Ehud Barak: ‘Protests must increase and become civil rebellion’

At protest against judicial reform, former PM Ehud Barak calls for ‘nonviolent’ civil rebellion. ‘We are determined, we will win.’

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak on Saturday night urged those attending protests against the judicial reform to up the ante.

Speaking at a protest in Haifa, Barak said, “We will win, because we have no other land, and we have no other way. We are determined, and we will save the democracy. We are from all sectors of Israeli society: Arabs, Jews, secular, religious, and traditional, we are all one family. The family of the rule of law and democracy. We are in a battle for the soul and the future of Israel. It will not be easy, and it will not be short, but we are fighting as one family for everything that is dear to us, and we will win.”

Barak added, “We are determined, and we will save the democracy. The police reform was stopped at the ninetieth minute, by you, by the strength of the protest in the street and the warnings of the pilots and fighters. On the night [Defense Minister Yoav] Gallant was fired, [Israei Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanuyahu folded, and we won the battle. Netanyahu understands that if he tries again to legislate the law of judges and judged, he will meet an iron wall.”

“But we have not yet won the battle,” Barak said. “The ones conducting the reform have not given up. They have the same goal, just a different method. Netanyahu was and is in need of time, at any cost. In order to pass a budget, to calm the winds at home, to receive an invitation to the White House, and above all, to dissolve and weaken the protest. My conclusion: This is not the time to take a break. We must not err with illusions: We must increase the protest and end the negotiations immediately.”

“To this end, the protest must increase and move to civil rebellion. Nonviolent disobedience. The script for civil rebellion has already been written by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and others. I call on all Israeli civilians to prepare to act, and when the call comes – answer it. We will fight, and we will not fear anyone or anything.”

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  1. Barak was one of the “advisers” of PM Menahem Begin at the Camp David meetings with Saadat. He acted according to his post-Zionist ideology already then. He said recently that he has no Jewish cultural background. That explains why his advice is always against the Jewish interest. He is a Halachic Jew, a cultural alien.