‘Enough is enough” is just not enough

T. Belman. Trump must be credited with moving mountains. What he accomplished with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states is unprecedented. They are actually making moves to cut down on terror funding. Also they will begin to normalize with Israel. Trump has made a point of calling for a war against the terrorists and their ideology. He even went so far as to actually call the terrorists “radical Islamic terrorists.” But what he has not done is identify what the ideology is. It is Jihad in pursuit of Islamic supremacy. If he named it, he would have to wage war against it and that would put him at war with Islam. That he is not prepared to do. It is one thing to get the Arab countries to stop supporting terror, it is another thing to get them to disown Jihad and supremacy.

He has yet to identify the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization even though Egypt and Saudi Arabia have done so. And he has not outlawed the preaching or teaching of Wahhabism around the world including in the Saudi financed mosques in the US. I guess its a matter of first things first. I think his failure to move the embassy was another such casualty.

West are inspired by an Islamist ideology, Western leaders are loathe to acknowledge that fact openly.


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Enough is enough.”

British Prime Minister Teresa May’s battle cry to get tougher on terrorism in the UK in the wake of the recent London attacks was less than stirring, but in this topsy turvy world of ours, her comment was singular for, well, saying something more than nothing.

During the past few years, as terrorist attacks on civilians in Europe and elsewhere have become [dare I say] common, we have grown accustomed as well to the formulaic, flaccid responses of political leaders.

“Keep calm, carry on; we will not be defeated.”

Whereas most significant terrorist attacks in the West are inspired by an Islamist ideology, Western leaders are loathe to acknowledge that fact openly.

Why? It’s not that they have an aversion to facts. There is typically a rush, post-attack, for presidents and prime ministers to declare, emphatically, that even if the terrorists self-identify with a particular organization, like, say, Islamic State (ISIS) or the Muslim Brotherhood, that they only represent a teeny tiny fraction of the Muslim population in the West, or anywhere, for that matter.

Teresa May did it. They all do it. And, you have to ask, where is this vigorously asserted fact from? Is it what they wish to believe? What it is politically correct to believe? Or is it, in fact, a fact? On what information is this fact based? This core fact that defines policy.

I have no idea what this fact is based on. I have yet to see any serious study, or any study, for that matter, consider this issue.

However, I suspect that neither May nor any world leader can shed much light on this.

And I suggest that if the pace of Islamist terrorism keeps up in the West, the public’s patience with politically correct platitudes will wear thin. Very, very thin. Very, very quickly.

We hear much about moderate Muslims living in the West, but see and hear almost nothing from them in the way of protest, or even comment.

Where are the op-eds? Where are the street marches of tens and hundreds of thousands? There is a huge Muslim community in the UK. Millions strong. Aside from a few very moving incidents: an imam paying respects at a memorial site in Manchester with an elderly Holocaust survivor; a photo of a group of 10 or so Muslim women, clustered together in a close-up shot apparently in London, in hijab, looking sombre; another photo post-Manchester of a group of about 15-20 Muslims from “all over” the UK protesting the ISIS-inspired massacre of little girls at a pop concert, I ask: where is the rage? Why is this overwhelming majority silent? In so questioning, not for a moment do I suggest that the Muslim community should protest as a separate social entity. But it is important, perhaps more so now, that they openly and clearly express their outrage at this growing scourge. It is important that the moderate Muslim community tell its compatriots, and the world, that it deplores Islamist terrorism and joins with civil society in combating it.

Western leaders love to attribute Islamist terrorism to “lone wolves,” or those with mental health issues.

Enough. Is really. Enough.

These “isolated actors” are anything but. They are inspired by activists in their locale and online. They most often work in small cells with collaborators. Their actions are proudly owned by ISIS, or others of that ilk. And they are, we know, supported by state actors. Pick your poison: Iran. Qatar. Some might even include Turkey. Each one of these countries has their pet terrorist project(s). We have the very recent spectacle of Qatar being isolated diplomatically and economically by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and others. Why? For supporting ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Newsflash: the more predictable nation-state world order that prevailed in previous decades has been disrupted.

