ELECTION INTEGRITY: Beware the ‘Long Count’

By Jonathan Gault, AM THINKER

Image: Counting mail-in ballots. YouTube screen grab.

The foundation of a free society is, of course, self-government, and the foundation of self-government is when the citizens of that society, via the electoral process, choose who governs them. Therefore, it is essential not only for elections to be fair and competitive but, more importantly, that there is a perception that they are fair. In the United States, this is no longer the case, but the Supreme Court has cleared the path for eradicating the worst fraud and changing the perception.

Both elected officials and unelected bureaucrats often refuse to maintain voter rolls properly while suggesting that non-citizens be permitted to vote. Tech oligarchs pump hundreds of millions of dollars into cities to purposely muddle the election process as they “manage” public opinion via censorship, half-truths, and (their favorite) “misinformation,” meaning any charade they themselves don’t believe.

To any rational observer, these are obvious distortions of the process, and they destroy the perception of fairness upon which rests the willingness of those in the losing camp to accept the results.  Therefore, when Democrats use positions of power to erase the perception of election fairness, they are essentially expressing their consent to destroying our Republican system.

We need little data to analyze the results of the 2020 Presidential election and the 2022 Arizona Gubernatorial election. We have been so propagandized that it is as easily recalled by Americans as Mao’s little red book is for the Chinese.


Though barely campaigning, unable to speak, and drawing massive crowds, measured in dozens, waving to nobody, on the rare occasions when he was able to muster the energy to leave his basement, Joe Biden remarkably received the most votes of any candidate in US history. However, his historic popularity notwithstanding, his debatable victory nevertheless still required eking out miraculously close races in the hyper-partisan Democrat strongholds of Atlanta, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, each of which employed the Long Count.

The Long Count is defined as counting votes well past election day. Long Counts took place in these cities (and others) because, said the Democrats, “every vote must be counted,” even though, in many jurisdictions, early voting was available for months prior to election day on November 3, 2020.

Even with modern technology, for some reason, 21st-century Americans are unable to count votes, even over a period of two months, so we now also count votes well past election day. Therein lies the rub… However, considering that we are dealing with modern-day Bolsheviks, for whom, in their quest for unbridled power, the end justifies the means, there may still be hope.

There are numerous explanations rationalizing the leftist zeal for mail-in voting. One is most certainly to capture the dead vote. It is common knowledge that, once deceased, even lifelong Republicans flip to Democrat upon entering the grave. Another is to capture the “almost dead” vote. Those in end-of-life care are certainly entitled to vote, but they mustn’t be included if no longer lucid (as, for example, our titular head of state).

Yet another is to “enfranchise the disenfranchised,” postulating that minorities who are able to acquire driver’s licenses, get to work, catch flights, make doctor’s appointments, etc., are somehow incapable of figuring out how to vote. More useful is harvesting as many unclaimed mail-in ballots as possible. These tend to go Democrat because the “bag men” executing the fraud understand that their “elected” representatives will not enforce voter fraud laws against the co-conspirators who keep them in power.

The aforementioned notwithstanding, the real reason for mail-in voting enthusiasm is that it creates chaos, and as the events of the past four years have shown, chaos is the Bolshevik goal, and the perception of chaos is all that is needed.

My goodness! How can all that paper possibly be counted by election day? If “every vote must be counted,” the final tally must extend long after the election has concluded until ballots cease to arrive. Two weeks, six weeks, “whatever it takes.”

This drive for chaos also explains why leftists despise in-person voting. When voting in person, the votes are tallied in real-time, the polls close at the pre-appointed time, and the tallies are certified by representatives from each party and transmitted to “election central” before the end of election day. There is no Long Count. And therefore, the “bogey” cannot be identified.


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  1. Having a government of the people, by the people, and for the people is what America is all about. Those aren’t just words, folks. If we don’t have that, we have nothing…only what our masters feel like giving us. Many of our wars (alas, not all), where brave Americans gave their lives, were to protect our freedom, embodied in representative democracy. Did all of those men (and women) sacrifice themselves to have our freedoms stolen by a bunch of corrupt politicians? Hmmm. Maybe more blood needs to be shed.

    On a more mundane level, election fraud will continue until 1) the issuance and processing of ballots is strictly controlled and 2) cheating (at all levels) is treated as a serious crime, and is ruthlessly enforced.