Down Goes CNN – Who’s Next?

There seems to be an awakening of the public to media distortions. What is the next step?

Jack Engelhard, INN

The ratings are not good over there at CNN. The network’s honchos are so desperate that there’s talk they may, in part, switch to Reality TV.

What’s next? I suppose it’s The Housewives of Ramallah, starring Hanan Ashrawi. This was CNN’s sweetheart and Yasser Arafat’s mouthpiece when there was yet another suicide bombing and SOMEONE had to explain why murdering Jews was so necessary. Miss Ashrawi was no more than a phone call away and always helpful to CNN.

On top of it all, the latest has it that CNN’s top foreign affairs commentator, Fareed Zakaria, was (allegedly) caught plagiarizing and got himself suspended.

Before that it was Eason Jordan who confessed in a New York Times Op-Ed that as head of News, he withheld news about Saddam’s atrocities so that his reporters could continue to function in Baghdad. (Another case of “half the news that’s fit to print.”)

Speaking of The New York Times and “half the news that’s fit to print,” well, the paper of record is on record as losing millions every month and sometime back had to go to Mexico to beg for money – but is still losing money as, apparently, this ship is being abandoned except for the rats who still get a thrill up their legs when Obama speaks.

UK’s Guardian is being exposed and even ridiculed for flagrant bias against Israel and Steven Plaut (and Arutz Sheva) has finally got the world to understand that Haaretz is a Palestinian/Arab newspaper published in Hebrew.

Meantime, this is the season when PBS and NPR go panhandling for more funds, but the money is not coming in as swiftly as it used to because (is this possible?) even liberal Jews have some smarts. (Don’t quote me on this.)

Get the drift? The colossus that was called mainstream news media, as in America-hating /Israel-bashing journalism, is being cut down to size. People are catching on to the deceptions that characterize most of our traditional news organizations – and work with me when I say that a misinformed public is the greatest danger we face.

This is why I dare not say that you can’t fool all the people all the time. Here in the USA we’ve been fooled for more than three years…and come November we shall see if this persists, this madness when we fell for this dreamer of dreams.

So we’re not safe yet from media distortions that imperil us day to day…such as the lie that appears on Page 1 in our mainstream media and the truth that is buried on Page 36.

Here’s the good news. The hard left makes up only about 10 percent of the population here and in Israel. (Go argue, but this is my personal estimation.)

Here’s the bad news. The hard left still controls just about everything. (Do you really expect Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor to ever rule against their prophet who selected them for the Supreme Court?)

Somewhere out there in a galaxy far away the Bob Simon-Tom Friedman-Paul Krugman Axis still exists and the scheming never ends. Do you remember how Bob Simon trapped Ambassador Michael Oren?

Do you remember how Paul Krugman wrote that he was afraid to speak up against Israel because of the Jewish backlash? What? He was afraid that he’d get captured and beheaded by my dentist?

Do you remember how Tom Friedman said that Bibi’s standing ovation in Congress was “bought and for by the Israel lobby?”

So who paid for that nincompoop’s THREE Pulitzer Prizes?

CNN may be down, but truthful journalism can succeed only if we demand nothing less.

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. The HARD LEFT makes up about 10% of the population (Hard left = actual leaders.) but the percentage of IDIOTS who will follow the piper off the cliff are many. There are about as many IDIOTS on the right, maybe more, that sit around allowing the homosexuals and other special interest groups shove their agendas right down our throats. I AM TIRE OF THIS CRAP. I AM TIRED OF THE POLITICALLY CORRECT in this country. I am tired of walking on egg shells because a QUEER stood up at my boy scout meeting and DEMANDED to be part of the assembly and that all present should know that person is homosexual and ACCEPT IT! The word “NIGGER” is a vile, nasty, degrading word that SHOULD NEVER BE USED! Guess what? The BLACKS use it all the time but the WHITES better not! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS BULLSHIT! It is changing a little and I hope it continues to change. I HOPE ALL THE LIBERAL NEWS MEDIA OUTLETS GO BELLY UP! I do not watch any of them. The only time I know what is happening on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC is when someone tells me about it. SO, IF IT WERE LEFT UP TO ME, THEY WOULD ALREADY BE TELLING THE TRUTH OR BE OUT OF BUSINESS…

  2. The far left will be brutally dishonest. Their blue print is communism 1.0.1.
    Time after time they use the color of the skin of the Pr. to shut people off.
    Shame on them.

  3. I agree that the hard-left makes something around 10% of the population and that they control key positions in the media and judiciary system. They are powerful because they have a very effective tool: the capacicity of convinving others using lies, full lies, half lies… They are quite skillful in propaganda techniques and they form a kind of international fraternity… The hard left of USA, Israel, UK, France, Brazil, etc. are united, one supports each other… They will never give any chance (to interview) to someone with different ideas, they are united ideologically… They will never invite, for instance, a Daniel Pipes in CNN, BBC or Globonews… for a debate…
    As in Israel Supreme Court the retiring bolchevik will indicate another bolchevik for successor