ECI calls for comprehensive re-education program in Gaza

European Coalition for Israel Press Release

Brussels, November 17th, 2023 – “The largest pogrom after the Shoah did not happen in a vacuum. It was the culmination of more than thirty years of incitement to violence and a systematic indoctrination of young Palestinians to hate Jews,” said ECI Founding Director Tomas Sandell in the European Report which was recorded in the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday.

Sandell went on to say that “this indoctrination was allowed to continue while the European Union remained the largest institutional donor both of the Palestinian Authority and UNWRA. Once the dust has settled after the current war in Gaza the EU has a major responsibility to rebuild Gaza by re-training its population to live in coexistence and peace with its Israeli neighbours. This commitment also includes the current school system in the Palestinian territories governed by Fatah. This process of lifelong learning needs to start already in the Palestinian kindergartens and continue throughout the education system. There is no prospect for peace while young people are brought up to hate.”

In the program co-panellist, Austrian MEP Lukas Mandl noted that the massacre on October 7th was not an isolated regional intrusion but part of a global strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its proxies to fuel tension and hatred around the world. “This role of global Islamism can also be seen in the anti-Israeli marches which are taking place around the world,” he noted.

Mandl concluded by saying that “while Israel is fighting an existential war, this battle involves all nations who reject antisemitism, terrorism and global Islamism.”

The European report is the monthly talk show of the European Coalition for Israel and is recorded in the European Parliament in Brussels. This month’s edition was moderated by Belgian journalist Yossi Lempkowicz.

Watch the latest European Report here.

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  1. @Adam Speculative but it is a dead certainty that their continued presence represents an immediate existential threat.

  2. @EvRe1

    The re-education program is needed primarily in the Western countries

    Quite accurately stated. Notably, UNWRA acting as the Pal propaganda vehicle, is arguably the principle driver of Western support for a society and value system with which they have no honest understanding or connection. Hence, ending UNWRA will seriously reform the Western support system for the Pals, crippling the subversive Western funding of anti-Western teachings. UNWRA is a cancer which seems to extend its Pro Pal grip in many ways. The importance of its eradication can not be overemphasized, or so I would suggest.

  3. I agree “in principle” that evicting the Palestinians who hate Israel and are determined to wage war on it, or at least to support those who do wage war on it,,
    while finding new homes for them in er countries,would be a just and effective solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict If it could be implemented.t could be implemented. And that is the problem. If Israel were to attempt to implement this solution voluntarily, it would bring the full weight of the :international community” on it. Probably the Security Council would mobilize an large “peacekeeping,” or even “peacemaking” force to “protect” the Palestinians and attack Israel.. If the Security Council is unable to agree on mobilizing such a force, the U.S. and Britain would undertake it unilaterally, just as they did 2003 in Iraq.

    You might object that public opinion in the United States is pro-Israel. However, there are many indications that that support has eroded in recent years, while sympathy for the “Palesinian has increased, at least to some degree. But be that as it may, sympathy for Israel in the English-speaking countries would collapse if the media were to show large boadloads of Arabs, guarded by Israeli soldiers, wandering around the Mediteranian with no place to land and no country willing to let them in. Under these circumstatances, the American and British people would easily be persuaded to send in military forces to destroy the IDF and occupy the country. Perhaps there would eveb be an attempt to revive the British “mandate” regime.

    In spite of th “international community’s support for Israel, no country, and certainly no Muslim country, would be willing to admit large numbers of Palestinians. becase they are incorrigible troublemakers wherever they go. Few nations will fail to remember how they turned on their Kuwaiti hosts and joined wity the invading army of Saddam Hussein in 1993 to murder, rape and kidnap Kuwaitis and burn down their oil wells, which were the countries only source of income and foreign exchange. I think these horrifi events are sufficiently well known to the “International community” that no country will agree to take in substantial number of Palestinian regugees or immigrants.

