Dr. Peter McCullough latest speech at the European Parliament

Calling to ban immediately ALL mRNA poison shots and a call to ALL countries of the world to leave the World “Health” Organization

By URI WEISS  Sept 18, 2023


Dr. Peter McCullough is laying out in this speech the modus operandi of the cartel led by the Gates foundation which is the main sponsor of the criminal enterprise called the World “Health” Organization. The entire PLAN-DEMIC was meant to bring about the poisonous vaccines to bring death and injury to humanity.

Dr. Peter McCullough is discussing the modes these mRNA so called vaccines are killing and maiming people. There is overwhelming evidence that most deaths and injuries are due to the genocidal mRNA bio weapons until proven otherwise.

Finally a call to remove all these poison shots from the market worldwide. These injections were developed by psychopaths who hate people and fear people, with the clear intent to destroy humanity. Finally Dr. Peter McCullough ends up his speech with a call to every country in the world to withdraw from the Crime Syndicate called the World “Health” Organization.

Please share widely Dr. Peter McCullough message to the world. In my view this PLAN-DEMIC was by far the worst crime against humanity ever perpetrated on mankind, by the most dangerous psychopaths to ever walk the grounds of this planet. They now intend to finish the job with Climate legislation which will bring more poverty, starvation and as a result widespread disease to achieve more death and injuries.

Viruses do not cause worldwide pandemics. Poverty, lack of sanitation, poor nutrition, fear and despair do. We must do it for the sake of our children and grandchildren and for the future of humanity. RESIST, DEFY, DO NOT COMPLY EVER WITH DICTATES OF CRIMINALS.

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  1. I sent Peloni’s comment to the person whose comment I posted. She replied.

    I agree with you that I am not acquainted with all of the clinical data on mRNA trials. Some were well done and thorough but some were sloppy and included data that were not rigorous. Results were lumped together including data from unmatched age groups, socio-economic classes or ethnic backgrounds. Only data collected from groups including matched individuals with respect to age and general health may be be used to evaluate safety and efficacy. Regulations for clinical trials are very strict and the control groups must be rigorously matched to experimental groups.

    Causation and correlation are not interchangeable. Members of large experimental groups will invariably contain individuals who suffer from illnesses unrelated to the drug being evaluated. For example, groups with large numbers of the elderly individuals will include many more individuals with heart attacks during the trial than an otherwise similar group composed of younger people. Illnesses in the older group are not necessarily caused by the drug or vaccine being tested. These individuals would have suffered from the illnesses even without taking the drug or vaccine.

    Illnesses in people in who participate in clinical trials must be listed even when the drug being evaluated is not implicated. That is evidently what happened in the trials you refer to. These are merely correlations – not evidence of causality.

    Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a double stranded molecule that codes for proteins while ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a single stranded molecule that is derived from DNA. There is no reason that vaccines prepared from RNA are different from those made from DNA. There seems to be some hysteria about vaccines made with RNA as a template. Messenger RNA (mRNA) is derived from DNA. I don’t understand why some people think that vaccines using mRNA are more dangerous than those made from DNA. mRNA is simply easier to handle. The vaccines are completely equivalent.

    People tend to be skeptical of new technologies. I remember when gene editing, so-called genetic engineering, was first introduced to the general public. The company that I was working for, Cetus Corporation, was based in Berkeley and the
    city passed an ordinance banning genetic engineering in Berkeley. Cetus simply moved to Emeryville which is the neighboring city. Of course the University of California, based in Berkeley, still developed genetic engineering in the genetics and microbiology departments. It was laughable.

  2. @Michael

    I don’t think I would have been quite so nice.

    This is one of the most important fights which faces the world today, so if you believe I was overly polite, understand that it is necessary to engage the people who disagree with you if you have any hope or desire of sharing what you know of this medical scam with them. The indoctrination is extremely consistent and until Musk took over Twitter, the vaccine addicts/advocates had only themselves with whom to talk these matters thru. Some will never be woken from their stupor, just as some of them are already well awake and aware of everything you could relate. But there are others who know, deep in their core, that something is not right with all that they have witnessed over the past few years, and the dystopic nature of their surroundings only grow greater with every passing day, just as it’s realization grows more difficult to keep submerged with every passing hour. These are the people who will be receptive to hearing the facts, and having heard them they can explore them further on their own. It is an important task, and one which I think merits each of us trying our best to pursue…and to do this, it does require a certain level of hospitality and professional courteousy, while knowing that people are dying every day due to the well baked ignorance which we might otherwise choose openly condemn. Or so I believe in any event.

