Excerpt: Coalition Agreement Article 29 on Application of Sovereignty

Dr. Aaron Lerner 21 April 2020

28. The Prime Minister and the Alternate Prime Minister will work together and coordinated to promote peace agreements with all of our neighbors and promote regional cooperation in a variety of economic areas and the matter of the corona crisis.

With regard to everything to President Trump’s declaration, the Prime Minister and Alternate Prime Minister will act in full agreement with the United States, including with regard to the maps with the US and international dialogue on the issue, all while pursuing the security and strategic interests of the State of Israel and the need for maintaining regional stability, maintaining  the peace agreements and striving for future peace agreements.

29. Notwithstanding Article 3, Article 20, Article 21 and Article 28 above, and after a discussion and consultation are held between the Prime Minister and the Alternate Prime Minister on the principles set out above, the Prime Minister will be able to bring the agreement reached with the United States on the application of sovereignty as of 1.7.2020 for discussion in the cabinet and government and for approval by the government and/or the Knesset.

If the Prime Minister wants to bring his proposal to the Knesset, he can also do so through an MK, provided that he is from the Likud faction, who would commit at the preliminary reading that the legislation be amended to the same wording as presented by the Prime Minister in the cabinet and government.  After the preliminary reading, and if it is a government bill after the first reading, the law will be passed as soon as possible, in the quickest possible way, and in a way that will not disrupt and delay the process by the chairman of the Knesset Committee and the Knesset committee to debate it is the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

Subject to the foregoing, the Appendix on the Coalition’s Ways of Operation shall not apply for the purposes of this article.
Translator’s note:

Article 29 does not provide for the government to vote to accept the “Deal of the Century” but instead provides for Israel to be able to apply sovereignty to the areas which are designated in the agreed Trump map as being part of sovereign Israel in any deal once the map is finalized with the Trump Administration.   And there is a profound internal logic to this arrangement. The Trump map delineates areas which are certain in a final deal to be Israeli or Palestinian and leaves a huge area up for grabs. If indeed Israel applies Israeli law in July to the areas which are certain in a final deal to be Israeli, this will send a strong message to the Palestinians that time is not on their side and that if they are not forthcoming that they will find themselves also ultimately losing the territory designated as up for grabs.

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  1. One thing we should keep in mind is that this agreement has no legal force whatsoever. Coalition agreements in Israel are not laws, but only “gentlemen’s agreements” which either party is legally free to break at will. They are “gentlemen’s agreements” made by people who are not gentlemen.

  2. I.E., by annexing the 30% allowed them by the US they intend “to scare the Arabs” into grabbing for themselves as much of the leftover 70% which will be “left for grabs” before the Jews grab it.
    How clever!
    I just hope that the Jews won’t outsmart themselves here.

  3. @ Reader:
    On the other hand, the PLO/PA has been very scrupulous in following, to the letter, the text and spirit of Arafat’s 1974 10 point Phased Plan, which you could reasonably call the equivalent of its “Constitution” or “Basic Law”, especially this passage:

    Article 3: The Liberation Organization will struggle against any proposal for a Palestinian entity the price of which is recognition, peace, secure frontiers, renunciation of national rights and the deprival of our people of their right to return and their right to self-determination on the soil of their homeland.”


  4. It’s unilateral “disengagment” a la Gush Kafif that worries me. What the hell was this about?

    Bennett Refusing to Address 500-Cop Storming of Yitzhar Homes
    By HaKol HaYehudi / Yehuda Pearl – 28 Nisan 5780 – April 22, 2020

    Defense Minister Naftali Bennett (Yamina) refused to comment on the brutal eviction of Jewish residents and the demolition of their homes in the neighborhoods of Kumi Uri, Tkuma and Lehava in the community of Yitzhar in Samaria on Wednesday morning.

    An enormous force (Honenu reported it was 500 strong) of the IDF, police and the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories raided the settlement of Yitzhar and immediately proceeded to demolish seven structures, most of which were populated with families and their children. The force also demolished a synagogue and structures that housed single men.

    One of the evicted residents was a pregnant woman in her ninth month. Her husband was arrested in the raid and she was left alone with her two children. Honenu recorded police grabbing her infant girl.

    Yitzhar residents sharply condemned the police and military forces for their activities and for the destruction of the homes.

    Hakol Hayehudi asked Defense Minister Naftali Bennett for a response regarding the evacuation, but he refused to comment.

    Since Bennett took office as defense minister, there have been a series of evictions and demolitions against Jews in Samaria and Benjamin. Among other things, the IDF and the police demolished structures in several neighborhoods in the Kochav Hashachar settlement in Benjamin, including a family home, confiscated an excavator that was working on expanding the settlement enterprise in Gush Shiloh, demolished additional homes in the Kumi Uri neighborhood of Yitzhar, uprooted an entire vineyard in Gush Shiloh, and more.

    Following each one of these acts of brutality against the settlement endeavor in Israel, we approached Minister Bennett for a comment, but he refused.

    Likewise, after the Palestinian Authority had taken control of Tel Aroma and the Hasmonean fortress in Samaria, actions that included a show of force by armed Palestinian police with IDF approval, construction plans and construction, even then, Minister Bennett refused our request for his comment.

    Translated into English in cooperation with HaKol HaYehudi. Originally published as: ???? ???????: ?? ?????? ??? ???? ???????

    photos of destruction and video of police grabbing infant from police in article.


    I remember back when Bennett refused to comment about the brutal imprisonment and torture of the hilltop youth by police. Could this history have anything to do with Yamina’s tepid turnout of support in Yesha communities who one would have think would have jumped to support it because of its program, not to mention Shaked’s achievements as Justice Minister?

  5. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    Yitzhar residents are considered “extremist” by the government there, it’s a long story and I haven’t been following it but what you are describing does resemble Gush Katif.
    There has been a lot of illegal Arab construction going on financed by the EU.
    Maybe the Jews there just got sick and tired of “Zionism” and want to have a two-state solution no matter what without thinking of the consequences.
    They think America will save and protect them…

  6. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    You know why the Arabs (“Palestinians”) have been following their aims so “scrupulously”?
    Because to them it is a RELIGIOUS question and to most Jews it is NOT.
    One exception is Religious Zionists to whom the land is non-negotiable and some of the Orthodox. Many of the Orthodox believe that a Jewish State will only be possible when Moshiach comes which is a religious question which doesn’t help with the land issue much.
    Perhaps Yamina doesn’t want to deal with the “settlers” in order not to gain a reputation as the party of “extremists” which will make it extremely difficult for them to function or even may cause the party to become illegal.

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