Europe is Becoming an Israel-free Zone, Again

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Settlement produce is being banned all over Britain
By Geulio Meotti, INN

Leicester city council is controlled by Britain’s main opposition party, Labor. Leicester is also the UK’s 10th largest city. That is why what happened there a few days ago will have serious consequences all over England and Europe.

Leicester just became in fact the first Western city to ban Israeli goods from its territory and jurisdiction. Even the Nazis, in their initial boycott of Jews, didn’t go so far as to cleanse a city of any Jewish goods.

A couple of years ago, a provincial council near Glasgow, West Dunbartonshire, banned Israeli books from local libraries. Recently, MP George Galloway has called for the British city of Bradford to become an “Israel-free zone”.

Meanwhile, the Jordan Valley’s “settlements” are not selling any more to Western Europe. Sales of peppers and grapes to Western Europe from there have dropped by about 50 percent and fresh herbs by about 40 percent.

Marks & Spencer in the UK hasn’t sold any products Judea and Samaria since 2007. Supermarket chain Waitrose stopped selling herbs from the Jordan Valley several years ago. Morrisons, Britain’s fourth-largest grocer, stopped selling Israel’s dates in 2011.

The German Kaiser’s supermarket stopped carrying products from Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights in 2012.

All over Europe, universities are promoting the boycott of Israeli professors. In Spain, a governmental academic program excluded the Israeli academics from Ariel University in Samaria. It happened in the socialist, modern Spain, not during the Spanish Inquisition.

It doesn’t stop there. That is only a cover up for the rest.

There are many European areas in the bigger cities where you cannot go outside looking like a Jew. It is the rule, not the exception. Jews are safer sporting a kippa on the roads of Hawara, near Nablus, than in the outskirts of Paris.
This is Europe: while it is becoming an Israel-free zone, it is trying to divide up the land of Israel, to squeeze the Jews into the coastal ghetto and to finally build a Jüdenrein Middle East.

In fact, on October 30, Sweden’s government became the first Western European nation in Eurooe to recognize the “Palestinian State”. Since then, lawmakers in Britain, Spain and Ireland have approved motions urging recognition, while French legislators are scheduled to debate a similar measure in the next few days. We can compare these moves to the miserable Leicester decision.
It happened before, in 1973. This was the message then: “If you Europeans help us to crush Israel, we Arabs will give you the fuel you need for your industries and for warming your homes”. And promptly, those Euroopean governments were quick to say yes to the Arab blackmailers, with no apparent sign of shame or resentment.

Given the unquestioning surrender of Europeans, Arabs always ask a lot and gain a lot. Always defeated by the Israelis and feeling unable to win on the battlefield, the Arabs are now aiming to buy the complicity of a continent, my Europe, which increasingly shows signs of selfish and cowardly senility.

Hitler was also skillful in using this method. Before annexing territories to the Germans, Hitler worked with delirious passion to convince people that this was his last request, the end of the line. When he meditated taking over Czechoslovakia and threatened war, Hitler had a few talks with British and French Prime Ministers in Monaco.
Chamberlain once said, “There is one point on which I would like to be clear: you say that three million Sudeten must be annexed to the Reich. And then I would like to ask a question: will this fully satisfy you?”.

The next day, September 16, 1938, Chamberlain returned to London, rejoined the Cabinet, and advised England to give in to Hitler taking account of his promises for the future. Chamberlain added, “Everything now depends on the word of Hitler. Can we trust him? After my personal contact, I think so: it seems to me that Hitler is under the category of men on whose word you can count”. All of Europe paid for this.

Today in Europe we are witnessing the same level of blind stupidity and anti-Semitic complacency in policy towards the Palestinian Arabs.

1938, 1973, 2014: it is time again for Europe’s betrayal of the Jewish people.

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