  3. Hi, Peloni

    You were mighty polite to that feller, who is promoting the murder of young people. I don’t think I would have been quite so nice.

    Concerning credentials, Mcullough, Malone, Risch et al certainly have them — including a Nobel Prize in virology.Yet the medical community, true a-holes like the one who emailed Ted, not only refuse to hear out these notables, they conspire to try to censor and suppress them. They do all this, in order to literally kill children for fun and profit.

    I ought to mention “Doctor” Fauci, who claims, literally, to personally embody “The Science” while having ZERO experience personally dealing with victims of both the manufactured virus and its fake “vaccines”, all the while insulting genuinely knowledgeable doctors, nurses and others, in the thousands, who daily had to face this misery.

    As I said, I don’t think I would have been as nice as you when dealing with this highly mal-educated miscreant. Maybe I’ve just seen too many deaths, these past couple years, of loved ones — knowing that some of them might have been hastened to the grave by the death jab.

  4. @Ted
    In response to the email:

    mRNA shots are safe and effective.

    Your credentials are quite impressive, but, with no disrespect to your background or knowledge intended, so too are those held by many who have been in a position to oversee the calamity which has been characterized by McCullough and others as being criminally complicit. Also the number of degrees and certifications awarded to McCullough and Malone is likewise as overwhelming as your own. So, with all due respect to all parties, rather than discussing degrees as the foundation upon which any conclusions might be made, let us look instead at some facts and data which should inform the respective opinions of these toxic shots.

    To this point, I am curious to know what data you are referencing when making the statement that these shots are safe and effective. Is it perhaps the studies conducted back in 2020 when Pfizer’s trial was shown to have been rife with fraud and still demonstrated a result which was not statistically different from that gained among the placebo? Or was in in the six month trial followup which was unceremoniously and unethically truncated to four months which showed that the absolute number of deaths due to heart attacks was greater among the ‘vaccinated’ than among the placebo group? Perhaps instead you are basing your conclusions on the VAERS data which demonstrates a greater number of injuries following the deployment of the shots in the first year than during all vaccine trials going back to when such data was collected some 30+ years ago? Or is your report based upon the data collected where the people getting ill during the first 2 week were shifted into the unvaccinated column, knowing full well that 80% of all injuries developed within the first week of being ‘vaccinated’. Or is your conclusion based upon the use of retrospective studies which were conducted using data from the period when vaccine injuries were assumed to be safe and effective and thereby skewed any value of this data, while understanding that retrospective studies are not conclusive for demonstrating safety, but should instead be used to seek out apparent safety anomalies as if from a 30,000 foot viewpoint. I am sure it is not the toxic aspects of the LNP which leads you to your views, but how could we know when all you shared is your opinion and list of degrees, which again are quite impressive but hardly conclusive to the discussion at hand.

    Without a frame of reference upon which to understand your support for these toxic shots, we could talk all day about the evidence of harm and efficacious failures without touching on what informs your high opinion of these products. In fact, it could be, and I hope that it is, upon something altogether different than the topics I have raised here to gain your good support of these dangerous experimental countermeasures.

    I would enjoy furthering this discussion with you, so do take the time and let us know from what vantage point you find merit of the safe and effective mantra as being relevantly relevant to these countermeasures which were in fact the product of a bio-weapons project.

  5. Email rec’d:

    I am a microbiologist and geneticist. I have graduate degrees from UC Berkeley in microbiology, epidemiology and genetics. I have worked in the field of vaccinations for over 40 years.

    You are mistaken. mRNA shots are safe and effective. Please do not disseminate nonsense like this. You do not know what you are writing about.

  6. McCullough’s testimony before the EU Parliament was a devastating report describing the war being perpetrated thru medical malpractice with a bio-weapon being deployed by the world’s govts against an unsuspecting and uninformed respective public by a collective of criminally complicit psychopaths and incompetents. I urge everyone to watch this and share this widely. There must be an accounting for this brutal onslaught,, and we must not stop fighting til this is finally achieved.