And we, in the West, are in a politically correct deep freeze, incapable of acting, because we might offend.

Who? Who are we so afraid of offending? How many more car rammings and concert bombings and pub stabbings must we endure until we understand? In the hand-wringing that invariably follows a terrorist attack in the West, there has been much discussion in the UK about how to bolster security, for example, without compromising privacy rights.

Privacy is a relatively new obsession, spurred by Snowden, the digital world and enhanced commerce which thrives on individual information. But, seriously.

Privacy is a privilege. And if we really value personal privacy more than life itself; if we think that the security of citizens out on a summer night is less important than the integrity of a possible terrorist’s telephone or online activity, then we are a doomed civilization.

Liberal democracy is all about compromise, balancing the interest of the individual with the collective interest of broader society. No “rights” are absolute. This is precisely why we elect governments, to manage our broader interests in a way that we, as individuals, cannot. Love and vigils may nourish and embolden the spirit, but they will not defeat terrorism.

Enough is enough.

The author, former Canadian ambassador to Israel, is a senior fellow at the Jewish People Policy Institute. She resides in Tel Aviv.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Vivian is 100% correct. When I see the silent crowds
    building kind of memorials with flowers and notes here is
    what I see: the Jihadists have won once again and shows
    them the incapacity of the West to effectivelly address this
    problem and opens the door for the next attack. This will
    continue until the West becomes pro-active instead of
    being reactive. What the reactions of the West post terror
    attacks shows clearly that the West has done nothing thus
    far to combat terror.

  2. Privacy is a privilege.

    What a complete a-hole.

    In many jurisdictions, it’s even a specifically recognized civil right.

  3. President Trump has surely ‘started something.’ Speak the truth and hide it not! Wisdom raises her voice in the streets as she goes about weeping. Every white washed wall must be hosed down
    and McArthur Park is melting in the dark. ” I don’t think that I can take it, cause it took so long to bake it, and I’ll never have that recipe again …. Oh no………………..

    We cannot bring back the lives brutalized to death by uncivilized sub-human neanderthals. We’ll never have that recipe again. The innocent have been MURDERED!!!

    ” I would wish that you were hot or cold.. but since you are lukewarm I will spew you out of My mouth.” Yeshua of Nazareth.

    Germany is facing it’s own holocaust and the leaders want it that way. Is this karma? or just plain absurd monumental STUPIDITY and the surrender of the human spirit to leaders who protect the guilty at the cost of the innocent. Maybe it’s both.

    We are down the rabbit hole now and there are red pills, blue pills, and dumb pills all over the sprawling table.

    Nobody in authority is listening and one day.. the remnant will regain their God Given Chutzpah and do something… something BIG. Until then, humans are fair game.

    In the USA a young GIRL walked out of Walmart with a machete and knife and stabbed the taxi driver who came to pick her up.

    Such a time, as never was nor ever shall be… is coming.

  4. Privacy is not a privilege at times of war. Racial profiling is common sense based upon the ‘given’ factors; clues of who done it.

    USA PRESIDENT TRUMP wants to implement ‘VETTING.’

    The judges who are stopping him are COMPLICIT WITH THE ENEMY.

  5. When it comes to standing up to Muslim extremism and f’n it hard, European leaders including the Brits have been perfectly comfortable with their political ED induced by PC.

    What European leaders do not like is a leader like Trump publicly embarrassing them by pointing out their flaccidity when it comes to their failing to unapologetically and ferociously rise up to fight against Islamic extremists of all degrees and stripes wherever they are and destroy them.

    It seems only embarrassment and humiliation over being spotlighted as being politically ED as revealed by their supine posture against radical Muslims is what what makes European leaders angry enough to resolutely stand up and speak out against the one that rightly and justly shames them.

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