EU promises to support PA if agrees to direct negotiations.

Abbas seeks Arab backing to nix talks

In a final thrust to persuade reluctant Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to enter direct talks with Israel, the EU coupled strong exhortations on Wednesday to Abbas to immediately begin them, with statements designed to give him confidence that once at the negotiating table, he will have strong support for a number of his key positions. CONTINUE

We all know that Netanyahu has been pushing for direct negotions but we are not sure why. On the one had he doesn’t want to be labled as anti-peace. On the otherhand, if negotiations ever start, he will come under great pressure to make concessions he doesn’t want to make. Is he prepared to make them? Does he feel that Abbas will compromise? Can’t imagine it.

Why does he continue the freeze. It served no purpose. It was unilateral so why stick to it. Why not remove the defacto freeze. It really upsets me that he grandstanded that he wouldn’t extend the freeze to Jerusalem and then did so unofficially.

Will he extend the freeze in whole or in part? How much of a freeze will his coalition tolerate? If he doesn’t extend it, will Labor leave the government?

Stay tuned.

July 29, 2010 | 8 Comments »

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. Yamit, I posted a comment early this morning asking about your health, but I see it’s been removed. How are you feeling?

    Thanks Joy I feel OK, weak from the fever but that’s it. I have had this problem for three years and none of the doctors has an answer except to take several showers a day and to get rid of my cats. I take the showers. keep antiseptic always nearby when I’m home. At least I’m always clean. LOL My right leg is like a ripe tomato but after a week will be back to normal. I have the drill down pat.

    Debbie is right the more they are against us the stronger we get. With all our problems with Turkey none have had an effect on our exports currently holding at 100 million a month. The same with the EU currently our biggest trading partner/ They will try to hurt us diplomatically but never hurt themselves economically by embargoing or boycotting us. We will cry all the way to the bank and at the same time activly seek to establish and expand alternative markets. No economy in the world is as flexible as ours. Go anywhere in the world you will find Israeli new age peddlers in suit and ties peddling our wares. I once made a multi-million dollar sale by ferreting out how much A major telecommunication co. were paying for a competitors product (Seiko) made a calculation and had a meeting with all of the companies management. I said simply that i had a comparable product not yet well known in our market but a real comer in the near future, I said that by buying our product they would save 1.5 million a year and that providing we meet their quality control specs they could not afford to not accept my proforma. It took most of a year before the first orders came in and to this day I still receive commissions from that effort and it was over ten years ago. That’s how Israelis work. We are relentlessly aggressive.

    Tell Shebrew to stock up on Teva Stock I hear something big is going down with that company. Till six years ago I was involved in most Hi-Tec projects and a myriad of start ups in Israel. Shebrew is right.

    The Asians will catch us unless we continue to develop new technologies and we are. Don’t worry about the Chinese they are not inventive but the Indians are.

  2. Yamit, I posted a comment early this morning asking about your health, but I see it’s been removed. How are you feeling?

    My guess is that the EU will support the Palestinians regardless.

  3. Shebrew: If all you can do is pick up on typos, you don’t have much to say.

    How does that grab you, Doctor?

  4. Kendraa, Finally an enemy worth having! Now, don’t flee in terror like Martel.

    You’ve misspelled your own name, which rarely indicates superior mental ability. That’s not a crystal ball you have; it appears to be a blob of snot. Plus, judging from the cloudy nature of your eyes, you have glaucoma, so you’re blind as a bat. You misspelled infallible, which is ironic if you stop to think about it. Watch the foul language, we don’t need that shit on this site.

    Go work on your game and come back for another lesson.

  5. Kendra gazes into her crystal ball and sees the future with 20/20 vision. And she can see with infallable

    certainty that those who are able to predict the future, see fuck all.

  6. Shebrew gazes into her crystal ball and sees the future with 20/20 vision. There will be negotiations, the Palestinian Arabs will refuse all compromise, the negotiations will fail, the world will blame Israel, Israel will get stronger, the Palestinians will have a civil war, Hamas will win, Israel will destroy Hamas, the world will blame Israel, Israel will get stronger.

  7. Lieberman went on a rather unusual trip to the notoriously ultra-right Samarian settlement of Itamar and an ‘illegal’ outpost nearby. He gave a speech there supporting the construction to accommodate natural growth—but not expansion. Thus, in lieu of his usual populist rhetoric, Lieberman recognized, if only implicitly, that the isolated settlements won’t be retained under any final-status agreement with the Palestinian Arabs, though a semblance of normal life there should continue.

    In truth, the natural growth issue is greatly exaggerated: youth leaves most settlements for big cities, as it does everywhere in the world.

    Netanyahu promised during a government meeting that the settlement freeze won’t continue. Immediately after that he implied the contrary: he said that the freeze was meant to encourage direct talks with the Arabs, which did not materialize. It follows that the freeze would continue if the Fatah chieftain wre to agree to direct talks with Israel.

    Whether or not the freeze will be formally extended, it will continue de facto, with construction in settlements severely restricted through the planning process, which has been the government’s policy for many years.