Don’t hold your breath waiting for a letter

By Ted Belman

Israel National News reported yesterday that no letter will be forthcoming from Obama. It argues that the US pulled a bait and switch on Netanyahu.

It may also be that the US changed her mind when she learned that the PA would reject the deal.

November 25, 2010 | 3 Comments »

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. The freeze has thawed?

    The press in Israel, and even more so the Israeli people, do not really know what is going on inside their “democratic, elected” government. So there are always leaks, rumors, and misleading statements coming from government sources which are reported as “real news” one day only to disappear from view the next.

    So today we hear that Clinton and Netanyahu agreed on a freeze deal, and Netanyahu went back to Israel to present it to his cabinet. Only Secretary of State Clinton was not bargaining in the name of Obama. It was without his knowledge, and he vetoed it when he heard of it.

    That’s possible. Another scenario is that Clinton and Obama both originally approved of a freeze which formally excluded east Jerusalem, but with the understanding that Jewish Israel would not in fact build in Jewish east Jerusalem during the freeze, and that would be communicated verbally to the muslims.

    But the muslims would not agree to a written “no freeze” in east Jerusalem, even if there actually was a freeze. So it was the muslims who vetoed the deal, but of course, Clinton and Obama will blame Jewish Israel.

    Clinton has been hailed as a “great Secretary of State”, always with no mention of her successes. And when you look at America versus Iran, Afghanistian, North Korea, China, Russia, Arab-Israelis, etc., you have to wonder “if she is a “great” Secretary of State, how much worse America would be if she were a “lousy” one?”