Don’t destroy Hamas just yet

By Ted Belman

JPOST reports on what Livni recently told US Special Envoy James Jones, Kassams must be dealt with.

    [..] Livni, however, told Jones there was a need to relate to the situation “on the ground right now,” and that “the necessary action to be taken regarding security issues is not only in relation to what will be written in a future agreement.” “The situation in the Gaza Strip must be taken into account in any political process – especially in light of the effects of this process on future security arrangements,” Livni said, according to a statement issued from her office.

    “This is not a territorial issue – we have withdrawn from Gaza, and the rocket attacks continue and intensify,” she said. “A real response must be given to the threats from the Gaza Strip prior to the establishment of a Palestinian state – as long as the Palestinians see Gaza as part of the state they intend to establish. A solution to Israel’s security requirements is not an obstacle to peace, it is a basic condition of any peace agreement.” [..]

Accordingly, in all likelihood the US will approve the IDF reconquering Gaza to render Hamas harmless and powerless thereby eliminating its opposition to peace.

It is for this reason that my preference is not to do this, at least not until there is an election in Israel.

Barak has said he won’t bring down the government until Bush leaves office.

Shas has told its people to prepare for an election before the end of the year.

Palestinian PM Fayyed has warned that there won’t be an agreement this year.

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3 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. I see no ideological difference between hillary and McCain. except McCain is more likely to be in the Saudis back pockets or big oil. I also think Hillary is a tougher guy and once in as President she will be a tougher nut to crack the geriatric corrupt and dumb McCain. Hillary is young enough to want a second term thereby somewhat dampening any overt or real anti Israel policies. McCain if elected will in all likely be a one termer and then he becomes most dangerous for the Jews and Israel At this juncture it doesn’t seem to matter whether a Republican or Democrat get in as both now seem to be going in the same direction albeit with nuances.

  2. The cryptic Livni-Jones press release could mean so many things. All I know is that energy CEO Jones is one of the three generals entrusted with making Annapolis happen, and that Jones’ focus is supposed to be on border creation and helping with bringing in any foreign forces (convenient since he’s ex-NATO commander). With that in mind and their insistence on both a contiguous Palestinian state and for propping up Fatah (arming and training them, ignoring their terrorism, etc), one can only guess what the Livni-Jones ambiguous language means. Personally, I do not at all think Jones has Israel’s interests foremost in mind, but suspect he’s primarily concerned about US oil needs, even if that means sacrificing Israel. I am seriously concerned about the role of Jones in a McCain administration.