies as friends. Americans have not been neutered, and we expect our government to protect us from our enemies instead of coddling them. Obama should certainly not be rewarded with another term, and I will vote for any Republican who runs against him. The Muslims have their own countries, and they are mostly hellholes. They can keep them. America is not an Islamic state, and it’s about time we stopped acting like one.