Forget about a regional solution. Alternate solutions are back on the table

By Ted Belman

Well, the Arab Summit has come and gone and what do we have to show for it. Intransigence.

The Arab leaders led by King Abdullah of Jordan insisted on the two-state solution and the creation of Palestine. Also they offered no admendments to the Arab Peace Initiative.

The hopes for a regional peace agreement or any peace agreement expressed by Netanyahu and Trump have been dashed.

Ambassador Freedman has now been sworn in. Jason Greenblatt clearly stated that the US will not impose a solution. By the way, it would appear that Greenblatt has replaced Kushner as the negotiator in chief of Mid-East peace. Kushner is now heading a new department in the White House tasked with increasing efficiency in government.

US Mulling Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit Attended by Gulf State Leaders. Any summit would require an informal settlement freeze outside of established blocs. Bad idea. Beside Bennett won’t accept it.

Thus alternate solutions have now been given a boost.

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Jared does not have to be sitting at the negotiating table like Kerry was. Jared and Ivanka conduct a lot of behind the scenes ‘diplomacy’.

  2. Israel and UAE are practicing with fighter jets together. No piece (peace) of paper involved. Mutual Interests only.

    We are quietly doing business and have security cooperation with some of the Sunni countries. No withdrawals, no freezes, no accommodations involved. Just mutual interests.

    Israel needs to build and keep building in Judea/Samaria. Step one. Build in E1, apply Israeli law to all Jewish Towns in Judea/Samaria plus the Jordan Valley.

    Come up with a workable new Israeli paradigm. Sell it to our friends as best we can. Implement it.

  3. @ Bear Klein:
    I agree. Applying sovereignty to even isolated Jewish towns doesn’t have to mean withdrawing the military for security purposes. As far as deployment goes, nothing needs to change. It just means that the Jews there will be able to build and buy and sell land at will, have democracy and be able to craft laws and go before civilian courts. And, it means that giving away Jewish land will be off the table. Arabs who try to take advantage of it by moving in from adjacent territory won’t be able to because everybody is registered. Just physically being someplace illegally doesn’t need to confer rights of any kind. Trespassers can easily be arrested and removed. If they keep it up, they should be deported to Gaza or imprisoned at hard labor.
    Seen this?

    “Planned study by UN body behind ‘apartheid’ report will compare Israel to US slaveryAfter its last report was rejected, and its director quit in protest, ESCWA now working on ‘project to calculate cost of Israeli occupation,’ looking at South Africa and US as models for future reparationsBY ERIC CORTELLESSA March 29, 2017, 9:10 pm 41”

    I think slavery is an unfairly maligned institution. The UN is always giving me good ideas. Of course, they have lots of experience implementing slavery.

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