Ex-CIA: Putin Is MOBILIZING A Massive Military Assault

T. Belman. I found this talk very interesting so I am posting it. Larry Johnson is interviewed by Stephen Gardner. He pointed out among other things, that since the fall of the USSR, the US has been involved 215 military operations in foreign countries compared to only 5 by Russia. Yet, the US accuses Russia of being the imperialist.

September 24, 2023 | 2 Comments »

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  1. Ukrainian Crews Put Hundreds Of Captured Russian Tanks Into Action

    “Ukrainian units have become adept at using captured Russian tanks against Moscow’s invading forces. By some estimates, Ukraine has made up for all the armor it has lost by capturing an estimated 500 enemy tanks. A Ukrainian crew training on a Russian tank found near Chernihiv says the vehicle is still in prime shape.”


    Russia’s getting stronger! (??)

  2. With only 5 operations under its belt during the time the US carried out 215, I would not say the Russian military is getting “stronger” with respect to the US.

    The Russians have been, and maybe still are, using mercenary troops for the “heavy lifting”. They get practical training (caution: graphic):


    The militaries of all parties have “benefited” from Ukraine War. The Russian Army, which used to be the second strongest in the world, has now become the second strongest in the Ukraine; but they are now veteran fighters. Ukraine, which used to have a small, relatively inexperienced force, is now perhaps 300,000 strong, armed with some of the best weapons in the world, battle-hardened and skilled at handling weapons of every kind. The Iranians and Turks have had an opportunity to prove their drones, and the North Koreans now benefit from Russian food shipments and expertise. Even Cuba now has boots on the ground, giving valuable training to their men.

    Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say.