“don’t give them jobs.”

Israel National News

]..] Twenty-seven leading rabbis have joined the public call for Jewish Labor, under the motto, “Don’t give them guns, don’t give them tractors,

The motto is an outgrowth of the “Don’t give them guns” rallying cry against then-Prime Ministers Rabin and Peres in the early years of the Oslo Accords. In the framework of the Oslo Accords, Rabin and Peres gave PA Chairman Yasser Arafat land and guns in exchange for promises of peace.

‘Enemy Raising His Head With Physical and Verbal Violence’
Posters hung and distributed at various events, such as Thursday night’s “Circle the Temple Mount Gates” monthly march – in which a record number of 6,000 people took part – explain, “The enemy is raising his head with brazenness, with verbal and physical violence, and with offensiveness to Jewish girls. The enemy is making inroads into our neighborhoods and cities, and we are giving them jobs.”

Cheap Labor is Very Expensive

The rabbis’ petition states:

    “It has again become clear that cheap Arab labor actually costs a very dear price in blood. The murderous tractors driven by Arabs of eastern Jerusalem are just the tip of the iceberg of a national problem that has long become an existential danger.

    “A proper Jewish leadership would act with full force to deter terrorists, their dispatchers, and their supporters, as well as to expel enemies and take all measures to end the bloodshed in the Holy Land. Jewish leadership should also work to encourage Jewish Labor in every field, and to restore the honor of the Jewish worker.

    “But even now, without a proper Jewish leadership, we must act on the individual level to stop supporting the Arab enemy. Each and every one must take at least one corrective step of teshuvah (repentance) to strengthen Jewish Labor and not to support the enemies of Israel…

    “As a first practical step, we call for an end to hiring enemies to work in our houses, an end to purchasing from enemies, and not to directly employ enemies.”

Among the 27 rabbis signed on the call are: Rabbi Yitzchak Ginzburg, Rabbi Meir Mazuz, Rabbi Chaim HaCohen (the Kabbalist rabbi known as the Chalban), Rabbi Yitzchak HaLevy of Karnei Shomron, Rabbi Elyakim Levanon of Elon Moreh, Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, and Rabbi Moshe Tzuriel. Rabbis Yaakov Yosef and Shmuel Eliyahu, both of whom are sons of former Sephardic Chief Rabbis of Israel, are also included.

‘Jews Don’t Run Over Jews’
The event will be preceded with a convoy of tractors and similar vehicles driven by Jews, under the slogan, “Jews don’t run over Jews” – a takeoff on the anti-Disengagement slogan, “Jews don’t expel Jews.”

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  1. Most have been eliminated since the second intifada. Most workers come from East jerusalem who carry Israeli identtity cards a few
    maybe 20- 35 thousand actual west bakers get to work mostly in the building trades some in agriculture both are seasonal or sporadic. This is down from close to a half million at peak. There are still many thousands that slip through the still porous border to work illegally. we still have about half million foreign workers here. Most no Arabs,

  2. Yamit, do you know what became of Sharon’s economic initiative to eliminate Israel’s Palestinian work force by 2008 and replace it with others?

  3. A lot of Jews don’t like Jews either should we send them to Vermont? That said I agree must get rid of all Arabs here and in all of the territories if for no other reason so we won’t have to kill them later.

    REMEMBER: SMOKIE THE BEAR SAID” the life you save may be your own”

  4. the Arabs simply have to leave. They don’t like the Jews, and don’t want to live under the Jews, so they should just go to Syria and Egypt. This all started with the Gibeonites — a bad move then, and a bad move now.

  5. Narvey:

    Surely there are people from other parts of the world that are politically neutral or at least not savagely antisemitic who would be prepared to go to Israel to work if the wages were better then they could get in their home nation.

    We have about 400,000 here now , want some?

  6. Did Sharon’s economic plan to eliminate Israel’s dependence on Arab/Palestinian workers by 2008 get scrapped?

    It seems to me that Israel can and should be attracting other workers to replace Palestinian/Arab workers.

    Apart from vetting them carefully before issuing them work visas, controls could be instituted on these imported workers by issuing conditional work visas, which conditions might be:

    1. Tying the visa to a specific employer;

    2. if the job does not pan out, then allowing the work visitor 1 month or so to find another job;

    3. Having the worker and employer report monthly on the work status of the worker;

    4. The visa would be good for only 1 year, but renewable in the proper case.

    For those in the know, has this been tried? If so, how did it work out?

    Surely there are people from other parts of the world that are politically neutral or at least not savagely antisemitic who would be prepared to go to Israel to work if the wages were better then they could get in their home nation.

  7. Rav Yisrael Arieh was once my mentor in crime and civil disobedience, a true rebbi in the mold of our Great sage R. AKIVA. A hundred more like him and we might have an unstoppable Jewish revolution, in the good sense of the term!!

  8. Sad fact of economics is that the people who run businesses are so focused on making a profit, they are usually unhappy when people call for them to stop hiring people who will accept cheap wages for a job. The comapnies should probably have the Arabs take a pyschological test to see if they are a threat, but Jewish labor should be encouraged among the leaders of industry.