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  1. Barak said nothing new, he virtually admits he is a subversive agent of the American administration and an ass kisser of Obama. he devoted a quarter of his speech to defense and geopolitical issues and still believes Turkey can be brought back to a status quo ante if we grovel and kiss their asses as well.

    2/3rd of the speech dealt with social and political Israeli issues and here he spoke more like a politician rather than the current Israeli DM.

    I personally consider him as an ambitious sociopath with psychopathic insensitivity to anything or anyone who gets in his way and or disagrees with his POV. He is mostly hated and disrespected by all sides of the Israeli society and has hung his political life to BB’s.

    The daring duo of BB and Barak I liken to Bat-Man and Robin. The overriding question however is, which one of the two is Bat-Man and which is Robin?