Israel allows illegal Arab building to flourish

T. Belman. I can understand the rational for doing so but can’t understand why we didn’t get anything in return. What ever happened to Netanyahu’s demand for reciprocity. We could have demanded PA acknowledgement that all blocs including Ariel, Maaleh Adumin and Gush Etzion be ceded to Israel. We could have demanded that our narrow waistline be doubled in size.

Arutz Sheva

PA prime minister Rami Hamdallah updated Palestinian leaders about his meeting Tuesday with Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon.

Hamdallah claimed that the Palestinian leadership including chairman Abbas were truly interested in peace based on the Arab peace initiative.

He said that at the meeting it was agreed that the Allenby bridge be open at all hours of the day from June to October and that activity at the commercial checkpoints between Israel and the PA would be extended.

It was also agreed that the Palestinians could set up an industrial zone near Tarqumiyeh in the Hevron region which would extend over 1000 dunams of which 90% are in area C under complete Israeli control.

Moreover the demolition of houses situated in 16,000 dunams of area C adjacent to areas A and B would be halted and responsibility for them would be handed over to the PA.


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  1. its easy ISRAEL through nutunyahoo is preparing you for a settlement giving into the arab surrender document. he no doubt wants this as his u n speech sept. and in time for his unnoble prize.

  2. “Hamdallah claimed that the Palestinian leadership including chairman Abbas were truly interested in peace based on the Arab peace initiative.”

    Did he claim this on PA TV, in Arabic?

  3. Ted, I do not like what we are doing here in Area C at all. Bibi did get something unspoken I surmise, the quiet acceptance of the new settlement but plus the new planned building in Judea/Samaria done without opposition or noise.

  4. I’m not a lawyer but it seems to my untrained mind that one of the anti-settlement legal experts said that the doctrines of right based on possession and on there being no one on the land having been invalidated as colonialist are exactly what the Palestinians have been getting recognized in the international community.

    Here, they are trying to change the demographic facts on the ground and then get them recognized as immutable facts — though obviously it seems to be OK to evict Jews from their homes when legal interpretations change.

    So, let me get this straight. When the King of Jordan, who had illegally occupied Judea and Samaria, began handing out gifts of unoccupied land, those land titles remained valid forever, even long after the illegal occupation ended, on behalf of often unknown absentee Arab owners, but Jews who were legally permitted to settle unoccupied land, retain their legal rights; Jews who legally homesteaded unoccupied land, at the invitation of the government, as so many Americans did in the 19th Century, could be evicted and their rights nullified based on a changing court political decision from on high. And can be at any time. Because they are Jews.

    Moreover, Jordanian law, stemming from an illegal occupation no longer in effect, bans Jews from owning land. This same Jordanian regime had illegally evicted many Jews from the land and homes as well as destroying and desecrating cemeteries and public and holy places of entire Jewish communities, besides all the killing. No one is saying compensation or restitution of any kind is due from Jordan or the Jordan/Palestinian Arabs, individually or collectively. Except for us but nobody is listening to us.

    Oh. I get it. It’s like the Jim Crow laws.

    Jew Crow.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Ah, jes be goin bout my business, now, boss, if’n that be ok? With a happy smile and pep in mah step. Yassuh!

    Is this a Jewish State or a Judenrat?

    Would these guys have argued for Plessy or for Ferguson, I wonder?

    Hmmm. “So many questions. So many reports.”*

    [*last line of poem, “Questions From a Worker Who Reads” by Bertolt Brecht]

  5. Nothing for nothing. That should be the compensation formula.
    Reciprocity in laws should be enacted. If Palestinians ban Jewish ownership, then Arabs should be banned from ownership in Area ‘C’.
    In any event, they seem to be building future slums- no public infrastructure, no civic planning, just a jumble. It shouldn’t be allowed, but the reality is, Israel can’t or will not enforce civic planning among Arabs inside Israel.

  6. Sebastien Zorn Said:

    Moreover, Jordanian law

    is still in effect in J-S. the state of ISRAEL has been chicken sh****rs to introduce ISRAELI law as the world would confirm ISRAEL as an occupier. the limeys used limey law not international law 1922 – 1947 in ISRAEL J-S making them occupiers.

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