Egypt has quietly supported the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip.

LONDON [MENL] — Egypt has quietly supported the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip.

Western intelligence sources said Egypt cooperated with Hamas in allowing shipments of weapons, munitions and explosives that facilitated the Islamic takeover of the Gaza Strip last week. The sources said Egypt concluded that a Hamas takeover would halt or reduce insurgency infiltration in the Sinai Peninsula.

[Spiegel Online sees it differently]

“The Egyptians were in the picture as early as several weeks ago,” an intelligence source said. “[Hamas leader Khaled] Masha’al discussed the Fatah strategic threat and said Hamas would stop [Fatah security chief Mohammed] Dahlan at any cost.”

In a recent telephone conversation with Egyptian intelligence chief Gen. Omar Suleiman, Masha’al said Dahlan and his allies were working with Al Qaida-aligned groups to undermine Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The sources quoted Masha’al as saying that Fatah was allowing Al Qaida to infiltrate the Sinai Peninsula to facilitate attacks on the regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. Little off-the-wall, are we, zionsake? If Bibi Netanyahu were PM, things would clearly change markedly. There are varying views as to whether favorably or not, but either way,I don’t think it would be Satan’s doing.

    And some of my best friends have been half-naked girls! To start with, anyway..

  2. Satan is the cleverest (vs. dumb) of them all, just below Israel’s God, but does that make him any good? All he is about, is what he wants to achieve, of which to destroy Israel and the Jews because it will show that Israel’s God cannot keep his eternal covenant with them. It will also prevent Messiah to rule from Jerusalem!

    Satan’s most ardent supporters in achieving this goal are Israel’s anti-Jew, pro-multi-culture, rulers. Look where their support lies: Olmert’s daughter supporting this queer (as in freak) parade in Jerusalem, the Tourism Ministry using a gay theme to promote tourism of young people to Jerusalem, Israel’s Consulate in the USA using half naked ex-IDF girls in a promotion, etc.

  3. hmm. Well,let us say that his track record both as PM and as Israeli lawyer,Knesset member emphasizing “social justice” and as all-arounnd government bureaucrat,does not cause one to have great confidence in him.

  4. usasteve: you called my bluff!

    The situation is very complex and right now the pundits are all contradicting each other.

    My theory (and that’s all it is) is based on Omelet being Sharon’s 2IC and the fact that any long term plan will of necessity, appear vague and unfocussed.

    In such a scenario, no-one can accurately predict an exact course of events. The idealists (most on this board) will rail against every move that does not fit their ideology but the reality is that the leader of any country has a vast array of competing issues with which to deal. The results are never optimal.

    In short, it’s just possible that Olmert is not as dumb as I look.

  5. I will call this summit -SEINFELD ( it is about nothing) Of all of the leaders Olmert looks to be the strongest and for a change in the strongest position.

  6. The fact is no-one knows what’s going on at all. It’s really up to Israel to find a way to use this to its advantage. On the face of it, Olmert is totally incapable of doing that but there’s a case that he may be a lot smarter than he seems.

  7. The problem with signing peace treaties with liars is that they are not worth the paper they are written on. Egypt has a cold peace with Israel which in reality has Egypt doing everything possible to undermine Israel short of using their own Egyptian soldiers to kill Israelis. Egypt does, however, use Fatah, Hamas, Al Qaeda or anyone else willing to do their dirty work without getting into a direct conflict with Israel.

    The Sinai was no small piece of land Israel exchanged for the kind of non-peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. If the Egyptians do not want to recognize borders and uphold the promises made to make sure that weapons and terrorists are not allowed to cross back and forth between Egypt and Gaza, then maybe they would like to give the Sinai back so Israel can protect herself against terrorism.

    Using labels such as Hamas, Fatah, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, etc, is misleading, confusing and meaningless because, as Sharon once said, “there is but one terrorist.”

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