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  1. The Justice Dept. says sedition charges should apply to protest violence while the two leftwing lawyers who firebombed an empty police car during the George Floyd riots in 2020 – the articles make a point of emphasizing that it was empty – received 15 months and one year and one day with a $30,000 fine, respectively, besides both being disbarred. How’s that for a partisan double standard.

    The Proud Boys got 17 years! For, what I’m not exactly sure. Breathing? But, we’re expected to believe that we had to destroy Putin at all costs to the point of provoking a neo-Nazi coup and bloodbath in Ukraine, not to mention the threat of another world war and a nuclear exchange because he, (also like Zelensky, incidentally) umm, persecutes political opponents? Bridge for Sale!

    (Or, I’m not a lawyer but, could this be a copyright or patent issue? I mean, we can do these things, but anybody else who does is stealing our intellectual property? That must be it.)





  2. OK, this is just silly. I guess the judge forgot to tell the jury that in this country a defendant is innocent until proven guilty and absence of evidence is not, not evidence of guilt!!!

    Proud Boys juror says group’s deleted messages weighed on jury…Andre Mundell, one of the 12 jurors who decided the four-month trial on Thursday, told Vice News that he was convinced that the Proud Boys leaders — including former national chair Enrique Tarrio — had committed seditious conspiracy in part because of the lengths the group took to hide its activities, deleting key messages.

    “The Proud Boys didn’t want everybody to know the plan, because then I guess it would have gotten out. And they didn’t want it to get out,” Mundell said in the interview, noting that the thousands of messages they reviewed — extracted from the phones of Tarrio and his co-defendants — were peppered with blank slots where exchanges had been deleted.

    “And that’s why the government couldn’t present too much of the evidence that they had already deleted, because it was unrecoverable,” Mundell said. “So, they definitely didn’t want people to know.”

    And that wasn’t the only absence of evidence that factored into the jury’s deliberations. Mundell said that he was persuaded by the fact that there wasn’t a single message among the Proud Boys leaders — even after their members contributed to the chaos at the Capitol — urging their allies to withdraw from the riot or stay away from the violence.

    “That factored in for me. It showed an absence of evidence of standing down. No one says, ‘no, don’t do this. We’re not going to do this.’ There was none of that,” Mundell said. “And that was probably because they never said it. And the things that were affirming that they were going to be violent. They just kind of let it happen.”


  3. The two leftist (including one female Muslim) lawyers who torched a NY police car with molotov cocktails in 2020 were sentenced to 15 months and one year and one day plus a fine, respectively.

  4. What happened to lawyers that threw Molotov cocktail?
    Jan 25 (Reuters) – A U.S. judge on Thursday sentenced disbarred lawyer Colinford Mattis to one year and one day in prison for his role in setting fire to an empty New York City police car with a Molotov cocktail during May 2020 protests over George Floyd’s death, the Brooklyn U.S. attorney’s office said.Jan 26, 2023

  5. George Floyd only got 5 years for holding a pregnant woman up at gunpoint while his gang robbed her apartment. Excuse me. Saint George Floyd.