  4. For twenty years they’ve been fed on hatred for us, they can’t come back among us. Their children weren’t born here, they were born in the camps, and the only thing they know is that they must kill Israelis, destroy Israel. We found arithmetic books in the Gaza schools that put problems like this:”You have five Israelis. You kill three of them. How many Israelis are left to be killed?” When you teach such things to children of seven or eight, there’s no more hope. Oh, it would be a great misfortune if there were no other solution for the them but to return here. But there is a solution. It was demonstrated by the Jordanians when they gave them citizenship and called on them to build a country called Jordan. Yes, what Abdullah and Hussein did was much better than what the Egyptians did. But did you know that in the good old days in Jordan, Palestinians were holding office as prime minister and foreign minister? Did you know that after the partition of 1922, Jordan had only three hundred thousand Bedouin and that Palestinian refugees were in the majority? Why didn’t they accept Jordan as thei country, why…”

    Interview with Golda Meir in “Interview with History” by Orianna Fallaci. Boston. 1976. p. 104-5

  5. So preaching at Islamo-Nazis is going to change their minds? Witness the spectacular failure of Holocaust Education in the West.

  6. The re-education program is needed primarily in the Western countries, first with progressives and then with all Western political leaders. The Western political elites are financing and supporting the concept that the Palestinians are victims of Israel the colonizer and illegal occupier. They need to learn it is exactly the opposite.

    I do not think the Palestinian problem will be solved by education for the Palestinians. Ever.

    I believe it can only be solved by life imprisonment for those who murder Jews, and deportation for those who teach children to murder Jews, and for those whose goal in life is murdering Jews.

    The Palestinians are illegally occupying land that is not theirs. It is Israel’s. It is the land of the Jewish state. They have refused to accept land or a state of their own, therefore they should leave the land permanently.

    If you accept that people who want to murder Jews have a right to live in Israel, you are saying you don’t care if Jews are murdered. You are supporting genocide.

    This re-education must occur in the West.
    Then imprisonment and/or deportation of genocidal Palestinians.

    Muslims who want to live in Israel, serve in the armed forces, and who will work to protect the lives of all their fellow citizens including Jews can stay in Israel.

    There can be no future for a Jewish State if it includes people who want to abolish it.

    I can’t believe we have to say this, as it should be COMPLETELY OBVIOUS.

    This is the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

  7. “The largest pogrom after the Shoah …. … was the culmination of more than thirty years of incitement”

    Well, only partially, because there were pogroms before. Hebron 1929, Bagdad 1941, in Egypt in 1945, In Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Libya in 1947 hundreds of Jews were murdered and wounded…

    But so were Jews murdered in many Arab countries in the 19th century, and whole the way back to 11th century in Spain and Morocco….

    So certainly not because of UNRWA and anti-Israeli indoctrination.

  8. The conflict cannot be solved through re-education.
    Pals will always hate Jews because collectively they are inferior.
    This is also the reason why the problem with Muslims cannot be solved in England, France and Germany and other civilized countries.

    Muslims learn that they are superior spiritually. They have the truth, and everyone else lives in darkness. Therefore, when facing the reality that others are more successful than them, they can only conceptualize it as others have stolen from them.

    It is impossible for them to accept that their muslim population cannot produce as good as society as Western societies. In addition to Islam, the average Arab IQ is significantly lower than the Jewish. This, too collectively translates to many times lower income. Inferiority results in envy and hatred.

  9. The systematic and systemic blood libels which UNWRA uses to exacerbate the Pals misery and miserable existence as it is leveraged towards exclusively killing Jews must be ended. It is an important revelation that Bibi has made the case for education reform in Gaza, but he and the ECI must be more direct in what must be achieved. The UN founded, US and EU supported terrorist factory known as UNWRA must be be ripped, root, stem and twig, from its current position, where it dominates and directs the Pals toward their Shahadin future in pursuit of Jewish massacres. Also, the false narratives feeding the public across all of Arabia, including among Israel’s peace partners and hopeful peace partners, must be ended. The antisemitic propaganda has been fed to the Arab public, and like table salt it has been added to every aspect of Arab societies for the exclusive purpose of killing more Jews. The single act of eliminating the antisemitic teachings which feed the anti-Israel obsessions of the Arab public will significantly change the dynamic in which the Middle East currently exists, and this should have been done 70yrs ago when the UN instead created an international agency whose only purpose was to exacerbate the conflict between Israel and her her neighbors in perpetuity.