Erdogan’s Islamist Party Suffers Historic Defeat in Mayoral Elections in Turkey

E. Rowell:  It has been such a long road for Turkish citizens, under the yoke of totalitarian Islamist rule.  Erdogan has held dictatorial power, and there is a chance he will up the ante in the face of this defeat.  We can only hope this is truly a new beginning of freedom for the people of Turkey.

After 22 Years Secular Party Surpasses Ruling Party for First Time Sparking Nationwide Celebrations 

By Jim Hoft, GATEWAY     1 April 2024

The political landscape of Turkey has undergone a seismic shift after Sunday’s local elections.

The main secular opposition, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), seized control of key cities and broke President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamic-oriented Justice and Development Party (AKP) ‘s 22-year rule.

The CHP not only retained its hold over Istanbul and Ankara but also extended its influence to traditionally AKP-dominated provinces.

With over 90% of the votes counted, Istanbul’s incumbent Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu (CHP) and Ankara’s Mayor Mansur Yavas (CHP) celebrated resounding victories, indicating a substantial change in the public’s sentiment towards Erdogan’s rule, AP reported.

The AKP, in contrast, witnessed its support plummet nationwide, garnering only 36% of the votes against the CHP’s 37%.

This electoral triumph extends the CHP’s dominion to 36 of Turkey’s 81 provinces. This result marks the party’s poorest showing since Erdogan co-founded it in 2001 and ascended to power the following year.


In an address from the presidential palace, Erdogan conceded the electoral defeat, acknowledging the need for “courageous” self-criticism and vowing to “correct our mistakes.”

The CHP’s victory is hailed as a ‘revolution at the ballot box’ by the secular nationalist daily Sozcu, while other opposition outlets, like Cumhuriyet, celebrate the “historic victory.”


The widespread celebration suggests a yearning for change from Erdogan’s authoritarian tilt and a revitalization of democratic ideals in the country.



Woman, Life, Freedom!

In Kurdish city of Batman in Turkey, after the defeat of the Islamist

— Maziar (@Muzyar) April 1, 2024

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  1. @Michael

    They always got on well with secular Israel.

    ““…During its latest war with Hamas, Chairman Özgür Özel accused Israel of committing state sanctioned terrorism on the Palestinian people declaring “The Turkish left is never far from the Palestinian cause…”

    – Republican People’s Party/Wikipedia

    “‘Anti-Israel talk was for political reasons’: Turkey looking to improve relations with Israel. A Turkish diplomat said President Erdogan was attacking Israel due to “political considerations in the local elections in Turkey.”
    ” April 2, 2024

    My comment: Secular or religious doesn’t mean bupkiss. Either one can be a friend, a frenemy or an enemy, at home or abroad, irrespective of religion or denomination, there are even Evangelical Christians who hate Israel, especially young ones, as well as Reform Jews who love Israel, like the Reform rabbi who co-presided with me over my mother’s Jewish Buddhist funeral, though obviously this rules out Islamists (there is no such thing as a universal principle that applies under all conditions that isn’t too vague and general to be useful, which is why Einstein gave up on his quest for a universal field theory when he realized that according to a professor of mine who was his protege.)

    Moreover, consider the implications of Erdogan needing to appear more hostile to Israel in order to compete with his secular left wing opposition party. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t want to know. Clearly, the Republican People’s Party of Turkey is no more the party it was in relation to Israel than the Democrat party is in the U.S.

    The left wing parties are driven by ideology not national self-interest which makes them implacable enemies, as implacable as Islamists and therefore usually impossible to negotiate with.

    Frankly, the Soviet Union was much less ideologically driven than nationalistic which was why detente could happen. With Erdogan, detente, now and then, seems to be a possibility. With his opposition with the unpronounceable name, I doubt it.

    Have I just coined a new term, “detente now and then?” 😀

  2. Hi, Tanna. I think you’ve identified the sides well. Özel’s secular (CHP) party are the movement started by Kemal Attaturk. They always got on well with secular Israel. Erdogan’s party is the Turkish version of Hamas and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

  3. I’m not familiar with Turkeys pollical process. But, I would think, Erdogdon will soon make a suttle shift. He needs his people to focus on something besides him and his policy’s. He will be looking to blame someone, and everybody needs a foil. In America we have Russia and Putin. My guess Erdogdan will shift his focus toward Israel in a negative way.

  4. “…During its latest war with Hamas, Chairman Özgür Özel accused Israel of committing state sanctioned terrorism on the Palestinian people declaring “The Turkish left is never far from the Palestinian cause…”[55]”…They also support Turkish membership to NATO and the expansion of the alliance.[58][59] The party MPs voted overwhelmingly in favor of both Finland’s and Sweden’s accession into NATO.[60]…”

    – Republican People’s Party/Wikipedia